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Industry  Mechanical Engineering
Headquarters  Výčapy, Czech Republic
Founded  1991
Type of business  Joint-stock company
Area served  Multinational
Founder  Ing. Josef Jeleček
Number of employees  500

Key people  Ing. Josef Jeleček, Ing. Ivo Poukar, Marek Rosenbaum
Products  Cogeneration (CHP) units, Engines
Revenue  1,8 billions CZK (2015)
Owner  Ing. Josef Jeleček, Ing. Ivo Poukar, Marek Rosenbaum

Tedom partners with shentongroup

TEDOM a.s is a Czech engineering company which was established by Ing. Josef Jeleček in Třebíč in 1991.TEDOM is an abbreviation of the Czech words TEplo DOMova [The warmth of home]. The primary scope of business of the company is the development and production of CHP (combined heat and power) units with gas combustion engines. Aside from CHP units, the company's product portfolio also includes a gas heat pump and combustion engines, all of them designed by TEDOM.


At its inception, TEDOM initially operated as a limited liability company. From 1994, a holding company had been gradually established where TEDOM held the leading position. In 2010, the holding company became a joint stock company, and TEDOM a.s. was created. Presently, TEDOM a.s. operates in more than 40 countries worldwide. TEDOM and the American company Tecogen Inc. established in 2016 a joint venture, TTCogen, to open the American market for the sale of CHP units. During the same year, TEDOM acquired the German company of SCHNELL Motoren GmbH with the aim to lead with TEDOM products in the German market.

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TEDOM was established as a limited liability company in 1991. It was established by Ing. Josef Jeleček. The scope of business for TEDOM s.r.o. from its beginning was the development, production and sales of CHP units with gas-piston combustion engines. The first CHP unit, the TEDOM MT 22 with an output of 22 kW that used the Škoda 781 four-cylinder spark-ignition engine from the Škoda Favorit-model series passenger car, was put into operation this same year.

In 1993, close cooperation was initiated with VKS s.r.o. in Hořovice. This company became the manufacturer of mechanical components for CHP units while TEDOM focused on the production of electrical parts and sales/regional service of CHP units. A new TEDOM MT 130A CHP unit type with an output of 130 kW was developed that year. This CHP unit model employed the model M630-series LIAZ 12-litre spark-ignition 6-cylinder engine (from the model LIAZ 100 truck).

In 1994, TEDOM started a gradual creation of a holding company. The first subsidiary was Třebíčská Tepelná Společnost s.r.o. This subsidiary leased and consequently started operation of the thermal and energy system in the town of Třebíč. The second subsidiary, TEPLO Ivančice s.r.o., responsible for the operation of the thermal system of the town of Ivančice, was established in 1996. The third subsidiary, Jesenická Tepelná Společnost s.r.o., which operates the thermal system in the town of Jesenice, was created in 1997. TEDOM Energo s.r.o. was established in 1999 (originally Příborská Tepelná Společnost s.r.o.). TEDOM Energo s.r.o. started to provide a majority of the activities associated with the production of power and heat within the Czech Republic. In 2000, an additional company, TENERGO Brno a.s. was founded. TENERGO Brno a.s. specialises in operating the thermal and energy systems in Slovakia. In 2003, TEDOM became a member of COGEN Europe (European Association for the Promotion of Cogeneration).

In 2000, individual products were innovated and the new product lines of Premi and CENTO were developed. In 2001, TEDOM oriented its focus on CHP units that operate on biogas. Following this move, a new series of TEDOM CHP units adapted to operate on biogas was introduced in 2002 and the new QUANTO product series was born.

In 2003, TEDOM acquired the JAMOT plant (an engine works plant in Jablonec) in an auction sale. It was a former facility of LIAZ s.r.o. in Jablonec nad Nisou. The engine manufacturing plant became an integral part of TEDOM s.r.o. as a separate motors division. Consequently, the production of low-floor city buses was started in 2004 and the TEDOM city bus prototype was introduced equipped with a TEDOM engine that burned compressed natural gas (CNG). The 1000th CHP unit made under the TEDOM mark was installed in the same year as well.

In 2005, a new product line of MICRO CHP units was introduced.

In 2006, the grand opening of a new TEDOM manufacturing plant for the assembly of low-floor city buses took place in Třebíč. Additionally, TEDOM continued to manufacture trucks and engines to modernise the 810-series railway vehicles into the 814-series motor units.

In 2008, the 2000th CHP unit of the TEDOM trademark was put into operation. Later in the same year, TEDOM Holding was divided into two parts: 25% of the assets passed to TTS Holding, the energy producer, and 75% of the assets remained in TEDOM Holding for the development and production of power engineering technologies. As agreed upon by the partners, TTS Holding was separated to the benefit of the exiting partner, Mr Richard Horký.; the transaction amounted to 60 million CZK. Since that time, TEDOM has focused exclusively on the production of technologies.

In 2010, a merger of the companies took place. The companies joined in the merger were TEDOM s.r.o., TEDOM ENERGO s.ro., TEDOM CHP s.r.o., Jesenická Tepelná Společnost s.r.o., and TEDOM Holding s.r.o., and the newly established joint stock company of TEDOM a.s.

Since 2011, ČEZ Energo s.r.o. operates in the Czech market as the operator of a decentralized power plant. This plant currently comprises almost 100 CHP units with a total output of more than 72MW and it is jointly owned and operated by ČEZ a.s. and TEDOM a.s. The TEDOM share is 49.9%.

In 2012, the production of city buses was terminated. At the same time, a new product was developed – the POLO 100 gas heat pump that, in the following year, won the Innovation of the Year Award in the "Czech Energy and Ecological Project" competition. It was this same year that TEDOM entered into a contract with the leading Czech power engineering company of ČEZ for the delivery and service of CHP units: TEDOM agreed to deliver more than 100 CHP units with a total electrical output exceeding 100MW within a five-year period.

In 2013, the extensive foreign project in Sydney, was completed, where TEDOM built two trigeneration centres with a total electrical output of 11.8MW.

In 2016, TEDOM won 52nd place in the "Czech Top 100" competition of companies. In this competition, TEDOM has won its position in the top 100 companies consistently since 2013.

In 2016, TEDOM celebrated 25 years of operation and more than 3500 manufactured CHP units with the TEDOM trademark. In collaboration with American company Tecogen Inc., a joint venture of TTCogen was established to sell the TEDOM CHP units in US territory. TEDOM has a 50% share in TTCogen. The same year, TEDOM also acquired the German company SCHNELL Motoren GmbH – one of the leading manufacturers of CHP units intended predominantly for biogas plants. TEDOM took over the company assets and 300 employees of the manufacturing plant in Wangen, including an extensive service network. Also in the same year, TEDOM won an award from the HSBC Bank to become the winner of the HSBC International Business Award competition.

TEDOM Organisation

TEDOM's company structure is as follows:

Company Headquarters and Individual Branch Offices

TEDOM has 4 branch offices in the Czech Republic:

  • Výčapy – the official company headquarters are placed together here with the service centre, the central spare parts warehouse, and electrical production facilities;
  • Třebíč – the location of the company management residence and Sales Department; the series assembly of MICRO and CENTO CHP units manufacture also takes place here;
  • Jablonec nad Nisou – the TEDOM engines are manufactured here;
  • Hořovice – here, the CHP unit development and the QUANTO series CHP unit production take place.
  • Management Structure

    The board of directors:

  • chairman of the board of Directors: Ing. Josef Jeleček;
  • chairman of the board of Directors: Ing. Monika Marečková;
  • Members of the board of directors: Ing. Ivo Poukar, Marek Rosenbaum.
  • Supervisory Board:

  • Chairman of the Supervisory Board: Ing. Miroslav Sláma;
  • Members of the Supervisory Board: Alena Jelečková, Barbora Brűhlová.
  • TEDOM Shares in Other Companies

    Subsidiary companies:

  • TEDOM s.r.o.; Slovakia; share ratio: 100%
  • TEDOM Cogeneration Equipments Co., Ltd.; China; share ratio: 100%
  • TEDOM Poland sp.z.o.o.; Poland; share ratio: 100%
  • TEDOM-RU; Russia; share ratio: 100%
  • SCHNELL GmbH; Germany; share ratio: 100%
  • Affiliated companies:

  • TTCogen Ltd. U.S.A., share ratio: 50%
  • ČEZ Energo s.r.o. Czech Republic, share ratio: 49.9%
  • CHP Units

    TEDOM specializes in export, production, installation and operation of CHP units. Furthermore, it offers the associated accessories and services.

    TEDOM offers CHP units in three product series: MICRO (up to 50 kW), CENTO (up to 500 kW), QUANTO (up to 10 MW). The products of each individual line are manufactured in two basic configurations: with an operation frequency of 50 Hertz (intended mostly for the European market) or 60 Hertz (intended mostly for the American market). Aside from natural gas, most of the CHP units are also capable of operating on biogas, landfill gas, or mine gas. The company offers CHP units in several versions depending on which environment the unit must operate in: a version without a sound enclosure (for installation into sound-proof areas), with a sound enclosure (for indoor installations), and a container version (for outdoor installations).

    CHP units are closely related to trigeneration units, but in addition to power and heat, the trigeneration units also produce cold energy. TEDOM included the trigeneration units in its portfolio as well.

    The company additionally offers products associated with CHP unit operation (gas treatment plants, exhaust heat exchangers, economisers, and other related equipment).

    The company also offers the TEDOM Polo 100 gas heat pump.[35]

    Aside from its own produced engines, TEDOM equips its CHP units with engines made by Kubota, Liebherr, MAN, MWM and Rolls Royce. [36]

    Road Technique

    In 2004, TEDOM's Bus Division started production of a low-floor city bus driven by a natural gas engine. The company obtained the necessary know-how by buying the licence from the Italian manufacturer Mauri. Thus, in 2004 TEDOM became the third bus manufacturer in the Czech Republic after Karosa (Iveco Czech Republic since 2007) and SOR Libchavy. A new manufacturing plant was built in Třebíč in connection with these business activities. However, of the originally planned manufacture of a thousand pieces, the new manufacturing plant was able to produce no more than about 200 buses that were delivered mainly to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Germany. Due to a lack of job orders, TEDOM decided to terminate bus production in January 2012.

    In 2006, TEDOM Truck s.r.o. was created as a subsidiary company to TEDOM. This company followed up on the production of LIAZ trucks. Specifically, the LIAZ 300 and LIAZ 400 model. The necessary know-how came associated with the acquisition of the Jablonec engine works plant. The company started to sell trucks under the new TEDOM name. The portfolio offered trucks driven by either a diesel engine (TEDOM-D) or a gas engine (TEDOM-G). However, in total, the company delivered a mere 19 units during its entire existence, only to end up in liquidation as decided in a general meeting in 2009.

    CHP Units (50 Hz)

  • MICRO series
  • Natural gas and biogas-fueled models
  • Electrical output: from 7 kW to 48 kW
  • CENTO series
  • Natural gas and biogas-fueled models
  • Electrical output: from 50 kW to 500 kW
  • QUANTO series
  • Natural gas and biogas-fueled models
  • Electrical output: from 400 kW to 10426 kW
  • CHP Units (60 Hz)

  • MICRO series
  • Natural gas and biogas-fueled models
  • Electrical output: from 27 kW to 58 kW
  • CENTO series
  • Natural gas and biogas-fueled models
  • Electrical output: from 27 kW to 576 kW
  • Trigeneration Units

  • CENTO series
  • Natural gas and biogas-fueled models
  • Electrical output: 200 kW
  • QUANTO series
  • Natural gas and biogas-fueled models
  • Electrical output: 600 kW to 2000 kW
  • GHP Units

  • POLO 100 gas heat pump
  • Others

  • Gas treatment system
  • Economisers
  • Buses

  • TEDOM Kronos 122
  • TEDOM Kronos 123
  • TEDOM C 12
  • TEDOM C 18
  • TEDOM L 12
  • Trucks

  • TEDOM Fox
  • References

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