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Roosendaal railway station

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Location  Netherlands
Opened  3 July 1854
Station code  Rsd
Province  North Brabant
Roosendaal railway station
Line(s)  Antwerp–Lage Zwaluwe railway Roosendaal–Breda railway Roosendaal–Vlissingen railway
Connections  Arriva: 1, 2, 3, 4, 103, 104, 111, 112, 211, 220, 312
Address  4702 VX Roosendaal, Netherlands
Similar  Dordrecht railway station, Breda railway station, Schiphol Airport railway st, Rotterdam Centraal station, Vlissingen railway station

Icrm vertrektstation arnhem en gaat naar station roosendaal

Roosendaal is a railway station in the city of Roosendaal, Netherlands. The station opened on 3 July 1854 on the Antwerp–Lage Zwaluwe railway and is the beginning of the Roosendaal–Vlissingen railway. Roosendaal was the first station in North Brabant to be built. Roosendaal is also a border station between the Netherlands and Belgium. Trains in Belgium run on the left side of double-track whereas in the Netherlands right-hand running is the norm. At some borders, the changeover is achieved by using a flyover, but at Roosendaal trains stop and await a signal to allow them to proceed to the opposite track.


Since June 2015 there has been an NMBS ticket machine at the station to buy Belgian train tickets.

Train services

The station is served by the following services:

  • 1x per hour international service Amsterdam - Schiphol - The Hague - Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Roosendaal - Antwerp - Mechelen - Brussels Airport - Brussels
  • 2x per hour intercity services Amsterdam - Haarlem - Leiden - The Hague - Rotterdam - Dordrecht - Roosendaal - Vlissingen
  • 2x per hour intercity services Zwolle - Deventer - Zutphen - Arnhem - Nijmegen - 's-Hertogenbosch - Tilburg - Breda - Roosendaal
  • In the morning rush hour extra intercity services: 3 from Bergen op Zoom to Roosendaal and 1 from Roosendaal to Vlissingen
  • 1x per hour local service (stoptrein) Roosendaal - Essen - Antwerp - Antwerp-South - Puurs (not on weekends)
  • 1x per hour local service (stoptrein) Roosendaal - Essen - Antwerp - Antwerp-South - Sint-Niklaas - Lokeren (weekends)
  • 2x per hour local service (sprinter) Dordrecht - Roosendaal
  • Bus services

    Roosendaal is served by city bus services (stadsbussen) as well as regional bus services (streekbussen). All bus services are operated by Arriva


    There are 4 city bus lines. From the railway station the city bus lines provides services to/from:

  • Roselaar busstation (downtown area)
  • Bravis Ziekenhuis (Hospital)
  • WVS (Training company)
  • The neighbourhoods Burgerhout, Bovendonk, Fatimawijk, Kalsdonk, Kortendijk, Kroeven, Langdonk, Tolberg and Weihoek
  • The neighbourhood Westrand and the Rosada Factory Outlet Center are served by regional bus services (see also: Streekbussen)

    The routes of the city buses are as follows:


    The regional bus lines provides services to/from:

  • Roselaar busstation (downtown area)
  • The Rosada Factory Outlet Center
  • Zegestede Cemetery
  • The neighbourhoods Fatimawijk and Westrand
  • The nearby cities Bergen op Zoom, Breda and Etten-Leur
  • Villages around Roosendaal
  • The routes of the regional buses, serving Roosendaal, are as follows:


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