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Roman Catholic Diocese of Calbayog

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Territory  Western part of Samar
Sui iuris church  Latin Church
Area  5,069 km²
Country  Philippines
Denomination  Roman Catholic
Rite  Roman Rite
Phone  +63 55 209 1372
Metropolitan archbishop  John F. Du
Population - Total - Catholics  (as of 2006) 702,000 668,000 (95.2%)
Cathedral  Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul
Address  Bishop’s House, J.D. Avelino Street, Calbayog City, 6710, Samar, Philippines
Ecclesiastical province  Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Palo
Patron saints  Saint Peter, Paul the Apostle

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Calbayog is an ecclesiastical territory of the Catholic Church named after its episcopal see, Calbayog City, a city on the western side of the province of Samar in the Philippines.



Samar and Leyte, two civil provinces in the Visayan group of the Philippines, which include the islands of Balicuatro, Batac, Biliran, Capul, Daram, Homonhon, Leyte, Manicani, Panaon, Samar and several smaller islands, make up the diocese of Calbayog, a suffragan of the Metropolitan Archdiocese of Palo. The diocesan see Calbayog has a cathedral dedicated to Saints Peter and Paul.

The Diocese of Calbayog is the local church comprising the civil territorial jurisdiction of western side of Samar Island. The island, the third largest in the Philippines, is composed of three provinces: Northern Samar with Catarman as capital, Eastern Samar with Borongan as capital and the Samar Province (in the West) with Catbalogan as the capital. The City of Calbayog is where the Cathedral of the diocese is located since its ecclesiastical foundation on April 10, 1910 by Pope Pius X. The new Diocese was comprised then of the whole Samar and Leyte islands, separate from the Archdiocese of Cebu. Subsequently, Palo was ceded from Calbayog as a separate diocese in 1937, Borongan in 1965 and Catarman in 1975. The historical vicissitudes of the Diocese of Calbayog cannot be fully appreciated apart from the history of the early evangelical labors of the first missionaries who came to the island of Samar.The first Jesuit missionaries reached Leyte and Samar in 1595, the islands subsequently forming part of the Diocese of Cebu until erected into a separate diocese on 10 April 1910. The first bishop was Pablo Singzon de la Anunciacion.

It was transferred to the ecclesiastical province of the Archdiocese of Palo, which was promoted to a Metropolitan Archdiocese on November 15, 1982.


  • St. Vincent de Paul College Seminary - Calbayog City
  • Parishes

  • Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul, the Parish of Our Lady's Nativity (September 8)
  • - Calbayog City

  • St. Bartholomew the Apostle - Catbalogan City (Feast day, August 24)
  • Sts. Peter and Paul - Paranas (Feast day, June 29)
  • St. Michael the Archangel - Gandara (Feast day, September 29)
  • St Michael the Archangel - Basey (Feast day, September 29)
  • St. Francis of Assisi - Tarangnan (Feast day, October 4)
  • Our Lady of Annunciation - Calbiga (Feast day, May 25)
  • St. Rose of Lima - Villareal, (Feast day, August 23)
  • Sta. Rita De Cascia - Sta. Rita (Feast day, May 22)
  • San Pascual Baylon - Jiabong (Feast day, May 17)
  • St. Anthony De Padua - Zumarraga (Feast day, June 13)
  • Holy Infant - Oquendo, Calbayog City (Feast day, 3rd Sunday of January)
  • St. Michael the Archangel - San Sebastian
  • Santiago Apostol - Sta. Margarita (Feast day, July 25)
  • St. Vicente Ferrer - Tinambacan, Calbayog City (May 11)
  • Holy Infant Jesus - Santo Niño (Feast day, 3rd Sunday of January)
  • Holy Infant - Daram (Feast day, January 15)
  • St. James the Apostle - Talalora (Feast day, July 25)
  • Our Lady of Sorrows - Pinabacdao (May 10)
  • Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception - Motiong (December 8)
  • St. Joseph the Apostle - Osmeña, Marabut
  • St. Joseph the Worker - Hinabangan (Feast day, May 1)
  • St. Francis of Assisi - Silanga, Catbalogan City (October 4)
  • Most Holy Trinity - Trinidad, Calbayog City (TRinity Sunday)
  • St. Isidore the Farmer - San Jorge (Feast day, May 15)
  • Sto. Niño - Pagsangjan (Feast day, February 22)
  • San Isidore the Farmer - Matuguinao (Feast day, May 15)
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus - Almagro (May 5)
  • St. Anthony of Padua - Brgy Bagacay-Consolabao, Hinabangan (Feast day, June 13)
  • St. Joseph the Worker - Brgy San Policarpio, Calbayog City (May 1)
  • Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary - Ubanon-Boao Dist, Catbalogan City (Feast day, 3rd Sunday of October)
  • Episcopal Incumbents

    1. Pablo Singzon de la Anunciacion † (12 April 1910 Appointed - 9 Aug. 1920 Died)
    2. Sofronio Hacbang y Gaborni † (22 Feb. 1923 Appointed - 3 April 1937 Died)
    3. Miguel Acebedo y Flores † (16 Dec 1937 Appointed - 25 July 1958 Died)
    4. Manuel P. Del Rosario † (25 July 1958 Succeeded - 11 Dec. 1961 Appointed, Bishop of Malolos)
    5. Cipriano Urgel y Villahermosa † (22 Mar 1962 Appointed - 12 April 1973 Appointed, Bishop of Palo)
    6. Ricardo Pido Tancinco (8 March 1974 Appointed - 21 April 1979 Resigned)
    7. Sincero Barcenilla Lucero † (10 Dec. 1979 Appointed - 11 Oct. 1984 Resigned)
    8. Maximiano Tuazon Cruz (20 Dec. 1994 Appointed - 13 Jan. 1999 Retired)
    9. Jose S. Palma (13 Jan 1999 Appointed - 18 March 2006 Appointed, Archbishop of Palo)
    10. Isabelo Caiban Abarquez (5 Jan. 2007 Appointed - present)


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