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Shanghai 13

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Director  Chang Cheh
Writer  Cheh Chang
Country  Hong KongTaiwan
7/10 IMDb

Genre  Action
Language  Mandarin
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Release date  30 April 1984 (1984-04-30)
Genres  Action Film, Martial Arts Film, Horror, Adventure Film
Cast  Andy Lau, Ti Lung, David Chiang, Chen Kuan-tai, Wang Yu
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Shanghai 13 leung kar yan s aka beardy great fight

Shanghai 13, also known as The Shanghai Thirteen, is a 1984 Hong Kong-Taiwanese martial arts film written and directed by Chang Cheh and starring an ensemble cast of notable film stars such as Andy Lau, Jimmy Wang Yu, Ti Lung, Chen Kuan-tai, Danny Lee, Bryan Leung, David Chiang, Chiang Sheng, Chi Kuan-chun, Chan Sing, Lu Feng and more.


Shanghai 13 Ninja angayda Shanghai 13 1984 Dvdrip Trkce Dublaj BB66

the shanghai 13 1984 andy lau scenes


Shanghai 13 El mundo de las artes marciales en el cine 1984 Shanghai 13

During the Second Sino-Japanese War era in China, patriot Mr. Gao (Chiang Ming) is dissatisfied with the traitorous acts of the Reorganized National Government of China and together with thief Black Hat (Jimmy Wang Yu), he steals a traitorous contract set up by the government for the Japanese. Gao plans to bring the contract from Shanghai to Hong Kong and break it to the public, in hopes of exposing the traitorous acts of the Reorganized Government. Gao becomes the assassination target of the Reorganized Government's interior minister Hung Xu-wu (Seung Fung).

Shanghai 13 The Shanghai 13 Terracotta Tictail

In order to ensure a smooth arrival of Mr. Gao and the contract to Hong Kong, Shanghai Tycoon Shen Gang-fu (Chen Kuan-tai) decides to send his underlings, the Shanghai 13, to protect Gao while on his way to the dock. Unexpectedly, there are moles among the 13 men who betray Gao and Shen. With obstacles ahead and pursuers behind, under the condition of obstruction by the traitors, can Mr. Gao successfully arrive to the dock? Are the Shanghai 13 loyal or evil? On the road to the dock, there are murderous traps everywhere and bloody battles appear one after another.


Shanghai 13 Shanghai 13 collected by Terracotta Impact Online

  • Andy Lau as Guan Wei, the Student
  • Jimmy Wang Yu as Black Hat
  • Ti Lung as Dock boss
  • Chen Kuan-tai as Shen Gang-fu
  • Danny Lee as Xiao Yang, the Black Sniper
  • Bryan Leung as Tao Da-ye, the Millionaire
  • David Chiang as Wanderer Ye Bu-fan
  • Chiang Sheng as Feng Jin-bang, the Smoker
  • Chi Kuan-chun as Big Leopard Yuan Hai
  • Chan Sing as Black Eagle Wu Da-li
  • Lu Feng as Tiger
  • Wong Chung as Laundry owner
  • Ricky Cheng as Dagger
  • Wong Ching as Bear Lee
  • Ga Hoi as Cheater at casino
  • Yu Chung-chiu
  • Chiang Ming as Mr. Gao
  • Chang Feng as Hung Xu-wu
  • Yip Fei-yang as Wai Siu Tin
  • Chu Hoi-ling as Tao Xiao-mei, Tao's younger sister and Guan's lover
  • Peter Chang as Xiao Long
  • Lee Chung-yat as Young Master Liang Xiao-xiong
  • Tsang Ming-cheong
  • Wong Chi-sang
  • Wong Tak-sang
  • Clement Yip as Lian Sheng
  • Sonny Yue
  • Cheung Tai-lun
  • Yau Siu-lam as Little Leopard Yuan Gang
  • Chan Ka-hoi as Wei Xiao-tian
  • Action Directors

    Shanghai 13 Shanghai 13

  • Lau Kar-wing
  • Chiang Sheng
  • Lu Feng
  • Wong Kwok-chue
  • Rocky Cheng

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