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Polish People's Army order of battle

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Polish People's Army order of battle

This article provides formation lists of the Polish People's Army order of battle at various points in history between 1943 and 1989.


1945 Order of Battle

Following is the order of battle on 1 May 1945. This only refers to the entire the Polish People's Army's ground forces, the PPA would be later expanded with the addition of the air and naval arms only after the war.

1945 Order of Battle

Supreme Command of the Polish Armed Forces

Supreme Command Reserves

1985 Order of Battle

Following is the order of battle in 1985, shortly before the fall of communism in Poland.

Ministry of Defense

Ministry of National Defence (Poland) and GHQ, Armed Forces of the People's Republic of Poland

Polish People's Army

Organisation of the Polish People's Army in 1985

  • Land Forces Headquarters, in Warsaw
  • Front Command, in Warsaw (would have formed the Warsaw Pact’s Northern Front with an authorized strength of 205,620 soldiers in wartime)
  • 6th Pomorska Air Assault Division, in Kraków (reduced to 6th Pomorska Airborne Brigade in 1986)
  • 6th Air Assault Battalion, in Niepołomice
  • 10th Air Assault Battalion, in Oświęcim
  • 16th Kołobrzeski Air Assault Battalion, in Kraków
  • 18th Kołobrzeski Air Assault Battalion, in Bielsko-Biała
  • 5th Mixed Artillery Battalion, in Wola Justowska
  • 8th Supply Battalion, in Kraków
  • 1st Transport Company
  • 15th Medical Company
  • 24th Dropzone and Landing Sites Security Company
  • Weapons Maintenance Workshop
  • Automotive Maintenance Workshop
  • 120th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battery, in Kraków
  • 11th Sapper Company, in Kraków
  • 6th Signal Company, in Kraków
  • 22nd Chemical Defence Company, in Kraków
  • 7th Łużycka Naval Assault Division, in Gdańsk (reduced to 7th Łużycka Coastal Defence Brigade in 1986)
  • 33rd Company Command, in Gdańsk
  • 4th Pomorski Assault Regiment, in Lębork
  • 34th Budziszyński Assault Regiment, in Słupsk
  • 35th Gdański Assault Regiment, in Gdańsk
  • 11th Amphibious Tank Battalion, in Gdańsk
  • 20th Rocket Artillery Battalion, in Gdańsk
  • 41st Tactical Missile Battalion, in Gdańsk
  • 11th Sapper Battalion, in Lębork
  • 7th Maintenance Battalion, in Słupsk
  • 52nd Reconnaissance Company, in Lębork
  • 29th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battery, in Gdańsk
  • 23rd Signal Company, in Gdańsk
  • 7th Chemical Defence Company, in Słupsk
  • 7th Supply Company, in Gdańsk
  • 23rd Medical Company, in Gdańsk
  • Traffic Management Company, in Gdańsk
  • 1st Warszawska Engineer Brigade, in Brzeg
  • 2nd Signal Brigade, in Wałcz
  • 3rd Warszawska Missile Artillery Brigade, in Biedrusko (Tactical Ballistic Missiles)
  • 4th Chemical Defence Regiment, in Brodnica
  • 2nd Internal Signal Regiment, in Bialystok
  • 2nd Radio-technical Reconnaissance Regiment, in Przasnysz
  • 8th Electronic Warfare Regiment, in Grudziądz
  • 10th Radio-location Reconnaissance Regiment, in Dziwnów
  • 15th Antitank Artillery Regiment, in Gniezno
  • 61st Surface-to-Air Missile Artillery Brigade, in Skwierzyna
  • 91st Wejherowo Anti-tank Artillery Regiment, in Gniezno
  • 1st Assault Battalion (Special Forces), in Dziwnów
  • Pomeranian Military District

  • Pomeranian Military District, in Bydgoszcz (Readiness level A, would have formed 1st Combined-Arms Army with 91,000 soldiers in wartime)
  • 8th Drezdeńska Mechanized Infantry Division, in Koszalin
  • 16th Dnowsko-Łużycki Medium Tank Regiment, in Słupsk
  • 28th Sudecki Mechanized Regiment, in Kołobrzeg
  • 32nd Budziszyński Mechanized Regiment, in Kołobrzeg
  • 36th Łużycki Mechanized Regiment, in Trzebiatów
  • 4th Artillery Regiment, in Kołobrzeg
  • 83rd Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Kołobrzeg
  • 47th Rocket Artillery Battalion, in Szczecin
  • 1st Tactical Missile Battalion, in Trzebiatów
  • 15th Division Artillery Commander Command Battery, in Kołobrzeg
  • 5th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Kołobrzeg
  • 19th Sapper Battalion, in Unieście
  • 13th Signal Battalion, in Koszalin
  • 8th Supply Battalion, in Koszalin
  • 8th Maintenance Battalion, in Koszalin
  • 39th Medical Battalion, in Kołobrzeg
  • 64th Chemical Defence Company, in Koszalin
  • 12th Szczecin Mechanized Infantry Division, in Szczecin
  • 25th Drezdeński Medium Tank Regiment, in Szczecin
  • 5th Kołobrzeski Mechanized Regiment, in Szczecin
  • 9nd Zaodrzański Mechanized Regiment, in Stargard
  • 41st Mechanized Regiment, in Szczecin
  • 2nd Artillery Regiment, in Szczecin
  • 124th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Szczecin
  • 21st Rocket Artillery Battalion, in Szczecin
  • 22nd Tactical Missile Battalion, in Szczecin
  • 87th Division Artillery Commander Command Battery
  • 16th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Szczecin
  • 2nd Sapper Battalion, in Stargard Szczeciński
  • 33rd Signal Battalion, in Szczecin
  • 12th Supply Battalion, in Kobylanka
  • 8th Maintenance Battalion, in Gryfice
  • 45th Medical Battalion, in Stargard Szczecin
  • 19th Chemical Defence Company, in Stargard
  • 15th People's Guards Mechanized Infantry Division, in Olsztyn (disbanded in 1988)
  • 35th Tank Regiment, in Ostróda
  • 37th Mechanized Regiment, in Morąg
  • 50th Mechanized Regiment, in Lidzbark
  • 75th Mechanized Regiment, in Bartoszyce
  • 9th Artillery Regiment, in Olsztyn
  • 46th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Olsztyn
  • 19th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Morąg
  • Division Artillery Commander Command Battery
  • 12th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Biskupiec
  • 46th Sapper Battalion, in Olsztyn
  • 29th Signal Battalion, in Olsztyn
  • Supply Battalion
  • Maintenance Battalion
  • Medical Battalion
  • Chemical Defence Company
  • 16th Kaszubska Armored Division, in Elbląg
  • 1st Warszawski Tank Regiment, in Elbląg
  • 51st Kościerski Medium Tank Regiment, in Braniewo
  • 60th Kartuski Medium Tank Regiment, in Elbląg
  • 55th Mechanized Regiment, in Braniewo
  • 16th Artillery Regiment, in Braniewo
  • 13th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Elbląg
  • 48th Rocket Artillery Battalion, in Malbork
  • 4th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Malbork
  • Division Artillery Commander Command Battery
  • 17th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Elbląg
  • 47th Sapper Battalion, in Tczew
  • 43rd Signal Battalion, in Elbląg
  • 16th Supply Battalion, in Elbląg
  • Maintenance Battalion, in Elbląg
  • 57th Medical Battalion, in Braniewo
  • 61st Chemical Defence Company, in Elbląg
  • 20th Warsaw Armored Division, in Szczecinek
  • 24th Drezdeński Tank Regiment, in Stargard
  • 28th Saski Medium Tank Regiment, in Czarne
  • 68th Medium Tank Regiment, in Budowo
  • 49th Warszawski Mechanized Regiment, in Wałcz
  • 36th Artillery Regiment, in Budowo
  • 75th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Rogowo
  • 26th Rocket Artillery Battalion, in Stargard
  • 7th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Budowo
  • Division Artillery Commander Command Battery
  • 8th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Stargard
  • 73rd Sapper Battalion, in Gryfice
  • 63rd Signal Battalion, in Szczecinek
  • Supply Battalion, in Szczecinek
  • Maintenance Battalion
  • Medical Battalion, in Stargard
  • Chemical Defence Company
  • 2nd Pomorska Artillery Brigade, in Choszczno (Tactical Ballistic Missiles)
  • 5th Mazurska Engineer Brigade, in Szczecin
  • 6th Warszawska Cannon Artillery Brigade, in Toruń
  • 7th Howitzer Artillery Brigade, in Toruń
  • 2nd Pomorski Chemical Defence Regiment, in Grudziądz
  • 4th Łużycki Signal Regiment, in Bydgoszcz
  • 14th Sudecki Anti-tank Artillery Regiment, in Kwidzyn
  • 56th Special Troops Company, in Szczecin (Long Range Reconnaissance)
  • Silesian Military District

  • Silesian Military District, in Wrocław (Readiness level B, would have formed 2nd Combined-Arms Army with 89,500 soldiers in wartime)
  • 2nd Warszawska Mechanized Infantry Division, in Nysa
  • 15th Tank Regiment, in Gliwice
  • 6th Mechanized Regiment, in Częstochowa
  • 27th Mechanized Regiment, in Kłodzko
  • 33rd Mechanized Regiment, in Nysa
  • 37th Artillery Regiment, in Kędzierzyn-Koźle
  • 99th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Ząbkowice Śląskie
  • 2nd Tactical Missile Battalion, in Kędzierzyn-Koźle
  • 37th Division Artillery Commander Command Battery, in Nysa
  • 10th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Nysa
  • 18th Sapper Battalion, in Nysa
  • 48th Signal Battalion, in Nysa
  • 2nd Supply Battalion, in Nysa
  • 2nd Maintenance Battalion, in Nysa
  • Medical Battalion
  • 21st Chemical Defence Company, in Nysa
  • 4th Pomorska Mechanized Infantry Division, in Krosno Odrzańskie
  • 18th Tank Regiment, in Wędrzyn
  • 11th Złotowski Mechanized Regiment, in Krosno Odrzańskie
  • 12th Mechanized Regiment, in Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • 17th Drezdeński Mechanized Regiment, in Międzyrzecz
  • 22nd Artillery Regiment, in Sulechów
  • 128th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Czerwieńsk
  • 24th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Sulechów
  • Division Artillery Commander Command Battery
  • 4th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Międzyrzecz
  • 5th Sapper Battalion, in Krosno Odrzańskie
  • 4th Signal Battalion, in Krosno Odrzańskie
  • 4th Supply Battalion, in Krosno Odrzańskie
  • 4th Maintenance Battalion, in Krosno Odrzańskie
  • 65th Medical Battalion, in Krosno Odrzańskie
  • 20th Chemical Defence Company, in Międzyrzecze
  • 5th Saska Armored Division, in Gubin
  • 23rd Tank Regiment, in Słubice
  • 27th Tank Regiment, in Gubin
  • 73rd Tank Regiment, in Gubin
  • 13th Mechanized Regiment, in Kożuchów
  • 113th Artillery Regiment, in Kostrzyn nad Odrą
  • 5th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Gubin
  • 25th Rocket Artillery Battalion, in Gubin
  • 18th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Kostrzyn nad Odrą
  • 84th Division Artillery Commander Command Battery, in Gubin
  • 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion, in Gubin
  • 14th Sapper Battalion, in Kostrzyn nad Odrą
  • 59th Signal Battalion, in Gubin
  • 5th Supply Battalion, in Kostrzyn nad Odrą
  • 5th Maintenance Battalion, in Gubin
  • 56th Medical Battalion, in Gubin
  • 60th Chemical Defence Company, in Gubin
  • 10th Sudecka Armored Division, in Opole
  • 2nd Tank Regiment, in Opole
  • 10th Tank Regiment, in Opole
  • 13th Tank Regiment, in Opole
  • 25th Mechanized Regiment, in Opole
  • 39th Artillery Regiment, in Tarnowskie Góry
  • 18th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Jelenia Góra
  • 8th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Tarnowskie Góry
  • 83th Division Artillery Commander Command Battery, in Tarnowskie Góry
  • 7th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Brzeg
  • 41st Signal Battalion, in Opole
  • 21st Sapper Battalion, in Świdnica
  • Supply Battalion, in Opole
  • Maintenance Battalion, in Opole
  • 54th Medical Battalion, in Opole
  • 58th Chemical Defence Company, in Opole
  • 11th Drezdeńska Armored Division, in Żagań
  • 3rd Tank Regiment, in Żagań
  • 8th Tank Regiment, in Żagań
  • 29th Tank Regiment, in Żagań
  • 42nd Mechanized Regiment, in Żary
  • 33rd Artillery Regiment, in Żary
  • 66th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Bolesławiec
  • 43rd Rocket Artillery Battalion, in Żary
  • 10th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Żary
  • 17th Division Artillery Commander Command Battery, in Żagan
  • 9th Reconnaissance Battalion, in Żagań
  • 16th Sapper Battalion, in Żary
  • 34th Signal Battalion, in Żagań
  • Supply Battalion, in Żagań
  • 11th Maintenance Battalion, in Żagan
  • 11th Medical Battalion, in Żagan
  • 17th Chemical Defence Company, in Żagan
  • 4th Łużycka Engineer Brigade, in Gorzów Wielkopolski
  • 5th Pomorska Cannon Artillery Brigade, in Głogów
  • 14th Howitzer Artillery Brigade, in Głogów
  • 18th Artillery Brigade, in Bolesławiec (Tactical Ballistic Missiles)
  • 1st Chemical Defence Regiment, in Zgorzelec
  • 6th Security Regiment, in Wrocław
  • 10th Saski Signal Regiment, in Wrocław
  • 20th Anti-tank Artillery Regiment, in Pleszew
  • 62nd Special Troops Company, in Bolesławiec (Long Range Reconnaissance)
  • Warsaw Military District

  • Warsaw Military District, in Warsaw (Readiness level C, would have formed 4th Combined-Arms Army with 64,700 soldiers in wartime)
  • 1st Warszawska Mechanized Infantry Division, in Legionowo
  • 11th Tank Regiment, in Giżycko
  • 1st Praski Mechanized Regiment, in Wesoła
  • 2nd Berliński Mechanized Regiment, in Skierniewice
  • 3rd Berliński Mechanized Regiment, in Ciechanów
  • 1st Berliński Artillery Regiment, in Bartoszyce
  • 1st Darnicki Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Modlin
  • 5th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Giżycko
  • Division Artillery Commander Command Battery
  • 1st Reconnaissance Battalion
  • 1st Sapper Battalion, in Pułtusk
  • Signal Battalion, in Legionowo
  • 1st Supply Battalion, in Legionowo
  • 1st Maintenance Battalion, in Łomża
  • 53rd Medical Battalion, in Skierniewice
  • 1st Chemical Defence Company, in Siedlce
  • 3rd Pomorska Mechanized Infantry Division, in Lublin (disbanded in 1988)
  • 5th Tank Regiment, in Włodawa
  • 7th Mechanized Regiment, in Lublin
  • 8th Mechanized Regiment, in Hrubieszów
  • 45th Mechanized Regiment, in Siedlce
  • 3rd Artillery Regiment, in Chełm
  • 18th Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion, in Siedlce
  • 42nd Tactical Missile Battalion, in Choszczno
  • Division Artillery Commander Command Battery
  • 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, in Lublin
  • Sapper Battalion
  • 53rd Signal Battalion, in Lublin
  • 3rd Supply Battalion, in Lublin
  • 3rd Maintenance Battalion, in Lublin
  • Medical Battalion
  • Chemical Defence Company
  • 9th Mechanized Infantry Division, in Rzeszów
  • 26th Tank Regiment, in Sanok
  • 4th Mechanized Regiment, in Kielce
  • 14th Kołobrzeski Mechanized Regiment, in Tarnów
  • 30th Mechanized Regiment, in Rzeszów
  • 40th Artillery Regiment, in Jarosław
  • 23rd Anti-aircraft Artillery Battalion, in Jarosław
  • 44th Tactical Missile Battalion, in Toruń
  • Division Artillery Commander Command Battery
  • 23rd Reconnaissance Battalion, in Jarosław
  • 13th Sapper Battalion, in Dębica
  • 30th Signal Battalion, in Rzeszów
  • 17th Supply Battalion, in Łańcut
  • Maintenance Battalion
  • Medical Battalion
  • Chemical Defence Company
  • 1st Warszawska Cannon Artillery Brigade, in Węgorzewo
  • 8th Howitzer Artillery Brigade, in Węgorzewo
  • 2nd Warszawska Engineer Brigade, in Kazuń Nowy
  • 32nd Łużycka Artillery Brigade, in Orzysz (Tactical Ballistic Missiles)
  • 3rd Chemical Defence Regiment, in Biskupiec
  • 5th Podhale Rifles Regiment, in Kraków
  • 9th Signal Regiment, in Białobrzegi
  • 15th Anti-aircraft Artillery Regiment, in Gołdap
  • 80th Anti-tank Artillery Battalion, in Suwałki
  • 48th Special Troops Company, in Kraków (Long Range Reconnaissance)
  • Air Force

    Polish Air Force


    Polish Navy

    Air Defense Force

    Polish Air Defense Force, 1985

    Air Defense Force Headquarters - Warsaw

    1st Air Defense Corps - Warsaw 2nd Air Defense Corps - Bydgoszcz 3rd Air Defense Corps - Wrocław

    Territorial Army

    Polish Territorial Defense Forces


    Polish People's Army order of battle Wikipedia

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