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Type  Daily newspaper
Owner(s)  Alma Media
Editor  Matti Apunen
Format  Tabloid
Founder(s)  F. V. Jalander
Founded  1881; 136 years ago (1881)

Aamulehti (Finnish for "morning newspaper") is a Finnish language daily newspaper published in Tampere, Finland.


History and profile

Aamulehti was founded in 1881 to “improve the position of the Finnish people and the Finnish language” during Russia’s rule over Finland. The founders were nationalistic Finns in Tampere.

In the 1980s, Aamulehti Corporation acquired the paper Uusi Suomi, which they shut down in 1991. Aamulehti was published in broadsheet format until April 2014 when the paper switched to tabloid format. Matti Apunen was the editor-in-chief of the paper until 2010. The paper is based in Tampere and serves the Pirkanmaa region.

Until 1992 the paper aligned itself with the National Coalition Party, but it no longer has an official connection to any political party.

Aamulehti Corporation was the owner of Aamulehti until 2003 when the paper was acquired by Alma Media, a large media corporation in Finland, for a reported 460 million euros. The sister papers of the daily are Iltalehti and Kauppalehti.

Since 2006 Aamulehti has published four weekly supplements — Moro (meaning “Hi,” in the dialect of the Tampere region, and devoted to the culture of Tampere), on Thursdays; the entertainment-centred Valo (“Light”), published on Fridays; Asiat (“Matters”), on Sundays; and Ihmiset (“People”), also on Sundays. The paper covers journalism innovation at least once a month.


Peaking in 2008, Aamulehti grew steadily, regularly reporting the third-highest newspaper circulation numbers in Finland. The circulation was 135,194 copies in 1993, reaching 135,478 copies in 2001. By 2004 the paper had an average daily circulation of 136,028 copies per day and 140,802 copies on Sundays, with an estimated readership of 329,000. Aamulehti’s circulation was 136,743 copies in 2005; 138,258 copies (2006); 139,165 copies (2007) — reaching a high-water mark of 139,130 copies in 2008, then declining to 135,293 copies in 2009; 131,539 copies (2010); 130,081 copies (2011); and 114,231 copies in 2013.

By 2014 Aamulehti had Finland’s second-largest circulation and had the fifth-largest estimated readership. In 2010, with 262,947 weekly visitors, the online version of Aamulehti was the twenty-third most visited website in Finland.


  • F. V. Jalander 1881–1884
  • Kaarlo Viljakainen 1884–1905
  • Aukusti Alhovuori 1905–1912
  • Eetu A. Alha 1913–1926
  • Jaakko Tuomikoski 1931–1956
  • Jaakko Hakala 1956–1964
  • Raino Vehmas 1971–1979
  • Pertti Pesonen 1979–1990
  • Raimo Seppälä 1991–1998
  • Matti Apunen 1998, 2000–2010
  • Jouko Jokinen 2010–present
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