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Peace and Prosperity

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Opening theme  人生来往 by Desmond Ng 黄震隆
First episode date  4 April 2016
Number of episodes  170
Genre  Family film
Country of origin  Singapore
Final episode date  28 November 2016
Network  Mediacorp Channel 8
Language  Chinese
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Written by  Ng Kay Huay 黄佳华 Ang Chee Chuan 洪志川 Goh CHwee Chwee吴翠翠
Directed by  Fu Zibing 符之炳 Hu Liangcai 胡凉财
Starring  Xiang Yun Belinda Lee Tong Bing Yu Dawn Yeoh Tracy Lee Julie Tan Michelle Wong Zhang Wei
Ending theme  1) 我愛所以我在 by Cheng Ze 承泽 2) 兩個人 by Febe Huang 秀平 3) 念 by Sherraine Law 羅翊綺
Similar  CLIF 4, You Can Be An Angel Too, The Dream Job, The Gentlemen, You Can Be An Angel 2

Peace & Prosperity (Chinese: 富贵平安) is a 170 episode and it was the third half-hour long-running drama series produced by Mediacorp Channel 8, starring Xiang Yun, Belinda Lee, Tong Bing Yu, Dawn Yeoh, Tracy Lee, Julie Tan, Michelle Wong & Zhang Wei


The show replaced the second half of the 7.00 pm drama timeslot, airing weekdays from April 4, 2016, 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm succeeding Life - Fear Not, airing together with news-current affairs programme Hello Singapore.


"Prosperity Hall" is a Chinese medical hall located at a corner of a HDB flat serving residents of different backgrounds and ethnic groups in the neighbourhood. "Prosperity Hall" was first founded by Huang Datong's (Zhang Wei) father. Datong is semi-retired and his daughter-in-law Shen Ping An (Xiang Yun) takes care of the everyday operations of "Prosperity Hall". Ping An's husband died at a very young age and she has to shoulder both the medical hall and bringing up her six children. Her vast knowledge in Chinese medical is well known in the neighbourhood and many people show up at the hall for her medical consultation. Datong's elder son, Huang Yuanhao (Marcus Chin) and his wife Lin Shuzhi (Lin Meijiao) open a fruit stall near "Prosperity Hall", idling their days away. The only thing that motivates them is plotting Ping An's downfall so that they can get a share of ‘Prosperity Hall" for themselves. They are constantly creating trouble and distrust within the family. They have a son named Huang Zihao (Shane Pow) who is a lazy and spoilt young man. Datong does not trust them to takeover "Prosperity Hall" and decides to let Ping An manage the hall. But what bothers Datong is who can succeed Ping An? Ping An is not only busy with "Prosperity Hall" but is also concerned about her six daughters; Ziting (Belinda Lee), Zishan (Tong Bing Yu), Zijun (Dawn Yeoh), Ziyu (Tracy Lee), Zihong (Julie Tan) and Zixin (Michelle Wong). In addition, Hong Yingxiong (Desmond Tan) appears in the sisters’ life and becomes Datong's disciple. He sponsors Yingxiong's study in traditional Chinese medicine and even encourages him to pursue Zihong in the hopes of having him as a grandson-in-law and subsequently, his successor. However, Yingxiong's sudden appearance at "Prosperity Hall" raises questions; is he here to learn more about traditional Chinese medicine or does he harbour an ulterior motive?

Opening sequence

In a busy and crowded town lies a traditional Chinese medical hall named "Prosperity Hall". Ping'an (Xiang Yun), Ziting (Belinda Lee) and Datong (Zhang Wei), who run the hall, appear on a book. Prosperity Hall holds a 50th anniversary celebration. Zihong (Julie Tan) stops Yingxiong (Desmond Tan) from hitting his son. Screenshots of Yingxiong and Zihong appear on a tablet. Slowly, the screenshot also shows Zijun (Dawn Yeoh) and Xiaoqiang (Jeffrey Xu). Zihong and Yingxiong pass by the fruit stall, which is owned by Yuanhao (Marcus Chin) and Shuzhi (Lin Meijiao). They later appear on a plate, with their son, Zihao (Shane Pow), and his friend, Lan Baojie (Romeo Tan) on another plate. Zihong and Yingxiong pass by the manicure shop, where Xiao Tiantian (Yao Wenlong) is about to leave with a trolley. In the manicure shop are his brother, Xiao Fangfang, who is singing karaoke, and their employee, Megan (Jayley Woo), who all appear on a photograph in the drawer. Zihong and Yingxiong pass by Ho & Huang Family Clinic, run by He Sheng (Terence Cao) and Zishan (Tong Bing Yu). The photographs also shows them along with Ziyu (Tracy Lee) and Bryan (Ben Yeo). The sequence ends with the Huang family at the living room together having a fruit feast.

Main cast

Huang Family

Prosperity Hall

Fruit Shop

Xiao Family

Beautiful Story


  • Desmond Tan's comeback Mandarin drama after Second Chance in 2015.
  • Marcus Chin and Shane Pow's first villainous role
  • This will be Julie Tan's last drama series before she goes on a six-month hiatus in end-June to do a four-month acting course with the school of acting at the New York Film Academy.
  • The first promotional roadshow was held at Bugis+, Civic Plaza. Artistes Xiang Yun, Desmond Tan, Julie Tan, Belinda Lee, Tong Bing Yu, Dawn Yeoh, Michelle Wong, Marcus Chin, Lin Meijiao, Terence Cao, Yao Wenlong, Ben Yeo, Jeffrey Xu, Seraph Sun, Jayley Woo and Priscelia Chan were present.
  • A neighbourhood walk was conducted with artistes Zhang Wei, Xiang Yun, Desmond Tan, Romeo Tan, Tracy Lee, Dawn Yeoh, Michelle Wong, Marcus Chin, Lin Meijiao, Ben Yeo, Jeffrey Xu, Seraph Sun and Jayley Woo present.
  • Peace & Prosperity was broadcast on Astro AEC on weekdays at 3.30pm and on Sunday at 12.30pm.
  • Desmond Tan second collaboration with Ezekiel Chee as younger version of his character
  • Desmond Tan, Yao Wenlong, Romeo Tan, Jayley Woo and Seraph Sun first collaboration before Dream Coder.
  • 2017 Accolades

    Peace & Prosperity has been nominated for 2 Awards at Star Awards 2017, Best Supporting Actor and Best Evergreen Award.


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