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Singer actress

Arabic pop

Years active

Sherine Wahab


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Full Name
Sherine Ahmed Abdel Wahab

October 8, 1980 (age 43) (

Free Music (1999-2006) Rotana (2007-2012) Nogoum Records (2013-present)

Mohammad Mustafa (m. 2007–2012)

Hana Mustafa, Maryam Mustafa

Esaal Alaya, Habeat, Free Mix 3, Bataminak, Lazem A'eesh


Sherine masha3er

Sherine Ahmed Abdel Wahab (Arabic: شيرين أحمد عبد الوهاب‎‎), mononymously known as Sherine (Arabic: شيرين‎‎), is an Egyptian singer, actress, tv-host, and a former judge on MBCs The Voice Ahla Sawt


Sherine True or false Sherine Abdel Wahab married to a Gulfie

Sherine - Masha'er (Egyptian Arabic) Lyrics + English Translation - مشاعر - شيرين

Personal life

Sherine Picture of Sherine Abdel Wahab

Sherine was born on October 8th, 1980 in Cairo, Egypt.

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She started singing in elementary school at the age of nine and was discovered by her music teacher who convinced her parents to enroll her in Cairo Opera House. There she met Selim Sehab , a famous Egyptian classic music conductor , he was very impressed with her vocal abilities and she was accepted into the opera's choir from age 9 to 12 . Later she sang as a soloist and was introduced to music producer and director , Nasr Mahrous , who signed her to his Label Free Music .

She was married to the Egyptian composer and music distributor, Mohammad Mustafa. They have two daughters Mariam and Hana.


Sherine Sherine Abdel Wahab

Sherine began her professional music career in 2000. In 2002, the producer Mahrous paired her with Tamer Hosny on the "Free Mix3: Tamer & Sherine"; also, the album included two duets by Tamer and Sherine. The joint album essentially launched both of their careers; the album sold over 30 Million copies throughout the Arab world, making it a huge success. Sherine's worked on various projects with her now ex-husband, musical distributor and composer, Mohammed Mustafa, which includes successful singles such as: "Ah, Ya Leil"; "Bahebak" ft. Mohammed Mohey; "Mabtafrach", "Mafish Mane3"; her ex, Mohammed Mustafa was also the pianist on the composition for "Da Mosh Habebi". Sherine's rise to fame has been quite meteoric - it took her about five years to establish herself as a top pop singer.


Sherine gained recognition with Ah, Ya layl (Oh, night!), which relates the story of a young girl who has lost her true love, which echoed throughout the Middle East & North Africa. As a result of the tremendous success of the single, Sherine followed the same pattern in later albums and songs such as, Lazim Ayesh (I Have to Live), "Mafish Mane3" (No, One More Time), "Ana Mesh beta3et el Kalam Dah" (I'm not that kind of girl), and Kont Arfa (I knew). As her success grew, Sherine transitioned from a heartbroken girl to a mature woman "who welcomes sorrow as much as happiness, into a challenging and dashing woman who sings" songs such as the touching and beautiful: Ala Bali (On my mind), "Kolly Melkak" (I am all yours), Masha3er (Feelings); Tarab songs such as, "Garh Tani" (one of her most popular albums, too) and many other songs. According to one Gulf News journalist: "This was new to Arab audiences - the symbol of a woman who won't demean herself to win a man's affection. The theme was enhanced with infectious, joyous dance, lapped up by her admirers." In 2012, Sherine released the studio album Esaal Alaya, which also sold well, topping the charts across the Middle East. In 2014, she released Ana Keteer, in addition, she has stated that the single Ana Kteer is one of them that has the "most meaning to me; in 2015, she released Tareqe.

Sherine Sherine Abdel Wahabs business manager angry with her decision to

Sherine has performed with Nelly in a remix version of "Just A Dream" [Coke Studio Fusion Mix).

Sherine Sherine Wikipedia

Sherine has a single with Fadel Shaker called, El 3am El Jeded.

In 2016, she released a song and video with the Egyptian Hossam Habib, titled Kol Maghanni

Sherine is a very unique artist within the Arab world in the sense of her voice , personality , humor and charm . She has a huge fan base not just in Egypt but all over the Arab world. Her voice is described as pure, melodramatic , romantic and the kind that gives you chills or goosebumps.


Sherine starred opposite Ahmed Helmy in Mido Mashakel (Arabic: ميدو مشاكل‎‎. The 2003 film was directed by Muhammad al-Najjar. In addition, she starred in the Ramadan series "Tareeqi" (My Path/Road), June 2015. The series depicts her as a young lady who struggles in achieving her lifelong dream of becoming a famous singer due to social restriction , regulations and opposition from her family. Other actors/actresses starring in the show were Egyptian actor Mahmoud Al Jundi, actress Sawsan Badr, actor Ahmad Fahmi and Syrian actor Basel Khayat. The drama is written by Tamer Habib and directed by Mohammad Shaker.


Sherine used to serve as a Jury Member on the show MBC The Voice, but as of 2017 has been replaced by Elissa.

Sherine was the host of her own talk-show , Shery's Studio , on the Egyptian network, dmc TV, which premiered in January 2017. Among her many talented and famous guests were: Samira Said, Assala Nasri, Elissa, Nawal El-Zoghbi,Ghada Abdel Razek and Mohammed Mohey.


In February 2016, Sherine announced in an audio clip that she was retiring from show business, citing "life pressure" and stress. Much to the fury and dismay across the Arab world from popular singers and actors, to her fans, Sherine reversed her decision to retire. Sherine said that: “In respect to the honourable and massive audience as well as the artists who have captured me with their high morals and big hearts, I have reversed my decision.” In addition, “I didn’t do this for a media show. I like and still like to devote my time to my children,” the mother of two said. She did not disclose her future plans. “May God help me to live up to the responsibility.” She has since returned and have moved on to bigger and better projects.


  • "Ma Btefrahsh"
  • "Enak"
  • "Baladi" ft. Muhammad Noor
  • "Al'am Al Jadeed" ft. Fadl Shaker
  • "Lebnan Fel Alb" (Dedicated to Lebanon)
  • "Albi Leek" ft. Hany Shakir
  • "Ma Sherebtesh Mn Nelha"
  • "Bahibik Ya Omi"
  • "Mshaa'er"
  • "Howa Da"
  • "Sida Da"
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