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Country  France
Region  Pays de la Loire

Area  37,200
Mayor  Gilles Retiere
Reze in the past, History of Reze

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Rezé (Breton: Reudied, Gallo: Rezae) is a commune in the Loire-Atlantique department in western France.


Map of Rezé

It was also called Ratiate in the Middle Ages and Rezay in the High Middle Ages.

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Inhabitants of Rezé are called Rezéens.

(residents of multiple communes only counted once since 1962)
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The commune is surrounded by the communes of Nantes, Vertou, Les Sorinières, Pont-Saint-Martin and Bouguenais. It is limited north by the Loire, east by the Sèvre Nantaise and the Ilette, west by the Jaguère and south by the boulevard périphérique of Nantes.


Rezé dates back to the Roman era, when it was known as Portus Ratiatus (port of Rezé) and Ratiatum Pictonum Portus (picton port of Rezé). Being populated by the Ambilatres - Armorican Gauls - Rezé was an important port on the south shore of the Loire and a place for meetings and trade between the various Celtic tribes of the region (Veneti, Namnetes, Ambilatres, Andecavis and Pictones).


Since the municipal elections of 1977, the city council has always been filled in the first round of voting.


(residents of multiple communes only counted once since 1962)
Source : and

Twin towns — Sister cities

Rezé is twinned with:

  • Saint-Wendel (Germany) since 1973
  • Aïn Defla (Algeria) since 1985
  • Dundalk (Ireland) since 1990
  • Villa El Salvador (Peru) since 1991
  • Ineu (Romania) since 2003
  • Rural Community of Ronkh, Diawar (Senegal) since 2003
  • Abu Dis (Palestine) since 2007
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