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Sadqay Tumhare

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Written by  Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar
Theme music composer  Mad Music
Directed by  Mohammed Ehteshamuddin
Starring  Samiya MumtazMahira KhanAdnan MalikRehan Sheikh
Opening theme  "Haey Re Hum Sadqay Tumharay" by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Akmal Khan
Composer(s)  Sahir Ali BaggaSohail Haider
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Sadqay Tumhare (Urdu: صدقے تمہارے‎) was a Hum Television Dramas 2014 Pakistani biogeographical drama TV serial that was based on the life of the series own writer Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar and aired on Hum TV. It is directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin, produced by Momina Duraid, Smina Humayun Saeed and Tariq Ahmad Shah and written by Khalil-Ur-Rehman Qamar. It stars Mahira Khan, Samiya Mumtaz, Adnan Malik in leading roles while Qavi Khan, Rehan Sheikh, Farhan Ali Agha and Sania Shamshad in supporting roles. Adnan Malik made his acting debut with this serial.



Set in the 1980s Pakistani society and based on the writer's real-life story, Sadqay Tumhare follows the story of Shano (Mahira Khan). On the very day when Shano was born, her maternal aunt, Inayat, lovingly asks Shano's mother, Rasheeda, for Shano's hand in marriage for her son, Khalil (Adnan Malik).

Cousins Shano and Khalil know about their engagement from a very young age but spent most of their childhood apart from one another as Shano is a village girl and Khalil is from the big city. Years pass by and both grow up to be two good looking and intelligent adults. Shano is a simple small town girl, who takes her engagement seriously and shares her feelings often with her best friend, Humera (Sania Shamshad), while Khalil, who has been treated like the 'Prince of Punjab' his entire life and is rather arrogant, does not reciprocate the feelings that Shano feels for him. He has only heard stories of Shano from his cousin, Dr Maqsood (Shamil Khan), who cared for Shano like his baby sister, and was in vain to get them together.

During a family wedding one day, Shano sees this as her chance to meet Khalil. She is desperate to meet Khalil, as the two haven't met or seen each other in forever. However Khalil, was adamant to not go and waste his time. He also didn't have any interest in meeting his fiancee. Shano felt this time again, she will return from her grandmother's house hopeless and disappointed. But that night Khalil has a dream, in which he saw Shano and that's when he decides to go. At the wedding, it is revealed that Rasheeda and her husband, Amin, have gone back from their word and are now ending the engagement. When Shano and Khalil see each other for the first time in 10 years, they immediately fall in love. They even try to meet in person but Rasheeda prevents it. So Inayat and her husband, Abdur Rehman tell them that they will be coming the next week to their house to ask with a proper proposal for Shano.

Two days before Khalil's parents are supposed to come, Khalil comes to visit Shano. He finds out that her paternal cousin Fayaz is there looking after her, and their parents are thinking about engaging Shano to Fayaz. While at her house, Khalil bullies Fayaz and gives Shano a letter saying he's Shano's Khalil. Fayaz tells about this to Amin and Rasheeda.

Khalil's parents then came over and gets a refusal from Shano's family. Khalil knew this was coming. Shano then writes to Khalil and he sets off to meet her. Dr. Maqsood tries to stop him knowing that Fayaz might hurt him but he goes anyway. When Khalil gets there Fayaz and his friends take him to a vacant space and beat him up. The fight leads, until Khalil blows there heads out fighting heroically and violently, until the mulvi Saab (Qavi Khan) intervenes. He beat all 4 of them so harshly that 2 went to the hospital and the other two couldn't get up. He then goes to Shano's house, where Dr. Maqsood arrives a little while after, and was furious to see Khalil wounded.

The next day, Amin Saab comes home to see that Khalil was there and that he beat up the four men. Amin did not like that and told Khalil to go back home, even though he was badly injured. He didn't go and then the mulvi Saab came with Shano's paternal uncle and Fayaz. The mulvi Saab then told Khalil to forgive fayaz and also ask for forgiveness from them as well and Khalil does that. Shano's father tells Shano to tell Khalil today go home that day and come back any other day. Shano agrees for the sake of her father and tells him but while going, Khalil gets dizzy and almost faints and Shano tells him to not go. He then doesn't go and stays at the master's house.

He said he would leave the next day so that night he went to Shano's house to meet her. He tells her that they are going to get married soon because they love each other so much. He then tells her that their going to name their son Khoram, 'khay' for Khalil, 'ray' for Rukshana and meem for Muhabbat (love). She blushes and tells him to leave or she'll die of embarrassment. He then leaves and tells her he'll come in two days.

Rasheeda beats Shano many times because she loves Khalil. It is revealed that Rasheeda is still in love with Abdur Rehman and wants to marry him but is only opposing Shano and Khalil's marriage because she is mad at what happened 24 years ago between her sister and her love. She only agreed to the engagement so at the right time she could end it.

When Khalil comes back home, his mother gets worried after seeing him with all his injuries. Dr. Maqsood then shows Khalil's bloody clothes to Abdur Rehman and he gets very mad. Then Dr. Maqsood makes a plan for Shano and Khalil to do a court marriage. At first Abdur Rehman does not agree but then he realizes that they do not have another choice. Khalil does not like the idea because he does not want Shano's respect to be damaged. But he does agree to talk to her about it, knowing that she won't like the idea as well.

Khalil then goes to Shano's village to meet her but this time it was at Humera's brother's mehndi. Khalil then brought up the idea of eloping. She said that the choice of Nikkah is depended on the parent's choice. She also said that before she even met him, she knew that he was going to keep her modesty safe but if he does ask her to run away with him then she will go. He then tells her that he'll never make her runaway. While talking, Humera's cousin, Mushtaq, comes and starts looking at Shano in a bad way. Shano then hides behind Khalil. Khalil then gets mad and hits him making his nose bleed. He then takes Shano back home and goes to Mushtaq home while knowing that Mushtaq is the main police officer's son. Mushtaq's father is very mad at Khalil. There Khalil tells Mushtaq that the person who he was looking at in a bad way was more worthy to him than life and told him to never mess with people who are in love.

Khalil then goes back to Shano's house to tell her that he is fine. They are talking at the front door and Rasheeda keeps asking who it was and Khalil replies that it was him. Rasheeda then goes to the doorway and hits Shano for taking long on telling her who it was. Khalil gets mad and Shano tells him to go home and not come the next day. That night, Shano can't go to sleep and feels very bad inside. She then goes to the front door to see Khalil sleeping there, she wakes him up and tells him to not to make her suffer by doing this. He then tells Shano to tell her mom not to hit her in front of him. She says okay and he then goes to the mulvi saab's house. Shano feels horrible and so she goes to the roof and sleeps there in the cold just like how Khalil was.

It was Fajr namaz time and one of Shano's sisters says that she cannot find Shano. Rasheeda immediately thinks that she ran away with Khalil and tells amin Saab to go and find Khalil. Amin then sees Khalil leave the Mulvi's house and grabs him by the collar and starts to hit him, causing his lip bleed. He then tells Amin that she is at home. At first Amin doesn't believe him but then Khalil says that he respects Shano, he trusts her. He tells Amin that he doesn't have to respect his own daughter but at least trust her because it is his daughter. They then both go back to Shano's house. Rasheeda then asks Khalil where Shano is and he points his eyes at the roof. He then calls out her name. Shano wakes up and Rasheeda goes on the roof and sees that Shano is sick. She brings her down and asked her why she was up there. She said that maybe God will accept their marriage if she makes herself suffer but then she says that God won't accept it because she didn't even pray Fajr namaz. She then asks Khalil why his lip is bleeding but he doesn't reply. He then leaves and Shano bumps into the wall because of her dizziness and her lip starts to bleed too. Amin then starts to feel bad and is now thinking that shano and Khalil should get married but Rasheeda does not like that.

While Khalil was about to go home, he was stopped by the police because of Mushtaq. He was taken in for no reason and was whipped. While he got whipped, he did not make a sound. And then was whipped again because he didn't scream. He was then released by Mushtaq and so he went to Shano's house to stay for 2 days because of his injuries. Abdur Rehman then came to Shano's house to check up on Khalil. Abdur then talks to Rasheeda and there, Rasheeda tells Abdur Rehman that she still loves him. She also tells him to divorce Inayat and she'll get a divorce from amin so they two can get married to each other. Hearing this, Abdur Rehman gets very mad and leaves with Khalil. Rasheeda then goes to Amin and lies to him saying that Abdur Rehman told her to get married with him. Upon hearing this lie, Amin is furious and goes opposes the marriage of Shano and Khalil. While going home, Abdur Rehman finds out that Khalil got whipped and so he files a case making the main police officer almost lose his job and have a suspension from his job.

When he goes back, he agrees on running away but only if Shano agrees as well. Khalil and Dr. Maqsood then go to her village, but to the master's house. Humera knows about this and tells Shano to go the master's house at night. She sneaks out and they tell her why she had to come. Shano did not like the idea of eloping, but she knew that it was the only way. She was told that they were going to do the Nikkah and then he was going to take her back home. Shano then goes back home but when she went inside, she saw her mother. Rasheeda took her inside and asked her where she was, but then Shano fainted.

Shano was locked in her room then. Then Mushtaq and his mother came to Shano's house to ask for her hand in marriage. When she goes in front of them, she disrespects them and tells them about Khalil. Rasheeda then takes Shano into another room and starts to hit her for embarrassing her. Mushtaq's mom gets mad but Mushtaq makes her agree. Rasheeda agrees to the marriage and for the Nikkah to be that night. People start arriving and Rasheeda's sister-in-law tells her that Khalil's family are never going to come to their village again if Shano gets married to someone else besides Khalil so Rasheeda gets sad thinking that she'll never see Abdur Rehman again.

That same night, Shano was supposed to runaway with Khalil. While getting ready upstairs Shano jumps to the house next to hers with the help from Humera. Khalil was there waiting for her there but did not know that she was about to get married to Mushtaq. He then takes her on a motorcycle to their grandmother's house. Shano then tells them that they would have to hurry since everyone was awake because of her Nikkah with Mushtaq. Khalil then gets mad but shano tells him to forgive everyone. Meanwhile, Rasheeda goes upstairs and tells Humera to open the door because she knew Shano wasn't in there. Rasheeda then tells Humera to go because her work was done. Rasheeda then starts fake crying and wailing that Shano ran away for all to hear.

Someone shows up to Shano's house and tells Amin that the two went to their grandmother's house. The police then got into it as well. At the grandmother's house, their uncle went to get the mulvi but was caught by Amin and the main police officer. Khalil and Shano then go on roof and start running from roof to roof until one roof, was made of leaves, so they fell through it. The people in the house helped them from the police but then the uncle said from a mic that their grandmother, aunts, and Dr. Maqsood will be taken to jail if he does not surrender, which is a lie. Khalil then gets a gun from the people living there and told them to keep Shano safe. He then sneaks up on them and points the gun on Mushtaq's head. He tells all the police to put down all their weapons and let all of his family members go. He then takes Mushtaq with him and makes him drive him and Shano to the masjid. They arrive at the masjid and ask the mulvi Saab to do their Nikkah and he agrees. At Shano's house, someone comes and tells Rasheeda that Shano and Khalil are at the masjid doing the Nikkah. Rasheeda gets very mad and gets rope and pretends to hang herself so someone could stop them from getting married. Her other daughters try to stop her and so one of them runs to the masjid. Shano was about to say 'qubool hai' to the Nikkah but then her little sister came in and told her that their mom hung herself. Shano and Khalil then run back home and Khalil takes Rasheeda and puts her on the couch. He tells her that he won't marry Shano without her permission. Rasheeda then makes him swear on Shano's life not to set foot in this house without her permission and he promises and Shano cries from heartbreak. Humera then comes and tells her that her running away was part of her mother's plan and that her hanging herself was fake. Shano is extremely sad and laments that the only mistake they made was leaving the masjid.

Khalil then goes to jail because a fake file was cased that he kidnapped Shano and forced her to get married to him. Shano had to tell what actually happened during court, and when she told the real story, Khalil was free and Shano went to grandmother's house to live. Later on Amin made an agreement with the grandmother, that if Shano comes back to live with them then he'll agree to their marriage. The date was arranged for their Nikkah but Rasheeda was not happy and told Amin about how she still loves Abdur Rehman. Knowing this, he gets an attack and almost dies but gets only gets paralyzed.

Humera also creates problems between them two by starting to like Khalil. While Amin was in the hospital, Khalil and his grandmother visit Shano to tell her that her father is fine. Khalil was drinking some tea and started choking, Humera tries to help him, but then hugs him. He doesn't like that she hugged him and so he tells Shano about what Humera did. Shano started to laugh and said that that's the way to help the choking go away. Shano then goes to the hospital and Humera tells Khalil about how she feels about him. He does not like that at all. Humera was praying and then she started to drink some water and started to choke and so Khalil comes and hugs her to get the choking away.

While Amin is at the hospital, Rasheeda stays their with Abdur Rehman and she tells him how she feels about him. She gets very close to him and sits beside him and holds his hand. Abdur Rehman tries to resist but Rasheeda keeps pulling him back. The only person who sees Rasheeda doing this is Dr. Maqsood. When Shano is at the hospital, Dr. Maqsood tells her what has been happening between Rasheeda and Abdur Rehman. He then tells her to tell Khalil not to visit her for a year or two so Abdur Rehman does not come and Amin can get better. Shano agrees to it to save her father's life.

That night Shano has a meeting with Khalil. She tells him there that she found out about how he hugged Humera and how she only said that hugging helped get the coughing go away so that he does not lose his respect from society. Shano was disappointed at Khalil for how he hugged Humera. She also thought that he was exactly like his father. Besides from that, she tells him the story of 25 years ago and how he is the son of his mother's first husband, Mohammed Sadiq, and not Rehman's child. he also learns that Sadiq had seduced Rasheeda when she was 15, and that was the reason that Rehman broke off his plan to marry her. So Rasheeda hates Khalil because he is the child of the man who seduced her and ruined her life. Knowing this, Khalil goes back to his home and is very depressed about the secret everyone had kept from him. He then tells Abdur Rehman why he is depressed and they both cry and hug each other.

Khalil gets letters, not from Shano, but from Humera telling him to come to the village to meet her. He goes and takes his mother to meet Rasheeda. Khalil then tells Humera that he does love her, but only loves her because Shano loves her, he also said that when he hugged her, he hugged her as if he was hugging his younger sister. Humera then feels ashamed of herself. Humera then visits Shano and Shano then says that Khalil is nothing Iike his father for how he dealt with Humera. Meanwhile, the conversation with Inayat and Rasheeda ends with Inayat saying that she was wrong for marrying Abdur Rehman and that she is the reason why Shano and Khalil can't get married. She then gets depressed and dies that night.

In the end, they know that with all the problems, they cannot get married. They both get married to other people and move on with their lives. But on October 5, 1994 (14 years after their love story), Shano dies because of depression and Khalil comes to her house to mourn for her death. He cries very much and Is very mad at Rasheeda. Rasheeda then feels guilty and Shano's father is still paralyzed. Amin also asks for forgiveness from Khalil. He also finds out that she had a son, when he asked for his name, Shano sister says its Khuram and that left him speechless. He then looks back on the roof and see Shano's spirit looking to him for the last time.


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  • Chaudhry Nisar
  • Chaudhry Imran
  • Jomu Garmani
  • Gulfam ALi Ramay
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    Sadqay Tumhare was the secondmost popular play of Mohammed Ehteshamuddin after Aseerzadi. Mahira khan won the award for Best Actress. But the negative role of Samiya Mumtaz is most appreciated till date.


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