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Staritsa (Russian: Старица) is the name of several inhabited localities in Russia.


Map of Staritsa, Tver Oblast, Russia

Modern localities

Urban localities
  • Staritsa (town), Tver Oblast, a town in Staritsky District of Tver Oblast
  • Rural localities
  • Staritsa, Astrakhan Oblast, a selo in Staritsky Selsoviet of Chernoyarsky District in Astrakhan Oblast; 48°13′N 45°56′E
  • Staritsa, Kaluga Oblast, a village in Ulyanovsky District of Kaluga Oblast
  • Staritsa, Kirov Oblast, a selo in Yumsky Rural Okrug of Svechinsky District in Kirov Oblast; 58°38′N 47°36′E
  • Staritsa, Novgorod Oblast, a village in Velilskoye Settlement of Maryovsky District in Novgorod Oblast
  • Staritsa, Orenburg Oblast, a selo in Krasnouralsky Selsoviet of Orenburgsky District in Orenburg Oblast
  • Staritsa, Oryol Oblast, a settlement in Novosinetsky Selsoviet of Bolkhovsky District in Oryol Oblast
  • Staritsa, Tambov Oblast, a settlement in Maryinsky Selsoviet of Kirsanovsky District in Tambov Oblast
  • Staritsa, Tomsk Oblast, a selo in Parabelsky District of Tomsk Oblast
  • Staritsa (rural locality), Tver Oblast, a station in Staritsa Rural Settlement of Staritsky District in Tver Oblast
  • Alternative names

  • Staritsa, alternative name of Staritsy, a village in Sabskoye Settlement Municipal Formation of Volosovsky District in Leningrad Oblast; 59°4′N 29°31′E
  • References

    Staritsa Wikipedia

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