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Kingdom  Plantae
Subclass  Dicranidae
Genus  Schistostega D. Mohr
Higher classification  Schistostega
Division  Bryophyta
Order  Dicranales
Scientific name  Schistostega pennata
Rank  Species
Schistostega wwwcisfbrorgukimagesSchistostegapennata001CJPG
Family  Schistostegaceae Schimp.
Similar  Scudderia, Buxbaumia, Scleroderma citrinum, Scleroderma, Schistidium

Schistostega pennata musgo luminoso

Schistostega pennata, also called goblin gold, luminous moss or luminescent moss, is a moss known for its glowing appearance in dark places. It is the only member of the family Schistostegaceae. The moss's greenish-gold glowing appearance is due to the clear, spherical cells in the protonema that can collect even the faintest light like lenses, and the chloroplasts nearby in turn give off the greenish glow from the reflected light.


Schistostega Goblin39s Gold Schistostega pennata

It is easily outcompeted by other mosses and plant species in open lighter areas, but its ability to reflect light allows it to grow in shady places that other plants cannot survive. It prefers damp mineral soils with a source of dim light, such as reflection from a pool, overturned tree roots, and entrances to animal burrows.

Schistostega FileSchistostega pennata Jymmjpg Wikimedia Commons

Schistostega pennata is found in China, Japan, Siberia, Europe, and North America.

D pove n k zpe en schistostega pennata

Schistostega Bioluminescent moss Schistostega pennata quotgoblin39s goldquot Nature
Schistostega Goblin39s Gold Schistostega pennata
Schistostega Goblin39s Gold Schistostega pennata
Schistostega Plants Profile for Schistostega pennata schistostega moss


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