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Shock Wave (film)

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Traditional  拆彈專家
Directed by  Herman Yau
Starring  Andy Lau
Cantonese  Caak3 Daan2 Zyun1 Gaa1
Budget  23 million USD
Simplified  拆弹专家
Screenplay by  Herman Yau Erica Lee
Director  Herman Yau
Mandarin  Chāi Dàn Zhuān Jiā
Cast  Andy Lau
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Produced by  Andy Lau Alvin Lam Chan Pui-wah Esther Koo Alice Chan
Production companies  Polybona Films, Focus Group Holdings Limited
Similar  Don't Fool Me, Fascination Amour, The Hurt Locker, True Women for Sale, The First 7th Night

Shock waves 1977 zombie movie official trailer

Shock Wave is an upcoming Hong Kong action film written and directed by Herman Yau, produced by and starring Andy Lau. Set for release on 20 April 2017, the film is Yau and Lau's third collaboration as director and star respectively after 1991's Don't Fool Me and 1999's Fascination Amour.



Cheung Choi-san (Andy Lau) is a superintendent of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD). Seven years ago, he went undercover and became the protege of Hung Kai-pang (Jiang Wu), nicknamed Blast, a top wanted criminal specializing in bombs. One time during a cash vault robbery, Cheung revealed his undercover identity and coordinating with the police, successfully prevented a bomb from being detonated and disintegrated Hung's criminal gang, capturing Blast, his younger brother and allies. However, during the nick of time, Blast manages to escape and threatened to return for revenge.

After the resumption of his position in EOD, Cheung quickly promoted as a bomb disposal expert of the police force. Seven years later, a series of bombings occur in Hong Kong, while the police also receive intel that a large number of explosives have been smuggled into Hong Kong, all indications that a major case will occur. As Hong Kong citizens are panicking, the city's busiest underwater tunnel, the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, was blocked by ruthless criminals, with hundreds of citizens taken hostage. Blast finally appears, threatening to blow up the tunnel. Facing this counter-terrorism crisis, Cheung must bring Blast to justice and dismantle the devastating conspiracy behind it.


  • Andy Lau as Cheung Choi-san (章在山), superintendent and bomb disposal officer of the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Bureau (EOD).
  • Jiang Wu as Hung Kai-pang (洪繼鵬), nicknamed Blast (火爆), a top wanted criminal who is bent on seeking revenge for Cheung's betrayal.
  • Song Jia as Christine Li, a divorced teacher who becomes Cheung's girlfriend.
  • Philip Keung as YW Kong, an EOD officer and Cheung's subordinate.
  • Ron Ng as Ben, an EOD officer who is Cheung's second-in-command.
  • Wang Ziyi
  • Felix Wong as Cheung's superior officer when the latter was working undercover in Blast's gang.
  • Shek Sau
  • Liu Kai-chi
  • Cheung Chun-kit
  • Louis Cheung as a tour guide.
  • Babyjohn Choi
  • Felix Lok
  • Wan Yeung-ming
  • Kevin Chu
  • Theme song

  • Slowly Being Accustomed To (慢慢習慣)
  • Singer/Lyricist: Andy Lau
  • Composer: Eric Ng, Kenneth Shih
  • Arranger: Adam Lee
  • Producer: Preston Lee, Jacky Chan
  • Development

    The project was first announced in September 2014, with Herman Yau and Andrew Lau attached as director and producer respectively, and was set to star Nicholas Tse, Nick Cheung and Julian Cheung, with Tse portraying the main villain. The film was also set to begin production in November of the same year under a budget of HK$90 million

    However, the project was seemingly postponed indefinitely until March 2016, where the film was re-announced at the 2016 Hong Kong Filmart. While Yau remained as the film's director, Andy Lau was announced to produce and star in the new film, with no mention of previous reported cast members. With a new budget of US$23 million, the film is produced by Universe Entertainment, Bona Film Group and Lau's new production company, Infinitus Entertainment. The film's planned climax will feature a bomb threat taking place in the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.


    On 17 April 2016, director Yau announced on his Facebook account that filming for Shock Wave will begin the following day on 18 April. On Labour Day (May 1), Yau updated the filming progress on his account with location scouting images where Lau and crew members were present. On 6 May 2016, reporters visited the film set for the filming of an indoors explosion scene, where Lau demonstrated safety measures of filming the explosion to the visiting reporters with Yau, while also demonstrating swift bomb disposal techniques. On 5 June 2016, a bomb disposal scene was filmed outside of the Revenue Tower in Wan Chai, where Lau wore a 70-pound heavy bomb disposal suit. Actors Philip Keung, Ron Ng, Louis Cheung and Babyjohn Choi were also present during that day. Filming officially wrapped up on 4 July 2016, after filming its final scene at a 1:1 scale set of the Cross-Harbour Tunnel built by the production team.


    Shock Wave is set for theatrical release in Hong Kong on 20 April 2017. The film's first teaser trailer was released on 26 January 2017.


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