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Country  Ecuador
Area  59.05 km2
Founded  Diego de Almagro
Mayor  Angel Ignacio Yanez Cabrera (MUPP-NP)

Riobamba ( full name San Pedro de Riobamba) is the capital of the Chimborazo Province in central Ecuador, which is located at the Chambo River Valley of the Andes. It is 200 km (120 mi) south of Ecuadors capital Quito and located at 2754 m on the Avenue of the Volcanoes. The city is an important regional transport center as well as being a stop on the Pan-American Highway that runs through Ecuador. Riobamba stands as one of the largest cities in the central portion of Ecuadors Sierra region.


Map of Riobamba

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Riobamba in the past, History of Riobamba

The region surrounding Riobamba was inhabited by the Puruha nation before the advance of the Incas during the late 15th century. The Puruhas presented a fierce resistance to the Inca intentions of conquering the north of todays Ecuador, and therefore obliged the Inca Huayna Capac to find an alliance in order to pacify the tribes who sided with Condorazo, the general of the Puruha nation. This alliance sealed the peace between the Shyris confederation, named by the Jesuit historian Juan de Velasco to the group of tribes whose ruler were the Duchicela dynasty, and the Inca Empire. The Inca Huayna Capac took as his wife the princess Paccha and gave special treatment and social status privileges to the higher castes of the new subjects. The offspring of this dynastic relation was Atahualpa, the last king of the Incas.

Riobamba in the past, History of Riobamba

On 15 Aug. 1534, the city was founded in the San Miguel plains by Diego de Almagro, becoming the first city in modern-day Ecuador to be established. In 1563, the city became part of the Spanish Empires newly formed Royal Audience of Quito. The city was completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1797, but rebuilt a few years later 14 km (8.7 mi) away from its original location (near a village named Cajabamba on the plains of San Antonio de Aguiscate). The city still retains much architecture from the Spanish period.

In the Ecuadorian War of Independence Riobamba first declared independence on November 11, 1820 but was soon retaken. The city finally became part of an independent Gran Colombia in 1822, and then a separate Republic of Ecuador in 1830.

On November 20, 2002, 7 people were killed and hundreds wounded when an explosion in the munitions depot at the Galapagos Brigade arsenal in Riobamba, set off a series of blasts. Such was the force of the explosion that many residents said their initial reaction was that there had been an earthquake or volcanic eruption. Windows were blown out more than 1.5 kilometres from the arsenal, and many of the injured suffered lacerations from flying shards of glass.

According to Colonel Arturo Cadena, a military spokesman in Quito, the initial explosion occurred during maintenance work inside the dump. In April 2003, the army published its final report into the explosion. The report holds the Santa Barbara munitions factory directly responsible for the explosion, which the army is calling an accident.

Geography & climate

Riobamba Beautiful Landscapes of Riobamba

Riobamba is located in the center of the country in the sierra region, within close proximity to the Chimborazo volcano. Like many cities in Ecuador, Riobamba has a near constant temperature year-round, with a wet and dry season. Its altitude (2754m) and closeness to Chimborazo give the city a cool climate year-round, with temperatures averaging between 23 °C and 14 °C.


The economy of the city mainly focuses on the agricultural production of the surrounding local populations. Besides this, Riobamba has an open-air market where indigenous artisans display their wares, where people can find manufactured products as textiles, handicrafts, leather goods, beer, and dairy products. Riobamba is also an important trade center of cattle-ranching.


Riobamba Festival of Riobamba

The main celebration in Riobamba is Fiesta del Nino Rey de Reyes, which starts in December and ends on January 6. Another celebration is Riobambas Independence Day on 21 April.


  • Ateneo de Chimborazo
  • It´s a cultural group whose main center is located on a privately museum "Cordoba Roman" with sculptures, furniture, photographic equipment, documents and memorabilia, is at 24-25 and Veloz Velasco. Ateneo was founded by the poet Luis Alberto Costales.

  • Armas

  • It exhibits a wide selection of uniforms, arms as well as religious materials which depict various epochs of Ecuadors history, located on Ave. Heroes de Tapi.

  • Arte Religioso de la Concepcion

  • This museum has a gem-encrusted gold monstrance. The art encased in this religious collection is comes from the 18th century. entry.

  • Ciencias Naturales del Colegio Maldonado
  • Casa de Bolivar
  • Cordova-Roman
  • Antropologico del Banco Central

  • Riobamba have others universities such as Cisneros school, Anda Aguirre school and others

  • Etnografico de la Casa de la Cultura
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