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Type  Confectionery
Place of origin  Iran
Region or state  Isfahan
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Main ingredients  Sugar, water, white vinegar, natural flavours (saffron, dried lime or cocoa powder)
Similar  Gaz, Sohan, Noghl, Sohan Asali, Qottab

Tm bax poolaki

Poolaki is a type of candy made mainly in Isfahan, Iran. Its shape is in the form of a thin disc, pretty much like a very thin coin, which starts dissolving as it enters the mouth. It is made of sugar, water, white vinegar and some natural taste of saffron, dried lime or cocoa powder. It is similar to toffee.


Poolaki Poolaki Saffron Sesame Candy

Poolaki a persian saffron sesame candy recipe

Poolaki Poolaki a Persian saffron amp sesame candy recipe YouTube
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