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Seenu (2000 film)

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Country  India
Director  P. Vasu
Language  Tamil
Release date  25 October 2000

Seenu vasanthi lakshmi 2004 hd full length telugu film patnaik padmapriya navneet kaur

Seenu is a South Indian Tamil film released in 2000. It stars Karthik and Malavika. Directed by P. Vasu, it also featured him in a leading role for the first time. It is a remake of the Malayalam movie Bharatham starring Mohan Lal.


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Kesavan (P. Vasu) is a famous Carnatic singer who performs concerts. He lives with his family, consisting of his wife and a son. Seenu (Karthik) is his younger brother who leads a joyful life. Seenu is very much fond of Kesavan and he could not tolerate any one speaking ill about his brother. But Kesavan develops a habit of consuming alcohol which is only known to his wife. Kesavan’s wife tries hard to stop him from consuming alcohol but all her efforts go in vain. She does not reveal this to her family members. Seenu falls in love with his relative (Malavika). When the family members come to know about Kesavan’s habit of drinking, they advise him to stop it as it will bring down the fame what he has earned so far. But Kesavan does not listen to them and gets angry if someone starts advising him to stop drinking.

Slowly, Kesavan’s habit of consuming alcohol increases and one day he goes to a concert after drinking and stumbles on stage. Seenu is shocked to see this and rushes to the stage. Also to calm down the crowd, Seenu starts singing in place of Kesavan in the concert. To everyone’s surprise, Seenu’s singing ability is great and he is appreciated by everyone. Seenu feels happy seeing this on the other hand worries thinking about his brother’s condition. Seenu’s image increases among people and he starts performing in concerts. Although Kesavan feels happy seeing his brother grow well, but he also develops an ego within him thinking that Seenu will overpower him. This makes Kesavan to behave rude towards his family members especially Seenu and also to become highly addicted to alcohol. Kesavan feels embarrassed when people start approaching Seenu for concerts instead of Kesavan. Above this Seenu gets an opportunity to sing in Thiagaraja Aradhanai which further angers Kesavan.

However, Seenu understands the reason behind Kesavan’s behaviour and decides to stop performing on stage. Seenu also meets Kesavan and explains how much he respects him and makes his point clear that overpowering Kesavan was never his aim. Kesavan feels bad hearing Seenu’s emotional conversation and realizes his mistake. Kesavan and Seenu also have a sister whose wedding is fixed. The entire family gets back to happy mode on the event of the wedding. Kesavan is also recovered and he decides to go on a pilgrimage trip before his sister’s wedding so that he could return back pure. On the day before their sister’s wedding, Seenu gets the information that Kesavan has met with an accident while he was on the pilgrimage trip and has died. Seenu is shocked but does not reveal this to his family members as it would stop his sister’s wedding. Seenu rushes to the hospital to confirm the news and finds it to be Kesavan. He hides the information and instead attends his sister’s wedding. Seenu informs that Kesavan could not make to the wedding as he was busy in a temple. Once the wedding is completed, Seenu reveals the truth which shocks the entire family. Seenu later becomes a famous Carnatic singer and the legacy continues but he attributes all his success to his brother Kesavan.


  • Karthik as Seenu
  • P. Vasu as kesavan
  • Malavika
  • Vivek
  • Janagaraj
  • Soundtrack

    Soundtrack was composed by Deva.

  • Dey Nandakumara - Unnikrishnan, Chitra
  • Kuchalaambaal - Unni Menon, Harini
  • Madhava Sethumadhava - Hariharan
  • Paadukiran Oru Paattu - Unnikrishnan
  • Vanakkam - Hariharan
  • References

    Seenu (2000 film) Wikipedia

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