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Kingdom  Animalia
Suborder  Cottoidei
Higher classification  Cottoidei
Order  Scorpaeniformes
Scientific name  Cottoidea
Rank  Superfamily
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Lower classifications  Cottidae, Blobfish, Psychrolutidae, Sea raven, Japanese fluvial scu

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A sculpin is a type of fish that belongs to the superfamily Cottoidea in the order Scorpaeniformes. As of 2006, this superfamily contains 11 families, 149 genera, and 756 species.


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Sculpins occur in many types of habitat, including ocean and freshwater zones. They live in rivers, submarine canyons, kelp forests, and shallow littoral habitat types, such as tidepools.

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Sculpins are benthic fish, dwelling on the bottoms of water bodies. Their pectoral fins are smooth on the upper edge and webbed with sharp rays along the lower edge, a modification that makes them specialized for gripping the substrate. This adaptation helps the fish anchor in fast-flowing water.

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Sculpins fishing in orange county deep sea fishing


Families include:

Sculpin Sculpins Arctic Ocean biodiversity
  • Abyssocottidae: deep-water sculpins (24 species)
  • Agonidae (47 species)
  • Bathylutichthyidae (two species)
  • Comephoridae: Baikal oilfishes (two species)
  • Cottidae: common sculpins (258 species, including Icelidae, sometimes regarded as separate)
  • Cottocomephoridae: bighead sculpins, Baikal sculpins (9 species)
  • Ereuniidae: deepwater bullhead sculpins (three species)
  • Hemitripteridae: sea ravens, sailfin sculpins (eight species)
  • Psychrolutidae: fatheads (40 species)
  • Rhamphocottidae: the grunt sculpin (one species)
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