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Police on the Road

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Theme music composer  Choi Chung-ching
First episode date  5 October 1991
Number of episodes  13
Production company  TVB
Country of origin  Hong Kong
Final episode date  1 February 1992
Language  Standard Cantonese
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Screenplay by  Choi Yip-ming Yu Hon-wing Choi Siu-ning Cheng Yau-hing Wong Yuk-chun
Directed by  Luk Tin-wah Choi Fat-lun Patrick Yau Chan Suk-leung
Starring  Gallen Lo Wan Yeung-ming John Wu Lau Sau-ping Sing Yan Patrick Hon
Opening theme  Forgive Me (原諒我) by Gallen Lo
Genres  Police procedural, Action fiction
Similar  Heavenly In‑Laws, The Criminal Investigat, Rain in the Heart, Feminine Masculinity, At Point Blank

Police on the Road is a 1991 Hong Kong action police procedural television series produced by TVB and starring Gallen Lo and Wan Yeung-ming. With a total of 13 episodes, the series contains a different story in each of the episodes. Originally aired from 5 October 1991 to 1 February 1992 on TVB Jade, the show had a rerun on the channel, TVB Classic, from 4 to 12 June 2015 as a part of the special, Our... Gallen Lo (我們的...羅嘉良), that ran from 20 March to 12 June.



Traffic officer Chan Chi-san (Gallen Lo) transfers to Inspector Lee (Liu Kai-chi) unit in order to work with his friend, Four Eyed Snake (Lo Mang). While investigating a speeding case where Chow Ying-kei (Patrick Hon) ran over and killed a civilian, Chi-san meets reporter Cheung Chi-wai (Lau Sau-ping), and the two fall in love. However, Chi-wai's older brother, Cheung Kam-fai (Lee Lung-kei), is a taxi driver with extreme hate for traffic cops and prevents the romance between the two.

Fellow traffic officer Ho Kwok-cheung (Wan Yeung-ming) has a righteous personality to order to infiltrate an illegal street racing group, he betrays his friend, Joe (Jimmy Wong). Kwok-cheung later meets Angel (Anita Lee), who is a mistress of a rich businessman, and instantly falls in love with her. However, Angel gets into a dilemma whether to choose Kwok-cheung or stay with the rich businessman.

Traffic Branch Headquarters

  • Gallen Lo as Chan Chi-san (陳志新)
  • Wan Yeung-ming as Ho Kwok-cheung (何國昌)
  • Sing Yan as Chu Man-fai (朱文輝)
  • Lo Mang as Four Eyed Snake (眼鏡蛇)
  • John Wu as Wong Sai-leung (王世良)
  • Chiu Hung as Officer Choi (蔡Sir)
  • Other

  • Lau Sau-ping as Cheung Chi-wai (張紫蕙)
  • Cheng Ka-sang as Cheung (阿祥)
  • Tsui Kwong-lam as Uncle Ping (炳叔)
  • Pok Kwan as Ming (阿明)
  • Ngai Sin-lap as test examiner
  • Episode 1

  • Gabriel Wong as Brother Cho (初哥)
  • Lee Wai-man as Car owner
  • Sit Chun as Strange passenger
  • Lui Chui-ping as Shanghai lady (上海婆)
  • Episode 2

  • Tsui Ka-po as Pinky
  • Mak Chi-suet as Mad Keung (喪強)
  • Andy Tai as Chan Lung-fu (陳龍虎)
  • Wai Tak-sing as Bold Chuen (沙胆泉)
  • Chan Siu-ping as Little Devil (小妖)
  • Ngan Ching-wai as Gi Gi
  • Chin Chau as Connie
  • Fung Shui-chun as Pinky's mother
  • Chan Yin-hong as Nurse
  • Chan Chun-lok as Happy
  • Yau Piu as Car racer
  • Cheng Chun-fan as punk
  • Choi Chi-fung as Keung's underling
  • Yip Chi-wah as Keung's underling
  • Episode 3

  • Patrick Hon as Chow Ying-kei (周英奇)
  • Gilbert Lam as Adviser Kau (師爺九)
  • Yip Sai-kuen as Rocky
  • Ceci So as Aunt Ming (明嬸)
  • Teresa Ha as Aunt Ming's mother
  • Wong Sau-kuen as Female colleague
  • Wong Wai-fan as Female secretary
  • Lui Kim-kwong as News stall owner
  • Ho Pik-kin as Chief editor
  • Episode 4

  • Lee Lung-kei as Cheung Kam-fai (張錦輝)
  • Wan Seung-yin as Female passenger
  • Ying Sin-yin as Passerby
  • Liu Pui-ling as Female driver
  • Wong Fung-king as Pregnant woman
  • Cheng Chun-fai as Waiter
  • Episode 5

  • Anita Lee as Angel
  • Wong Chun-kit as Passenger
  • Shek Yat-ming as Driver A
  • Guo Cheuk-wah as Rascal A
  • Wat Wai-lam as Rascal B
  • Kwok Cho-yin as Driver B
  • Leung Kin-ping as Ben
  • Hung Ho-wan as Bodyguard A
  • Chow Chin-yee as Bodyguard B
  • Chan Yiu-man as Waiter
  • Wong Mei-yee as Cori
  • Tai Siu-man as Boyfriend
  • Tam Suk-mui as Female staff
  • So Chi as Guard
  • Episode 6

  • Wayne Lai as Man (阿文)
  • Cho Chai as Old man Lau (劉伯)
  • Wu Ying-man as Jacky
  • Tam Yat-ching as Uncle Kwan (坤叔)
  • Episode 7

  • Wong Yat-fei as Uncle Kuen (權叔)
  • Elton Loo as Po (阿寶)
  • Fung Chi-fung as Thug
  • Wong Chung-chi as Thug
  • Suet Tai-wah as Thug
  • Fong Kit as Police superintendent
  • Au Yuk as Mini-bus driver
  • Episode 8

  • Cheng Lui as Uncle Tat (達叔)
  • Kwan Chi-piu as Leung (阿良)
  • Steve Lee as Master Ting (頂爺)
  • Chan Wing-chun as Wing (阿榮)
  • Kong Ming-fai as Wing's underling
  • Lam To-kuen as Keung (阿強)
  • Lee Wai-man as Man (阿民)
  • Fong Kit as Chief Inspector
  • Episode 9

  • Gary Chan as Luk (阿祿)
  • Chan Pui-san as May
  • Lam Kin-fai as Tommy
  • Wong Man-piu as Film director
  • Fung Man-ching as Annie
  • Cheung Chun-wah as Film star
  • Chan Yiu-wah as Doctor
  • Episode 10

  • Lee Hin-ming as Crippled Chicken (廢雞)
  • Dick Chan as Dr. Yiu (姚偉生)
  • Jimmy Wong as Joe
  • Wu Man-yam as Tina
  • Ling Hon as Old man Tang (鄧伯)
  • Cheng Wai-ka as Sandy
  • Tsang Yiu-ming as Brother Ho (豪哥)
  • Chan Yin-hong as Nurse
  • Tam Suk-mui as Nurse
  • Episode 11

  • Cheng Siu-ping as Aunt King (琼姑)
  • May Tse as Chu Man-fai's wife
  • Shek Wan as Uncle Kuen (權叔)
  • Yuen Lung-kui as Robber A
  • Lau Wan as Robber B
  • Chan Wai-yu as Aunty (阿嬸)
  • Mak Ka-lun as Policeman A
  • Wai Tak-sing as Policeman B
  • Yung Ka-lai as Cashier
  • Episode 12

  • Siu Yan-san as Politician
  • Liu Kai-chi as Inspector Lee (李Sir)
  • Law Lan as Lee's mother
  • Cheng Kwan-ning as Snake Ning (蛇仔明)
  • Candy Man as Grace
  • Fong Kit as Officer Yip (葉Sir)
  • Wong Sze-yan as Driver
  • Wan Lap-chun as Ben
  • Law Hung as Officer Chiu (趙Sir)
  • Episode 13

  • Andrew Yuen as Mick (阿明)
  • Hau Wai-wan as Carly
  • Ho Pik-kin as Editor
  • Tang Yu-chiu as 12th Young Master (十二少)
  • Wong Wai-fan as Secretary
  • Ku Sui-kwan as Underling
  • Cheng Pak-wan as Underling
  • Cheng Ka-chung as Underling
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