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Ring of Darkness

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Director  David DeCoteau
Initial DVD release  March 29, 2005
Language  English
2.8/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror, Music, Thriller
Budget  3.75 million USD
Ring of Darkness movie poster
Writer  Ryan Carrassi, Michael Gingold, Matthew Jason Walsh
Release date  April 28, 2004 (2004-04-28) (AFM International Independent Film Festival)
Cast  Adrienne Barbeau (Alex), Stephen Martines (Shawn), Jeremy Jackson (Xavier), Ryan Starr (Stacy), Colin Bain (B.J.), Matt Baker (Jake)
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Tagline  Once You're In, The Terror Begins.

The ring of darkness eric dearborn and stephen martines

Popular boy band Take 10, in need of a new singer, holds an audition for a slew of contestants, including over-serious rocker Shawn (Coltin Scott). He isnt interested in being in a fluffy pop group, but was talked into auditioning by his girlfriend, Stacy (Ryan Starr). Shawn is selected as a finalist, and the band flies him and the other hopefuls to a remote beach resort, ostensibly to choose a winner. Instead, the band reveals their dark secret: Theyre really zombies looking for a feast.

Ring of Darkness movie scenes

Ring of Darkness is a 2004 fantasy horror film directed by David DeCoteau. Although never released into American theaters, the movie was released worldwide, and translated into several languages other than English, such as French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Ring of Darkness movie scenes

When the singer of a popular rock band disappears under mysterious circumstances, a contest to find a replacement soon turns from dream-come-true to waking nightmare for the young singer who hopes to take the job.

Plot summary

Ring of Darkness movie scenes

The lead singer of boy band Take 10 vanishes. The band conducts an American Idol type contest to find a replacement.


  • Colin Bain as B.J.
  • Matt T. Baker as Jake
  • Adrienne Barbeau as Alex
  • Greg Cipes as Gordo
  • Eric Dearborn as Max
  • Jaclyn Gutierrez as Female assistant
  • Josh Hammond as Lousy contestant
  • Jonathan McDaniel as Coordinator
  • Jeremy Jackson as Xavier
  • Stephen Martines as Shawn
  • Jeff Peterson as Jonah
  • Margarita Reyes as Rebecca
  • Ryan Starr as Stacy
  • Mink Stole as Fletcher
  • Irina Voronina as Amethyst
  • Suzanne Whang as Television Reporter
  • John Wynn as Kyle
  • Jon Prutow as 1950s Boy Band Member
  • Jamisin Matthews as 1980s New Wave band member
  • Delno Ebie as 1950s Boy Band Member
  • Michael Haboush as 1980s Band Member
  • Murray SawChuck as 1980s Rock Roll Singer (Flashback)
  • James Townsend as 1950s Boy Band Member
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