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Ryan Carrassi

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Name  Ryan Carrassi

Role  Composer
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Movies  Ring of Darkness, Hana Yori Dango, Parasite Dolls
Similar People  Matthew Jason Walsh, Kazuto Nakazawa, Yoko Kamio, Michael Gingold, Chiaki J Konaka

Tra terra e cielo three lights nagareboshi he di n ryan carrassi

Ryan Carrassi (born August 1, 1971) is an Italian voice actor, score composer, film producer, screenwriter, song-writer, talent scout, writer and journalist. His credits as a screenwriter include Ring of Darkness.


Threelights tra terra e cielo nagareboshi he di n ryan carrassi


Ryan (real name Nicola Carrassi), was born on August 1,1971. In 1987 he began his career as the presenter of a series of TV-shows in Italy, devoted to kids and youth audience, hosting over 4,000 hours of live TV, concerts and road shows. In 2007 The man who generated all this long and radiant career, Nicola Carrassi, leave his alternate name (Ryan Carrassi) and now devoted his life to charity programs and no profit organizations. Ryan Carrassi, a name, a brand so powerful in the last 25 years in kids and tweens worldwide market, will be kept alive, packed with the unique and legendary Carrassi's philosophy and happily oriented, in making entertainment by a group of young talented artist.


  • (1987) Starred in first television show on commercial TV
  • (1988) Published his first song as singer
  • (1990) Published his first stand alone record
  • (1991) Wrote his first newspaper article as a journalist
  • (1992) Won his first voice casting role
  • (1993) Wrote his first novel
  • (1994) Wrote his first anime spot for TV
  • (1995) Debuted as voice director
  • (1996) Wrote his first TV movie
  • (2001) Started his career in the TV content market as CEO
  • (2003) Started his career in the movie market at AFM
  • (2005) Wrote his first anime encyclopedia
  • (2006) Wrote his first theatrical horror movie
  • (2007) 20th Anniversary Career Milestone
  • Career

    In 1990, he started a new line of creative work: voice talent, voice director, and dialog supervisor in an animated series broadcast by Mediaset, the first commercial network in Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

    In 1992 he joined Telepiù (an Italian pay TV company, whose channels were bought by Sky Italia in 2003) and after a period as an actor, he became the Head of the Writers’ Department. In 1993 he was promoted to executive producer and story-writer and put in charge of localizing the company’s most important properties managed by the network.

    During this period he directed the translation and dubbing of Marmalade Boy, a Japanese animated series produced by Toei Animation, titled "Piccoli problemi di cuore" ("Little Heart Problems") in Italy and broadcast by Mediaset. Carrassi also created new properties for the Milan Football Club, Panini Comics, Marvel Italia, and Mediolanum Comunicazione. One of his projects from this time, 'Cartoni&TV' is still today, one of the most famous brands appearing in books, magazines, CD collections, and other merchandising products, earning a European Animation Award.

    In 1999 Nicola Bartolini Carrassi moved to Hollywood, California and changed his name to the more American sounding Ryan Carrassi he wrote storyline for Aaron Spelling Sunset Beach (TV series), Days of Our Lives and Passions. In Hollywood, he worked as producer and consultant for television broadcasters and US content producers. Then, in 2001 Ryan returned to Italy taking on the roles of Marketing Manager, Creative Director, and finally General Manager for Alboran Spa, a Mediolanum Company. At Alboran Spa in 2002, Ryan created and launched Europe’s first web TV platform powered by Eutelsat. In addition, he also produced My Virtual Boy, a project that changed the panorama of the World Wide Web, introducing a format that would help contribution to the success of web 2.0.

    In 2003 Ryan joined Mediafilm Spa as Creative Director in charge of the Marketing Division and Content Acquisition Department focusing on Horror Movies and Animation. In 2005 as General Manager he created a new distribution workflow for Medusa Home video, a Fininvest Company, and 20th Century Fox Italy. As Head of Acquisitions, he made deals for feature titles such as “Freddy vs Jason”, “A Home at the End of the World”, “The Pool”, “Ants in the Pants (Porky College)”, and the complete catalogue of David DeCoteau movies.

    He wrote and produced “The Pool 2”, the sequel to German movie “The Pool” and co-edited “Day of the Dead 2” – winning a prize for the best marketing campaign, “Brotherhood”, “Final Stab” and many more. He founded “TGCOM Teens” the youth version of the famous on-line news magazine produced by RTI Multimedia. Since 1993 Ryan has also been involved in journalism writing for to the newspaper La Nazione, contributing numerous columns and reviews devoted to animation, TV shows, movies, celebrity gossip, and previews. A talented song writer, Ryan has written theme music for animation series, films, TV movies and television programs. He has published six novels, Bayside School inspired by the famous Power Rangers series, plus an autobiography and a history of animation from 1975 until the present.

    Ryan has created, direct and published several magazines such as Cartoni&TV published by Panini Comics, Poster TV, Ukiyo, Uncensored Monthly, il DVD dei Piccoli, Cinema Francese, Fumetti in DVD.


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