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Sabual is a village in the northeastern part of Tripura state in Northeast India. It is one of the ten Mizo villages which compose the Jampui Hills range under Kanchanpur Sub-Division. The District headquarter, Dharmanagar is approximately 85 kilometers from Sabual. It sits at about 1000 meters above sea level. Summer is cool and winter season is cold. The economy of the village depend on shifting cultivation and Gardening.



It is believed that the village was occupied by Mizo under the Chieftainship of Zadeng or Rivung tribes at around 17th-18th AD. But for some reason, it was later evacuated . However, it was reoccupied in 1918 by the Mizo chief Khawtinchawma Sailo. After his death, the village elders along with educated youths took up the work of looking after the welfare of the village.


The total population of Sabual village is about 1500. Lushai (Mizo) make up for 70% of the population followed by 20% Reang and 10% Tripuri. The Village comprises around 300 families.


Most of the people speak Mizo (Lushai) language. Lushai language is the common language spoken by the many Mizos living in Mayanmar, Mizoram, Manipur, Assam, Bangladesh, Tripura and other places. Although Bengali is spoken by mainly the adults, English is common among the inhabitants of Sabual village,

Tourist attraction

The highest point of Tripura - Thaidawr tlang* (*tlang in Mizo literally means hill) also known as Betlingsib or Batlingchhip, is just 5 Kilometres from Sabual. Chapchar Kut,the most celebrated festival of the Mizos is celebrated every year during March. November to February is the ideal time to visit this place.


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