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She Will Have Her Way (song)

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September 1998

Alternative rock


CD single


Neil Finn

"She Will Have Her Way" is a 1998 solo single by New Zealand singer/songwriter and Crowded House lead singer Neil Finn. It was used in the second season premiere of Aaron Sorkin's show Sports Night and multiple times throughout the season (however, this song has been replaced by Tim Cullen's song "Valentine" in on-line versions of Season 2, Episodes 1 and 4 of "Sports Night", such as "ABC TV On Demand" and "Amazon Video") . A snippet of the song can also be heard in the third-season episode "Daria Dance Party" of the MTV animated series Daria. The song is included in the first CD that accompanied the television series Felicity, as it appeared in the beginning of the second episode of the first season, "The Last Stand."


The song gave its name to the 2005 tribute album, She Will Have Her Way, which featured female Australasian artists performing tracks written by Neil and Tim Finn. It was also the inspiration for the title of the 2010 tribute album, He Will Have His Way.

Music video

The black and white music video for this song features a giantess capturing, carrying off and eventually marrying Neil Finn. It is a spoof of the 1958 B-movie Attack of the 50 Foot Woman and the 1959 Lou Costello comedy The 30 Foot Bride of Candy Rock. The video includes clips from both films.

Track listing

  1. "She Will Have Her Way"
  2. "Tokyo"
  3. "She Comes Scattered"
  4. "Sinner" (Abbey Rd Version)


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