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Soundtracks (Tony Banks album)

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Released  March 1986
Soundtracks (1986)  Bankstatement (1989)
Release date  March 1986
Genre  Soundtrack
Recorded  1984–1986
Artist  Tony Banks
Label  Virgin Records
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Producers  Tony Banks, Richard James Burgess
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Tony banks soundtracks vinyl full album

Soundtracks is a collection of soundtrack pieces from the films Quicksilver and Lorca and the Outlaws with music composed by Genesis keyboardist Tony Banks.


Tony banks lion of symmetry from the album soundtracks


AllMusic's retrospective review rated more of the album's instrumental suites as mixed in quality, but dismissed the three pop songs as mediocre and "rather hookless."

Track listing

Music from the film Quicksilver
  1. "Shortcut to Somewhere" (featuring Fish) – 3:43
  2. "Smilin' Jack Casey" – 3:17
  3. Quicksilver Suite:
    1. "Rebirth" – 3:00
    2. "Gypsy" – 3:43
    3. "Final Chase" – 2:49
Music from the film Lorca and the Outlaws (a.k.a. Starship)
  1. "You Call This Victory" (featuring Jim Diamond) – 5:22
  2. "Lion of Symmetry" (featuring Toyah Willcox) – 7:32
  3. Redwing Suite
    1. "Redwing" – 5:44
    2. "Lorca" – 3:55
    3. "Kid and Detective Droid" – 2:11
    4. "Lift Off" – 3:10
    5. "Death of Abby" – 1:42


  • Lorca and the Outlaws EP (September 1985)
    1. "Redwing"
    2. "You Call This Victory" By Jim Diamond and Tony Banks
    3. "Lion of Symmetry" By Toyah Willcox and Tony Banks
  • Shortcut to Somewhere (October 1986)
    1. "Shortcut to Somewhere" By Fish and Tony Banks
    2. "Smilin' Jack Casey"
    3. "K2"

    Quicksilver Original Soundtrack (separate release)

    1. "Quicksilver Lightning" - Roger Daltrey
    2. "Casual Thing" - Fiona
    3. "Nothing at All" - Peter Frampton
    4. "Shortcut to Somewhere" - Fish and Tony Banks
    5. "Love Song from Quicksilver (Through the Night)" - John Parr and Marilyn Martin
    6. "One Sunny Day/Dueling Bikes from Quicksilver" - Ray Parker, Jr. and Helen Terry
    7. "The Motown Song" - Larry John McNally A cover version of this song was done by Rod Stewart in 1991.
    8. "Suite Streets - From Quicksilver"
    9. "Quicksilver Suite I/Rebirth/The Gypsy" - Tony Banks
    10. "Quicksilver Suite II/Crash Landing" - Tony Banks.


  • Fish: vocals on "Shortcut to Somewhere"
  • Jim Diamond: vocals on "You Call This Victory"
  • Toyah Willcox: vocals on "Lion of Symmetry"
  • Songs

    1Short Cut to Somewhere3:36
    2Smilin' Jasey Casey3:15
    3Quicksilver Suite - Rebirth2:57


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