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Run for Your Wife (2012 film)

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Directed by  Ray Cooney John Luton
Written by  Ray Cooney
Initial release  2011
Screenplay  Ray Cooney
Music director  Walter Mair
2.5/10 IMDb

Produced by  Vicki Michelle
Screenplay by  Ray Cooney
Directors  Ray Cooney, John Luton
Budget  900,000 GBP
Run for Your Wife (2012 film) Run for your wife to be screened in Cannes Sarah Harding Addicts
Based on  Run for Your Wife by Ray Cooney
Starring  Danny Dyer Denise van Outen Sarah Harding Neil Morrissey Ben Cartwright Nicholas Le Prevost Kellie Shirley Christopher Biggins Lionel Blair Jeffrey Holland Derek Griffiths Louise Michelle Nick Wilton Christopher Sweeney
Cast  Danny Dyer, Sarah Harding, Denise van Outen, Kellie Shirley, Neil Morrissey
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Run for your wife reviewed by mark kermode

Run for Your Wife is a UK-made 2012 film, based on the theatre farce Run for Your Wife, written by Ray Cooney, who produced and along with John Luton, also directed the film. The executive producer is Vicki Michelle. Upon release the film was savaged by critics and has been referred to as one of the worst films of all time, after it grossed just £602 in its opening weekend at the British box office to its £900,000 budget. It was released on 14 February 2013.


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Run for Your Wife (2012 film) Run For Your Wife

The story of London cab driver John Smith, with two wives, two lives and a very precise schedule for juggling them both. With one wife at home in Stockwell and another at home in Finsbury.

Run for Your Wife (2012 film) httpsimagesnasslimagesamazoncomimagesMM

Trouble brews when Smith intervenes in a mugging. After being hit on the head, he ends up in hospital. This upsets his schedule and causes both wives to report him missing. Smith becomes hopelessly entangled in his attempts with his doltish ne'er-do-well neighbour downstairs in Stockwell, to explain himself to his wives and two suspicious police officers.


Run for Your Wife (2012 film) Run For Your Wife39 Film Trailer 2013 Danny Dyer YouTube
  • Danny Dyer – John Smith
  • Denise van Outen – Michelle Smith
  • Sarah Harding – Stephanie Smith
  • Neil Morrissey – Gary Gardner
  • Ben Cartwright – D. S. Troughton
  • Nicholas Le Prevost – D. S. Porterhouse
  • Kellie Shirley – Susie Browning
  • Christopher Biggins – Bobby Franklin
  • Lionel Blair – Cyril
  • Jeffrey Holland – Dick Holland
  • Derek Griffiths – Stockwell Police Officer
  • Louise Michelle – Frances
  • Nick Wilton – Taxi Driver
  • Christopher Sweeney – Police Officer
  • Cameo roles (alphabetical)

    Run for Your Wife (2012 film) Run for your wife Sarah Harding Addicts
  • Russ Abbot – Hospital patient
  • Robin Askwith – Bus driver
  • Lynda Baron – Nurse
  • Richard Briers – Newspaper seller
  • Tony Britton – Man on bus
  • Jess Conrad – Piano player
  • Tom Conti – Actor
  • Wendy Craig – Nanny
  • Bernard Cribbins – Hospital patient
  • Barry Cryer – Busker
  • Ian Cullen – Wrinkled Man
  • Pamela Cundell – War Widow
  • Geoffrey Davies – Man in theatre queue
  • Judi Dench – Bag lady
  • Les Dennis - Man on street
  • Noel Edmonds - Man in shop
  • Jean Fergusson - Exercising woman
  • Derek Fowlds – Man in hat
  • William Gaunt – Man on bus
  • Liza Goddard – Exercising woman
  • Rolf Harris – Busker
  • Nicky Henson – Hospital patient
  • Louise Jameson – Doctors Receptionist
  • Vernon Kay - Plate-spinning man
  • Jeff Leach - Thief in shop
  • Maureen Lipman – Exercising woman
  • Vicki Michelle – Tourist
  • Brian Murphy – Allotment man
  • Derren Nesbitt – Man on bus
  • Geoffrey Palmer – Man on toilet
  • Bill Pertwee – Man on bus
  • Su Pollard – Shopkeeper
  • Cliff Richard – Busker
  • Andrew Sachs – Clumsy waiter
  • Prunella Scales – Woman at pub
  • Jenny Seagrove – Taxi passenger
  • Donald Sinden – Man on bus
  • Pat Sharp - Man in flat
  • Sylvia Syms – Hip operation woman
  • Frank Thornton – Man getting off bus
  • Wanda Ventham – Lady on Bus
  • Marcia Warren – Woman on seat
  • Dennis Waterman – Minding Person
  • Giles Watling – Man in pub
  • Moray Watson – Man on bus
  • Timothy West – Man in pub
  • June Whitfield – Exercising woman
  • Simon Williams – Café customer
  • Mark Wingett – Man outside café
  • Production

    Over 80 celebrities agreed to make cameo appearances having all agreed to donate their fees to a theatrical charity.


    Run for Your Wife was met with such overwhelmingly negative reviews upon release that the reviews themselves were widely reported in the UK media. The film was variously described as "a catastrophe", "as funny as leprosy" and "30 years past its sell-by-date", with The Guardian reviewer Peter Bradshaw saying that it "makes The Dick Emery Show look edgy and contemporary". The Independent's Anthony Quinn wrote, "The stage play ran for nine years – it [the film] will be lucky to run for nine days. Perhaps never in the field of light entertainment have so many actors sacrificed so much dignity in the cause of so few jokes... From the look of it, Cooney hasn't been in a cinema for about 30 years". The cameo-heavy cast was commented upon by several reviewers, with the Metro commenting that "no one emerges unscathed among the cameo-packed cast that reads largely like a roll-call for Brit TV legends you'd previously suspected deceased". The Daily Record described the film as "an exasperating farce containing not one single, solitary laugh. Comprised of people losing their trousers and falling over, the film looks like a pilot for a (mercifully) never-commissioned 70s sitcom". An article in the Independent described Run for Your Wife (along with the similarly badly received Movie 43) as contenders for the title of the "worst film in history". The Berkhamsted & Tring Gazette reported "critics have being queuing up to batter recent release Run for Your Wife, with general agreement that it ranks among the worst British comedies of all time". The South African newspaper Daily News stated that "Run for Your Wife could be the worst film in history", the Studio Briefing website reported that "Some writers are making the case that the British comedy Run for Your Wife, written by and starring comedian Ray Cooney, may be “the worst film ever"”, and The Daily Mirror reported (a few months after its release) that Run For Your Wife "was branded the worst British film ever."

    Run for Your Wife currently has a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.


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