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Sun Honglei

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Chinese name  孙红雷
Name  Sun Honglei
Pinyin  Sun Honglei (Mandarin)
Role  Actor

Occupation  Actor
Spouse  Wang Jundi (m. 2014)
Years active  1999–present
Sun Honglei Berlinale Archive Annual Archives 2010 Star
Born  August 16, 1970 (age 45) Harbin, China (1970-08-16)
Other name(s)  San Lang (三狼, "Three Wolves")
Parents  Sun Zhenshan, Yang Shuying
Awards  Asian Film Award for Best Supporting Actor
Movies  Drug War, One Step Away, Silent Witness, The Ark of Mr Chow, A Woman - A Gun And A Noodle
Similar People  Huang Bo, Zhang Yixing, Baogang Zhao, Zhang Yimou, Tsui Hark

Education  Central Academy of Drama

Sun honglei dances at the a simple noodle story release

Sun Honglei (Chinese: 孙红雷; born 16 August 1970 in Harbin) is a Chinese actor.


Sun Honglei Sun Honglei Pictures 60th Berlin Film Festival San

Ceremonie de sun honglei


Sun developed an interest in acting and performances at a young age. He often skipped school to learn breakdancing on the streets and eventually gave up his studies entirely to pursue dancing as a career, eventually performing with a modern dance troupe for several years. Later, Sun became a popular local nightclub singer and host before going into acting. In 1995, Sun attended the Central Academy of Drama, where he graduated in 1997. He has since gone on to star in numerous TV dramas and films, winning many awards for his stage work. Sun is probably best known to Asian cinema fans for his supporting performances in Seven Swords, Triangle and Blood Brothers. Since October 2011, Sun has played the starring role in the popular Chinese series 'Nanren Bang' (男人帮), portraying urban romantic life from a male perspective.

Acting experience

Sun Honglei Sun Honglei Pictures 60th Berlin Film Festival San

In 1998, Honglei played in the adaptation of the novel of the same name Haiyan drama "Never Close The Eye", the army corner, few scenes. In 1999, Honglei starred in his first film, "The Road Home", officially entered the film industry.

Sun Honglei Honglei Sun

In 2000, with the drama "The Threepenny Opera" won the 17th China Drama Plum Blossom Awards. In the same year In the TV series "Love Story in Shanghai" by virtue of the play in the corner of the Alai Fame

In 2003, participating police drama "Conquer", as cruel arrogant gangster Liu Huaqiang; in the same year with the movie "Zhou Yu's Train" won the 10th Beijing Student Film Festival Best Actor Award

In 2004, participating described in the reality TV Interpol investigators series "I am not a hero"; in the same year with "军歌嘹亮" access to China television industry's ten most popularity actor award

In 2005, with Donnie Yen, Leon Lai, Zhang Jingchu co-starred in Tsui Hark directed the costume martial arts film "Seven Swords", the film Honglei played executioner in Liancheng flames.

In 2006, Sun Honglei and Chen Xiaoyi starred in the TV series "Halfway couples" broadcast after the ratings are good, the film ranked No. 4 in front of the Chinese mainland TV ratings top 50 list of TV festival organizing committee announced by FY 2005 bit.

In 2007, with Liu Peiqi, Chen Yi co-starred in the TV series "大工匠", as Ganaiganhen eight blacksmith of Yanglao III; in the same year starred in John Woo's movie "Blood Brothers", as the Paradise nightclub boss Boss Hong.

In 2008, starring spy war drama "Lurk", as appearance secular smooth but inner strength Communists Yu Zecheng; in December Honglei starred in the movie "Forever Enthralled", released in the mailand country, he played Merlin Fang's agent Qiu RuBai

April 2009, Honglei drama starring "Lurk" broadcast in Beijing TV, Dragon TV, ChongqingTV, Heilongjiang TV simultaneously on the satellite, the play in the Beijing TV ratings record high average of 9.1%, the ratings of April 15 is more than 14%; in June starring drama "The Road We Have Taken" in the eight sets of CCTV broadcast; in September with "Lurk" won the 27th Flying Chinese TV Awards outstanding Actor Award; December Honglei movie "A Simple Noodle Story" release, the first week at the box office over one hundred million

March 2010, starring in the Warring States theme of the movie "The Warring States", as the Warring States Period military strategist Sun Bin; in September, participating shooting romantic comedy movie directed by Feng Xiaogang "If You Are the One 2"


  • Never Close The Eye (1999)
  • The Road Home (1999)
  • The Threepenny Opera (2000)
  • Love Story in Shanghai (2000)
  • Happy Times (2000)
  • Zhou Yu's Train (2002)
  • 军歌嘹亮 (2002)
  • Conquer (2003)
  • I am not a hero (2004)
  • Seven Swords (2005)
  • Halfway Couples (2006)
  • Shanghai Red (2006)
  • 大工匠 (2007)
  • Blood Brothers (2007)
  • Triangle (2007)
  • Mongol (2007)
  • Lurk (2008)
  • Underdog Knight (2008)
  • Forever Enthralled (2008)
  • My Fair Gentleman (2009)
  • The Founding of a Republic (2009)
  • The Road We Have Taken (2009)
  • A Simple Noodle Story (2009)
  • The Warring States (2010)
  • Welcome to Shama Town (2010)
  • Shanghai Blue (2010)
  • If You Are the One 2 (2010)
  • The Warring States (2011)
  • I Do (2012)
  • Lethal Hostage (2012)
  • Drug War (2012)
  • Silent Witness (2013)
  • When a Peking Family Meets Aupair (2014)
  • One Step Away (2014)
  • Manhole (2014)
  • The Ark of Mr. Chow (2015)
  • To Be a Better Man (2016)
  • Royal Treasure (2016)
  • Game of Hunting (2017)
  • Veteran remake (2017)
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