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Raions of Ukraine

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1,200 km (460 sq mi)


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Second level of subdivision

1923 as part of the Soviet Administrative Reform

490 and 118 city raions (as of 2004)

Raions of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Райони України) are second level of administrative division of Ukraine and are primary the most common division of regions of Ukraine. Equivalent type of regional subdivision are also raions in city (Raions of cities in Ukraine), and cities of regional significance (City of regional significance (Ukraine)). Sometimes these districts are also known as rural districts to distinguish them from raions in city or city districts.


Raions are one of three types of administrative divisions of regions of Ukraine and second level in the administrative divisions of Ukraine.


There are 490 raions in 24 oblasts and the Crimea autonomous republic of Ukraine. The number of raions per region (oblast and autonomous republic) varies between 11 and over 20. The average area of a Ukrainian raion is 1,200 km2 (463 sq mi). The average population is 52,000.

The city municipalities of regional (oblast) significance (abbr. MOZ) have an independent of raion jurisdiction. The number of such cities (MOZ) varies from one region to another. In the list below they are listed separately as well. Each raion consist of urban (towns) or rural (villages) smaller municipalities that are administrated by their local councils (selsovet, silrada) and subordinated to raion's or city's administrations. They are the lowest level of administrative division.

Raion in city

Some cities of oblast subordination along with the two cities of national significance (Kiev and Sevastopol) are also divided in "city raions". "City raions" have their own local administration and are subordinated directly to a city. They may contain other cities, towns, and villages.

List of raions within each region

Note: region is a general term referring to oblasts, the republic and cities with special status. The population recorded in the table is listed in accordance to the latest census taken in the country, Ukrainian Census (2001). Asterisk (*) identifies raions with administrative centers located outside of them (usually separately incorporated).


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