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Pan (surname)

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Language(s)  Old Chinese
Derivative(s)  Phan, Ban
Pan (surname)
Pronunciation  Pān (Mandarin) Poon (Cantonese - Hong Kong) Pun (Cantonese - Macau) Phua (Hokkien) Phan (Vietnamese) Ban (Korean)
Language(s)  Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese
Variant(s)  P'an, Poon, Pon, Pun, Phua

Pān is the Mandarin pinyin romanization of the East Asian surname 潘. It is listed 43rd in the Song dynasty classic text Hundred Family Surnames. It is romanized as P'an in Wade–Giles; Poon, Pon, or Pun in Cantonese; Phua in Hokkien and Teochew.


潘 is also a common surname in Vietnam and Korea. It is romanized Phan in Vietnamese and Ban or Pan in Korean.


Pan 潘 is the 37th most common surname in mainland China and the 31st most common surname on Taiwan.

None of the romanizations of Pan 潘 appeared among the 1000 most common surnames during the 2000 US census.


As with many Chinese surnames, the origins of the Pan are various and sometimes legendary.

One origin was a clan name taken from a fief north of Shaanxi granted to Ji Sun, a descendant of King Wen of Zhou. Some members descend from Ji Sun himself, others from his vassals.

Another source was a cadet branch of the ruling House of Mi (芈) of the State of Chu during the Spring and Autumn period. Among these Pans, Pan Chong served as regent and advisor for the state of Chu. When King Cheng of Chu decided to make a younger son the crown prince, Pan Chong aided the elder prince Shangchen instead. Shangchen forced King Cheng to commit suicide and ascended the throne as King Mu of Chu. Pan Chong was made the "Royal Tutor".

A third source on Taiwan was the adoption of the name by Taiwanese aborigines during their Sinicization. Members of the Plains tribes adopted the surname Pan as a modification of their designated status as barbarians (番, Fan). One family in particular became members of the local gentry, complete with a lineage to Fujian province.


  • Aimee Phan, writer/novelist
  • Dat Phan, comedian, "Last Comic Standing" winner
  • John Phan, professional poker player
  • Michelle Phan, makeup artist
  • Nam Phan, professional mixed martial artist
  • Nicholas Phan, tenor
  • Phan Thanh Giản (潘清簡), Imperial mandarin, diplomat
  • Phan Đình Phùng (潘廷逢), 19th century revolutionary, anti-colonial military leader
  • Phan Bội Châu (潘佩珠), 20th century scholar, revolutionary, anti-colonial activist
  • Phan Chu Trinh (潘周楨), 20th century nationalist, writer, anti-colonial activist
  • Phan Khắc Sửu, President of South Vietnam
  • Phan Huy Quát, Prime Minister of South Vietnam
  • Phan Văn Khải, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Phan Thị Kim Phúc, child subject of a Pulitzer Prize winning photograph taken during the Vietnam War
  • Phan Bá Vành (潘伯鑅), charismatic leader, 19th century revolutionary
  • Phan Khôi, author, intellectual leader
  • Phan Nhiên Hạo, poet and translator
  • Phan Nguyên Hồng, leading authority on the mangrove ecosystem in Asia
  • Phan Xích Long (潘赤龍), mystic and geomancer
  • Phan Quang Đán, politician
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