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Roger de La Fresnaye

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Roger La


Known for

Roger de La Fresnaye The Fourteenth of July Roger de La Fresnaye WikiArtorg

11 July 1885 (
Le Mans, France

November 27, 1925, Grasse, France

The Conquest of the Air, Seated nude

Academie Julian, Academie Ranson

Roger de la fresnaye albinoni adagio

Roger de La Fresnaye (; 11 July 1885 – 27 November 1925) was a French cubist painter.


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Early years and education

Roger de La Fresnaye The Athenaeum Married Life Roger de la Fresnaye

La Fresnaye was born in Le Mans where his father, an officer in the French army, was temporarily stationed. The La Fresnayes were an aristocratic family whose ancestral home, the Château de La Fresnaye, is in Falaise. His education was classically based, and was followed from 1903 to 1904 by studies at the Académie Julian in Paris, and from 1904 to 1908 at the École des Beaux-Arts. From 1908 he studied at the Académie Ranson under Maurice Denis and Paul Sérusier, whose joint influence is evident in early works such as Woman with Chrysanthemums, 1909. This demonstrates the dreamlike symbolist ambience and stylistic character of work by the Les Nabis group.


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From 1912 to 1914 La Fresnaye was a member of the Section d'Or group of artists, and his work demonstrates an individual response to cubism. He was influenced by Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso, but his work has a more decorative than structural feel and his prismatic colours reflect the influence of Robert Delaunay. He was a member of the Puteaux Group, an orphist offshoot of cubism led by Jacques Villon. His most famous work is The Conquest of the Air, 1913, which depicts himself and his brother outdoors with a balloon in the background.

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La Fresnaye enlisted in the French army in World War I but contracted tuberculosis and was discharged in 1918. His health deteriorated rapidly after the war. He never recovered the physical energy to undertake sustained work. In the later paintings that he did create, he abandoned cubist spatial analysis for a more linear style. He ceased painting in 1922 but continued to draw. De la Fresnaye died in Grasse in 1925 at the age of 40.

Art market

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On March 24, 2017 a new record was established for a work by De la Frensaye at auction when "La conquête de l'air, avec deux personnages" sold for €2,370,500 at Christies in Paris.

Roger de La Fresnaye The Conquest of the Air Roger de La Fresnaye WikiArtorg


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