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Solicitor of the United States Treasury

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The Solicitor of the Treasury position was created in the United States Department of the Treasury by an act of May 29, 1830 4 Stat. 414, which changed the name of the Agent of the Treasury.



The Solicitor of the Treasury served as legal advisor to the department, and examined Treasury officers' official bonds and related legal documents. He also supervised all legal proceedings involving the collection of debts due the United States. In addition, he established regulations to guide customs collectors, issued distress warrants against delinquent revenue collectors or receivers of public money, and administered lands acquired by the United States in payment for debts.

Predecessor agencies

  • Comptroller of the Treasury (1789–1817)
  • First Comptroller of the Treasury (1817–20)
  • Agent of the Treasury (1820–30)
  • Position abolished

    The position of Solicitor of the Treasury was abolished by an act of May 10, 1934 (48 Stat. 759).

    Successor agency

    The Solicitor of the Treasury's position was succeeded by the Office of the General Counsel for the Department of the Treasury.

    List of Solicitors of the Treasury

    Virgil Maxcy of Maryland, from May 29, 1830

    Henry D. Gilpin of Pennsylvania, from June 16, 1837

    Matthew Birchard of Massachusetts, from January 16, 1840

    Charles B. Penrose of Pennsylvania, from March 17, 1841

    Seth Barton of Louisiana, from March 25, 1845

    Ransom H. Gillet of New York, from May 27, 1847

    John C. Clark of New York, from October 31, 1849

    George F. Comstock of New York, from November 15, 1852

    Gilbert Rodman of Pennsylvania, from March 30, 1853 (interim)

    John Carroll LeGrand of Maryland, from April 8, 1853

    Albert Constable of Maryland, from May 2, 1853

    Farris B. Streeter of Pennsylvania, from June 3, 1853

    Junius Hillyer of Georgia, from December 1, 1857

    Benjamin F. Pleasants of Kentucky, from February 13, 1861 (interim)

    Edward Jordan of Ohio, from March 28, 1861

    E. C. Banfield of Massachusetts, from April 15, 1869

    Bluford Wilson of Illinois, from June 22, 1874

    George F. Talbot of Maine, from July 24, 1876

    Kenneth Rayner of North Carolina, from July 1, 1877

    Henry S. Neal of Ohio from July 2, 1884

    Alexander McCue of New York, 1885 to 1888

    Charles S. Cary of New York, 1888 to 1889

    William P. Hepburn of Iowa, 1889 to 1893

    Felix A. Reeve of Tennessee, 1893 to 1897

    Maurice D. O'Connell of Iowa, 1897 to 1910

    William T. Thompson of Nebraska, 1910 to 1915

    Lawrence Becker of Indiana, 1915 to 1922

    Richard Randolph McMahon of West Virginia, 1922 to 1926

    Robert J. Mawhinney of Maryland, 1926 to 1932


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