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Rollo Armstrong

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Also known as

Rollo Armstrong

Music Producer

Years active


Cheeky Records/BMG

Rollo Armstrong Rollo recordproduction

Birth name
Rowland Constantine O'Malley Armstrong

29 April 1966 (age 49)Kensington, London, England (

Associated acts
FaithlessDustedDidoSister BlissMaxi JazzAll ThievesOne eskimO

Music groups
Faithless (Since 1995), Dusted

William O'Malley Armstrong, Clare O'Malley Armstrong

The Dusted Variations, Forever Faithless – The Great, Outrospective, The Dance, Reverence

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Rowland Constantine O'Malley "Rollo" Armstrong (29 April 1966) is an English music producer and multi-instrumentalist. He is half of the remix team Rollo and Sister Bliss and is a founding member of the electronic music group Faithless. He has provided remixes for U2, Moby, Grace, Rob Dougan etc.


Rollo Armstrong Multimillion selling producer Rollo chooses an AWS 900

Dido talks about Rollo Armstrong

Early life

Rollo Armstrong rollo armstrong Tumblr

Armstrong was born to an Irish publisher and English poet. His younger sister is singer Dido, whom he helped to write and produce her multi-million selling albums No Angel, Life for Rent and Safe Trip Home. He studied at the University of York and was an active member of the student radio station, URY.


Rollo Armstrong Marks Tracks OT Quartet Hold That Sucker Down 1994

Armstrong has appeared on a large number of music projects, both within groups and solo, using various monikers, including Faithless (which he formed in 1995 with Sister Bliss, Jamie Catto and Maxi Jazz), Rollo Goes …, Our Tribe (with Rob Dougan), and Dusted.

In 1991, Rollo founded Cheeky Records. At a later date Champion Records stepped in to help with funding and advice (it has since been bought out by BMG). In 1992, Rollo co-wrote and co-produced Felix's hit single "Don't You Want Me", which reached number 1 in Finland, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, as well as reaching number 6 on the UK Singles Chart.

In the United States, Rollo is known for his production work on Dido's albums as well as singer/songwriter Kristine W's debut album, Land of the Living.

More recently, Rollo composed the official melody of the UEFA Euro 2008 and UEFA Euro 2012. He was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best Original Song for his work with A.R. Rahman and Dido on 'If I Rise', featuring in the 2010 Danny Boyle film 127 Hours.

Remix career

In 1995 he teamed up with Rob D. From 1996 to 1998 he teamed up with Sister Bliss.


  • 2000 When We Were Young, as Dusted (with Mark Bates)
  • 2005 Safe From Harm (re-release of When We Were Young), as Dusted (with Mark Bates)
  • 2005 Instrumentals, as Dusted (with Mark Bates)
  • Singles

    all produced with Mark Bates
  • 1997 "Deeper River" (with Pauline Taylor)
  • 2000 "Always Remember To Respect And Honour Your Mother"
  • 2000 "Childhood/Want You"
  • 2001 "Under The Sun"
  • Rollo & Rob D productions
    all produced with Rob Dougan
  • 1993 "I Believe In You", as Our Tribe (with Colette)
  • 1994 "Love Come Home", as Our Tribe (with Frankie Pharaoh and Kristine W)
  • 1994 "High", as O.T. Tunes
  • 1994 "Hold That Sucker Down", as The O.T. Quartet (with Colette)
  • 1995 "Hold That Sucker Down '95", as The O.T. Quartet (with Colette)
  • 1995 "High As A Kite", as One Tribe (with Roger)
  • 1995 "What Hope Have I", as Sphinx (with Sabrina Johnston)
  • 2000 "Hold That Sucker Down 2000", as The O.T. Quartet (with Colette)
  • 2005 "Hold That Sucker Down 2005", as The O.T. Quartet (with Colette)
  • 2007 "What Hope Have I (Remixes)", as Sphinx (with Sabrina Johnston)
  • Rollo Goes...
  • 1993 "Get Off Your High Horse", as Rollo Goes Camping (with Sister Bliss and Colette) - UK #43
  • 1995 "Love, Love, Here I Come", as Rollo Goes Mystic (with Sister Bliss and Pauline Taylor) - UK #32
  • 1996 "Let This Be A Prayer", as Rollo Goes Spiritual (with Sister Bliss and Pauline Taylor)- UK #26
  • 1997 "Love, Love, Here I Come '97", as Rollo Goes Mystic (with Sister Bliss and Pauline Taylor)
  • Other aliases
  • 1992 "Hypnotized", as High On Love (with Chris Rushby)
  • 1992 "A Million Ways", as Stoned Democracy (with Chris Rushby)
  • 1993 "In My World", as High On Love (with Chris Rushby)
  • 1993 "Close (Like An Overdose)", as Stoned Democracy (with Chris Rushby)
  • 1994 "Give Me Life", as Mr. V (with Rob Villiers)
  • 1996 "Help Me Make It", as Huff & Puff (with Ben Langmaid and Sister Bliss)
  • 2000 "Born Again", as Huff & Puff (with Ben Langmaid)
  • Single production for other artists
  • 1992 Felix - "Don't You Want Me" (with Red Jerry)
  • 1992 Felix - "It Will Make Me Crazy"
  • 1992 Frankë - "Understand This Groove" (with Rob Dougan)
  • 1993 Frankë - "We're On A Mission"
  • 1993 U.S.U.R.A. - "Tear It Up"
  • 1994 Sister Bliss - "Cantgetaman, Cantgetajob (Life's A Bitch!)" (with Colette)
  • 1994 Kristine W - "Feel What You Want" (with Rob Dougan)
  • 1995 Kristine W - "One More Try" (with Rob Dougan)
  • 1995 Kristine W - "Don't Wanna Think" (with Rob Dougan)
  • 1995 Sister Bliss - "Oh! What A World" (with Colette)
  • 1995 Sunscreem - "Exodus" (Tuff Mix)
  • 1996 Kristine W - "Land Of The Living" (with Rob Dougan)
  • 1996 Sister Bliss - "Bad Man" (with Junkdog Howler)
  • 1996 Pauline Taylor - "Constantly Waiting" (with Sister Bliss and Matt Benbrook)
  • 1998 Pauline Taylor - "The Letter" (with Matt Benbrook)
  • 2000 Shawn Christopher - "So Wrong" (with Rob Dougan)
  • 2000 Sister Bliss feat. John Martyn - "Deliver Me"
  • 2000 Sister Bliss - "Sister Sister"
  • 2001 Dido - "Thank You"
  • 2001 Dido - "Take My Hand" (with Sister Bliss)
  • 2003 Dido - "Stoned"
  • 2003 Dido - "White Flag"
  • 2004 Dido - "Sand In My Shoes"
  • 2007 Kristine W - "Sweet Mercy Me" (with Rob Dougan)
  • Album production for other artists
  • 1996 Kristine W - Land Of The Living (with Rob Dougan)
  • 1998 Pauline Taylor - Pauline Taylor
  • 1999 Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife
  • 2000 Dido - No Angel
  • 2003 Dido - Life For Rent
  • 2003 P*Nut - Sweet As
  • 2005 Enigma - The Dusted Variations
  • References

    Rollo Armstrong Wikipedia