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Pervomaisk Raion

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Country  Ukraine
Time zone  EET (UTC+2)
Area  1,319 km²
Population  30,524 (2015)
Area code  5161
Admin. center  Pervomaisk
Postal index  55220—55276
Region  Mykolaiv Oblast
Administrative center  Pervomaisk
Pervomaisk Raion
Subdivisions  List   0 — city councils   1 — settlement councils 21 — rural councils Number of localities:   0 — cities   1 — urban-type settlements 44 — villages   6 — rural settlements

Pervomaisk Raion (Ukrainian: Первомайський район) is located in Mykolaiv Oblast of Ukraine. Its administrative center is the town of Pervomaisk, which is incorporated separately as a city of oblast significance and does not belong to the raion. Population: 30,524 (2015 est.)


Map of Pervomais'kyi district, Mykolaivs'ka oblast, Ukraine


In the beginning of the 19th century, the current area of the district belonged to Olviopolsky Uyezd of Kherson Governorate. In 1828, Olviopolsky Uyezd was merged with Yelisavetgradsky Uyezd into Bobrinetsky Uyezd. In 1865, the administrative center of Bobrinetsky Uyezd was moved to Yelisavetgrad, and the uyezd was renamed Yelisavetgradsky. In 1919, Olviopol was merged with Bohopil and Holta to form the city of Pervomaisk. On 16 April 1920, Kherson Governorate was renamed Nikolayev Governorate, and on 21 October 1922, it was merged into Odessa Governorate. In 1923, uyezds in Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic were abolished, and the governorates were divided into okruhas. Bohopil Raion of Pervomaisk Okruha was established. In 1925, the governorates were abolished, and okruhas were directly subordinated to Ukrainian SSR. In 1927, Bohopil Raion was renamed Pervomaisk Raion. In 1930, okruhas were abolished, and raions were disrectly subordinated to Ukrainian SSR. On 27 February 1932, Odessa Oblast was established, and Pervomaisk Raion was included into Odessa Oblast. On 17 February 1954, Pervomaisk Raion was transferred to Mykolaiv Oblast.


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