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Sir Christus

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Name  Sir Christus
Role  Guitarist
Music group  Negative

Sir Christus Sir Christus XVI by Greeneyedsoulangel on DeviantArt
Albums  Sweet & Deceitful, War of Love, God Likes Your Style, Karma Killer, Anorectic, Negative
Similar People  Matthau Mikojan, Larry Love, Antti Anatomy, Jonne Aaron, Jay Slammer

Sir christus angels won t lie

Sir Christus (born Jukka Kristian Mikkonen, April 10, 1978) is a Finnish guitarist, best known as the former rhythm guitarist of the glam rock band Negative. His father was Arwo Mikkonen, guitarist of the legendary Finnish rock band Popeda. His father died in 1986, leaving 8-year old Christus and his 4-year old brother Matthau, without a father figure in their life.


Sir Christus Sir Christus XIV by Greeneyedsoulangel on DeviantArt

On Negative's single Fading yourself (March 14, 2007), Sir Christus did vocals for a bonus track: Lost in America (Originally by Alice Cooper). Negative has never performed this song live. Christus has performed this song live, with the band Private Line, November 28, 2007. For the encore, Sammy did not re-appear on stage, but Christus did and they performed Lost in America, with Christus on vocals but no guitar. Later he performed this song with his band Black Jesus.

Sir Christus Sir Christus XI by Greeneyedsoulangel on DeviantArt

Line up:

Sir Christus httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
  • Anzi Destruction- vocals*
  • Sir Christus- guitar*
  • Jack Smack- guitar*
  • Sohei Murakami- bass*
  • Mr. Kunt- drums*

  • Sir Christus Sir Christus Huomenta Suomi 3032010 YouTube

    Sir christus


    Sir Christus NEGATIVE Poland

    SnoWhite, formerly known as Blaquarium, was founded in winter 2007 by Dino, Purtsi, Julius and Vode. In June 2008 Rafaello joined the band, and their first gig was in Amadeus during Tammerfest, supporting another band. After that Vode decided to leave. Dino, Purtsi and Julius gave free hand to Rafaello to choose a new guitarist. He decided that Christus would be the best choice. First gig as SnoWhite and not Blaquarium was in Vastavirta Klubi, Tampere supporting The Bitterlicks and The VooDoo Nights. "Is it my body" and "Number of the beast" are the only two cover-songs they are playing. SnoWhite's second gig, taking place in Vastavirtaklubi in Tampere September 13, 2008, has got positive reviews by Aamulehti. Sir Chrisus announced to leave SnoWhite on 3 January 2010.

    Line up:

  • Julius - vocals
  • Dino - drums
  • Purtsi - bass
  • Rafaello - guitar
  • Sir General Christus -guitar
  • Black Jesus

    Christus has had a sideproject since fall 2007 that is called Black Jesus - the name was later changed to Black Jezus and then changed back to Black Jesus. When he left Negative, at first people thought Christus had disappeared but then there were dates announced in February.

    There were speculations about Christus and his position in this band, and the band was thought to be what it was to begin with: a side project, a mere base for playing some shows and cover songs and have some fun. Black Jesus is having a prolonged summerbreak to focus on other projects. The band split in autumn 2008 and played their last gig in Somero in November 2008.

    Line up:

  • Madbone Macceus - vocals
  • Sir General Christus - guitar+backing vocals
  • El Rafaello - guitar
  • Jimmie Sweat - bass
  • E.Ådolf Maniac II - drums
  • Matthau Mikojan

    Shortly after Christus' leaving Negative, there were rumours that he would join his brother's solo-project on bass. It was not until late that Matthau himself announced his line up that the rumours were confirmed. Christus played the guitar still, and not the bass. He was thought to be only a part of the live shows, like the rest of the line up. Matthau announced on his website after the German Tour (Schraubelocker Tour 2008) that the three-piece band is now a band and not a solo-project with a live band.

    In March/early April there were shootings of a music video for the song "Too Fortunate to Cry", in which Matthau and Christus appear.

    Line up:

  • Matthau Mikojan - vocals+second guitar
  • Sir Christus - guitar+backing vocals
  • Teemu Broman - bass
  • Simo Stenmann - drums
  • Christus left this project after three months and the band will not replace him.


    Negative is a Finnish glam rock band located in Tampere. They released their first album, War of Love in 2003. War of Love has sold gold in Finland and is now close to platinum. In 2004 they came with their second album, Sweet & Deceitful that has also sold gold. Late 2006 Anorectic made its appearance.

    Christus joined the band in 2002.

    Line up:

  • Jonne Aaron - vocals
  • Larry Love - guitar
  • Sir Christus - guitar
  • Snack - keyboard
  • Jay Slammer - drums
  • Antti Anatomy - bass
  • As of January 15, 2008, Sir Christus was no longer a part of this band.


    Christus was in Bloodpit from 2000–2002, playing the bassguitar. In Bloodpit he used the stage name Christian Grigory.

    Line up at that time:

  • Matthau - Guitar/vocals
  • Christian Grigory - Bass
  • Paavo - guitar
  • Arnold - drums
  • Lavasäteily

    This band existed from 1999 to 2004.

    Christus seems to have been the vocalist rather than the guitarist. In this band and other former bands before/simultaneously, he used the name Claudio Emil.

    Line up:

  • Claudio Emil Christian Mikkonen - guitar/vocals
  • Derek - guitar
  • Catte - bass
  • Anttoni - drums
  • Other bands

  • Korbamosh
  • Ripuli
  • Lovebuzz
  • Bonemachine
  • Light honey pea
  • Lovemachine
  • Kuusinen
  • Claudio & sateenvarjolakanat
  • The Salvation*
  • Hairstyles

    One of Christus' hairstyles (seen throughout spring 2007 and until spring 20080) has been named Jukka-palm by his fans. This comes of the way it bristles, so that it reminds of a Yucca palm. Due to Christus' first name being Jukka and the phonetic likeness to Yucca, his hairstyle therefore got this name.

    The Pink Lady

    Sir Christus is best known together with his pink guitar, the Pink Lady. This guitar, a Flying Finn, has Sir Christus written on her neck.

    During a Negative show in China, October 1, 2007, Sir Christus broke a guitar on stage. Fans all over the world were shocked, cause it seemed that he had murdered the Lady. The news came that it was just a cheap, pink guitar which Negative's manager Tommi Liimatainen had bought in Beijing for the occasion.

    September 11, 2005 during a concert in Bochum, Germany, Christus accidentally damaged The Pink Lady. Near the end of the show, he was rolling over the floor and that was when the accident happened. The day after in Cologne, The Pink Lady reappeared on stage held together with duct-tape.


  • The Pink Lady is Christus' signature guitar and of the brand Flying Finn.
  • The Pink Indie. Purchased shortly after Christus joined Matthau.
  • Les Paul, black with stars. He calls this guitar "Musta Tähti", which means "black star"
  • ESP LTD Devil Girl, Limited Edition. Red; 1 Humbucker, 1 Vol. controller.
  • Doubleneck by Ibanez in brown.
  • The Black Pirate, also a "Flying Finn". Skullblack-transparent.
  • Dean guitar army style
  • Gibson Explorer, Ison-Britannian lipun kuvalla
  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe, goldtop
  • Gibson Les paul standard, tobacco sunburst
  • Tokai Les Paul, Heritage dark cherry
  • Hagström
  • Self-painted Les Paul
  • Older guitars include:

  • A golden Les Paul (heaven and hell)
  • A black/Orange golden Les Paul
  • Red and white Gibson Firebird with gold buttons.
  • References

    Sir Christus Wikipedia