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Chi Kuan chun

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Chinese name  戚冠軍 (traditional)
Name  Chi Kuan-chun
Chinese name  戚冠军 (simplified)
Role  Actor

Pinyin  Qi Guanjun (Mandarin)
Spouse  Hong Shu Ling
Occupation  Actor, martial artist
Education  Sam Yuk Middle School
Chi Kuan-chun HKSAR Film No Top 10 Box Office 20130510 CHI KUAN

Born  June 14, 1949 (age 66)Guangdong, China (1949-06-14)
Movies  Five Shaolin Masters, Drunken Monkey, Eagle's Claw, Disciples of Shaolin, Showdown at the Cotton Mill
Similar People  Chang Cheh, Chen Kuan‑tai, Lau Kar‑leung, Wu Ma, Dante Lam

A tribute to chi kuan chun

Chi Kuan-chun born June 14, 1949 (age 67), also known as Chik Goon-Gwan, is a Hong Kong-based Chinese actor, martial artist, and Hung Ga practitioner. He is best known for playing Shaolin rebel Hu Huei Chien (Hu Hui Gan) in several martial arts films in the 1970s. He also co-starred with Alexander Fu in many films at that time.


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Life and career

Chi Kuan-chun Chi Kuanchun 1949 Guangdong China is a Hong Kongbased Chinese

Born as Wu Dong-wai in Guangdong, China, Chi went to Hong Kong with his family at early age. He graduated from Sam Yuk Middle School and took acting course at the Cathay Studio in 1968. After winning first place at the "Manhood Competition" held by the Chiang Jiang Film Company, Chi joined the Shaw Brothers Studio. His acting debut was Chang Cheh's Men From The Monastery, and had since appeared in many of Chang's later films, including Shaolin Martial Arts, Disciples Of Shaolin, The Shaolin Avengers and Magnificent Wanderers. After completing his contract with Shaw Brothers in 1976, Chi founded Champion Film Company. In 1977, he went to Taiwan to further his career, and starred in films like Showdown at the Cotton Mill.

In 1990s he retired but made a comeback in Lau Kar-leung's Drunken Monkey (2003) and later in Tsui Hark's Seven Swords (2005).

Hung Gar school

Chi started his Hung Gar training in 1961 with Chiu Wai in Hong Kong and is the 4th generation disciple of Wong Fei-hung's lineage. In October 2000, he established his own Hung Gar school, Chi Kuan-Chun Martial Arts Hong Quan Institute.


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