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Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum

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Country  India
5.2/10 IMDb

Director  Lal Jose
Language  Malayalam
Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum movie poster

Release date  9 August 2013 (2013-08-09)

Music composing of pullipulikalum aattinkuttiyum directed lal jose vidyasagar malayalam movie

Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum (English: Leopards and a Lamb) is a 2013 Malayalam comedy film directed by Lal Jose. It has Kunchacko Boban and Namitha Pramod in lead roles. Pullippulikalum Aattinkuttiyum, scripted by M Sindhuraj, was produced under the banner of Balcony 6 Entertainments. The cinematographer is S. Kumar and the music director is Vidyasagar. The film tackles social issues in Kuttanad, through the tale of a hapless youth. Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum is regarded as the best comedy entertainer of 2013.


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Chakka Gopan (Kunchacko Boban) is a tourist guide residing in Kuttanad. He is the sole breadwinner of his family, which consists of his mother Madhavi (K. P. A. C. Lalitha) and three elder brothers. His brothers, Maniyan, Suku and Vijayan are good for nothing. They spend their day in the toddy shop and do small jobs like threatening people for a living. They have many enemies, who take revenge on the helpless Gopan instead. Gopan has a rival in Kavalaykal Kuriyachan, a rich boat owner.

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One day, Gopan manages to get some tourists. But he has to provide them some entertainment. He approaches Mamachan, a friend who does multiple jobs like a travel agency and marriage brokering. Mamachan's attitude of doing everything earned him the name 'Enthinum Eathinum Mamachan' (Anything and Everything Mamachan). Mamachan arranges a dancer, Kainakary Jayasree for Gopan's guests. Jayasree's mother Revamma, a former drama actress, is a bit dubious of Gopan and tries to increase their payment day by day. She even fakes an illness with Jayasree for the money.

Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum Pullipulikalum Aattinkuttiyum Malayalam Movie Pullipulikalum

During one such dance, the police come searching for a missing girl. Gopan tells them to search in Kuriyachan's boat and in the end Kuriyachan is arrested for immoral trafficking.

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Gopan begins to panic, as he thinks Kuriyachan's men will come for revenge. After some comic events involving Kuriyachan, Gopan is beaten by Kuriyachan's men while returning Jayasree. After Gopan gets okay, he falls for Jayasree and vice versa. But they get trapped in a fake human trafficking case. They however come out unscathed, after Gopan's brothers and friends threaten the policeman with evidence of bribes and his affairs with other women.

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Sometime later, Gopan's brother Maniyan suddenly has a chest pain and is taken to the hospital. The doctor informs Gopan that the pain was only gas. But Gopan convinces the doctor to tell his brother's that it was a heart attack, sensing an opportunity to change his brothers' way of living. The doctor convinces Maniyan, Suku and Vijayan that they could also have a heart attack if they don't change their habits. The fear of death has the brothers changing their habits and becoming hardworking men. They enter the boat racing team with Maniyan being the team captain. The brothers are also married to their subsequent crushes.

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Meanwhile, Revamma, who was against Gopan and Jayasree's relation, tries many tricks to separate them but is forced to give up.

But Kuriyachan's vengeance increases as he was sacked from team captain spot and replaced by Maniyan. He wrecks the race boat and destroys Gopan's house boat. He also cheats Revamma, who was trying to sell her home. As a result, Revamma has a heart attack and dies. Not wanting to bring his brothers back to their old rowdy life, Gopan and his comrades Mamachan, Susheelan and Babu go to exact revenge. They bash up Kuriyachan and then leaves him to beat up by the remaining townspeople.

In the final scene, Gopan and Jayasree are shown on a boat, planning for the life ahead.


  • Kunchacko Boban as Chakkattutharayil Gopan/ Chakka Gopan / Aadu Gopan
  • Namitha Pramod as Kainakary Jayasree
  • Irshad as Chakkattutharayil Maniyan (Chakka Maniyan), Gopan's eldest brother
  • Joju George as Chakkattutharayil Suku (Chakka Suku), Gopan's second elder brother
  • Shiju as Chakkattutharayil Vijayan (Chakka Vijayan), Gopan's third elder brother
  • Shammi Thilakan as Kavalaykal Kuriyachan
  • Anusree as Kochurani
  • Suraj Venjaramoodu as Mamachan
  • Harisree Asokan as Susheelan
  • Bindu Panicker as Kainakary Revamma, Jayasree's mother
  • K. P. A. C. Lalitha as Chakkattutharayil Madhavi, Gopan's mother
  • Thesni Khan as Jalaja
  • Anjana Appukuttan as Ramani
  • Dinesh Nair as Adv. Ashokan Kuppapuram
  • Shivaji Guruvayoor as Kapyar
  • Ponnamma Babu as Shoshamma, Kapyar's Wife.
  • Reena Basheer as Lizy
  • Seema G. Nair as Vimala
  • Subeesh as Babu
  • Chali Pala as S.I.George
  • Soundtrack

    Two trailers and two songs from the film, "Cheru Cheru" & "Otta Thumbi" from the film were released online. "Koottimuttiya" was also released on YouTube in a video that features Kunchacko Boban and Namitha Pramod.

    The film's score and soundtrack were composed by Vidyasagar.


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