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Romeo and Juliet (1916 Fox film)

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Directed by  J. Gordon Edwards
Written by  Adrian Johnson
Initial release  22 October 1916
Story by  William Shakespeare
Cinematography  Phil Rosen
Produced by  William Fox
Distributed by  Fox Film Corporation
Director  J. Gordon Edwards
Producer  William Fox
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Based on  Romeo and Julietby William Shakespeare
Starring  Theda BaraHarry Hilliard
Cast  Theda Bara, Harry Hilliard, Glen White, Walter Law, John Webb Dillon, Alice Gale, Jane Lee
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Romeo and Juliet is a 1916 American silent romantic drama film directed by J. Gordon Edwards and starring Theda Bara. The film was based on Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and was produced by the Fox Film Corporation. The film was shot at the Fox Studio in Fort Lee, New Jersey.


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Competing versions of Shakespeare

This film and other Shakespeare-oriented pictures were released in 1916, the 300th anniversary of William Shakespeare's death. This film went up against direct competition from another feature-length Romeo and Juliet film from Metro Pictures starring Francis X. Bushman and Beverly Bayne.

In a recorded interview, Bushman states that William Fox had spies working for Metro, and stole some of the intertitles from the Metro version. Fox rushed his version into the theatres in order to capitalize on exhibiting his film first. Bushman recalled going to see Fox's Romeo and Juliet and was startled to see the intertitles from his film flash on the screen.


  • Theda Bara as Juliet
  • Harry Hilliard as Romeo
  • Glen White as Mercutio
  • Walter Law as Friar Laurence
  • John Webb Dillon as Tybalt
  • Einar Linden as Paris
  • Elwin Eaton as Montague
  • Alice Gale as Nurse
  • Helen Tracy as Lady Capulet
  • Victory Bateman as Lady Montague
  • Jane Lee
  • Katherine Lee
  • May De Lacy
  • Edward Holt as Capulet
  • Preservation status

    This film is now considered a lost film.


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