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Once Upon a Time... Space

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Created by
Albert Barillé

No. of episodes

Number of episodes

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Developed by
Country of origin
First episode date

France 3

Program creator
Albert Barillé

Once Upon a Time... Space ONCE UPON A TIMESPACE Hello Maestro

Voices of
Roger Carel, Annie Balestra, Vincent Ropion, Alain Dorval

Roger Carel, Annie Balestra, Vincent Ropion, Alain Dorval

Once Upon a Time Life, Once Upon a Time Man, Once Upon a Time The Amer, Once Upon a Time The Disc, Space Racers

Once upon a time space opening theme

Il était une fois… l'Espace (English: Once Upon a Time… Space) is a French/Japanese animated science fiction TV series from 1982, directed by Albert Barillé.


Once Upon a Time... Space ONCE UPON A TIMESPACE Hello Maestro

The series was animated in Japan by the animation studio Eiken, and is thus considered to be anime as it also aired on Japanese TV, albeit not until 1984, under the title Ginga Patrol PJ (銀河パトロールPJ, Galaxy Patrol PJ). In contrast to the show's success in the West, the series' Japanese broadcast was consigned to an early-morning time slot and attracted little attention.

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Once Upon a Time... Space differs from the rest of the Once Upon a Time titles in the sense that the series revolve on a dramatic content rather than an educational premise. The series still has a handful of educational information (such as an episode discussing the rings of the Planet Saturn).

Once Upon a Time... Space Once upon a time Space DVD YouTube

The series succeeds Once Upon a Time... Man. It reprises almost all of the characters from the previous series and adapts them into a science-fiction context.

Once Upon a Time... Space Once upon a time space 01 The Planet Omega extract YouTube

The story is about the confrontation between several galactic powers. Among them there is the Omega Confederation (of which Earth is a member), the military republic of Cassiopeia (led by General The Pest) and a powerful supercomputer which controls an army of robots. A group of super powerful creatures called the Humanoids later appear in the series.

The series follows the adventures of space police members Pierrot and Mercedes (aka Psi). Pierrot is the son of Colonel Pierre and President Pierrette. The series has a more egalitarian message than its predecessor as the supreme leader of the good guys is a female President and Psi is a co-protagonist. The original series instead focused on male protagonists.

The scenarios of several episodes adapt elements of Greek mythology, other mythologies, and European legends. Among them are the Apple of Discord, Atlantis, David and Goliath, the Olympian Gods, and Prometheus. Other episodes deal with the existence of God, the relationship of man with modernity and machines, the limits of technology, comparisons between armed peace under the rule of a dictator and the difficulty of maintaining order in a democracy, etc. Higher spiritual beings encountered at the beginning and the end of the series. Some planets visited by the characters are replicas of the Earth at a specific era in its history, thus allowing some didactic interludes over the nature of these eras.

The series contains little to no violence, the heroes mostly use non-lethal stun weapons in combat. The exception is the use of disintegrating laser beams against wild animals.

The Earth does not play a central role in this series. The capital of the Confederation is on the planet Omega, far from Earth. The Confederation is composed of multiple allied powers: Aldebaran, Auriga, Cassiopeia, Hydra, Scorpio, and Vega. The Confederation has a democratically elected government and a President.


  • Colonel PierreRoger Carel
  • President Pierrette … Annie Balestra
  • Lieutenant/Captain Peter … Vincent Ropion
  • Psi (Mercedes) … Annie Balestra
  • Positronic brain android Métro … Roger Carel
  • Commander JumboAlain Dorval
  • Petit Gros
  • Grand Ordinateur
  • Professor Maestro … Roger Carel
  • 20th century Maestro
  • General The Pest … Alain Dorval
  • The Dwarf … Roger Carel
  • Spacecraft

    The French illustrator Philippe Bouchet (better known as Manchu) worked on some of the spacecraft and set designs.

    Omega Confederation:

  • Flea
  • Hummingbird
  • Spider
  • Dragonfly
  • Blue bird
  • Omega Cruiser
  • Omega Shuttle
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Cassiopeia:

  • Nautilus
  • Murene
  • Battle cruiser
  • Earth:

  • Ursus
  • Episodes

    1. The Planet Omega
    2. The Saurians
    3. The Green Planet
    4. Towards Andromeda
    5. The Cro-Magnons
    6. The Revolt of the Robots
    7. The Planet Mytho
    8. The Long Voyage
    9. In Cassiopea
    10. A Planet Blown to Pieces
    11. Shipwrecked in Space
    12. The Giants
    13. The Incas
    14. In the Land of the Dinosaurs
    15. The Rings of Saturn
    16. The Unstoppable Menace
    17. Earth
    18. Atlantis
    19. The Strange Return to Omega
    20. The Revenge of the Robots
    21. The Humanoids
    22. An Hostile World
    23. City in Flight
    24. The Great Computer
    25. The Battle of the Titans
    26. The Infinity of Space


    The series features the following characters.

  • Colonel Pierre. He is the head of the Omega Space Police and the husband of the President of the Confederation. He is a happily married man, strict and highly moral.
  • Pierrette. President of the Omega Confederation, wife of Pierre, and mother of Pierrot. She is a smiling figure and a skilled politician. She governs by building consensus among Council members.
  • Pierrot . He is the son of Colonel Pierre and President Pierrette . He joined the Space Police of the Omega Confederation after completing his studies. He finds himself in command of a dragonfly-type vessel. He begins the series with the rank of lieutenant, and he later becomes captain. His promotion is a reward for his bravery in saving the Earth from an attack by a remote controlled rocket. He is a kind, brave man with a curious mind and a thirst for discovery.
  • Mercedes, nicknamed "Psi". She is a young woman, calm and composed. She is particularly intuitive, precognitive, a telepath, and a skilled hypnotist. She tries repeatedly to convince Pierrot that her precognitions are both relevant and accurate. He initially distrusts her visions, a source of conflict among them. Gradually, Pierrot comes to trust her more. The characters are love interests to each other. She is very reluctant to kill, preferring to use her weapons to stun and paralyze enemies. She has great respect for living things. However, she is aware of the malice and deceit of Naboth. Psi's origins are unknown but some fans theorize that she is of Mediterranean, South American or Indian descent.
  • Metro. A robot, specifically an "android positronic brain". He is the robotic equivalent of Professor Maestro, that is to say, he is a scholar among the robots. He manages to defeat opponents by cunning. He was created by Maestro, but Metro thinks (rightly) that he is both more resourceful and intelligent than its creator. He has the same personality as his creator, whiny, old fashioned, doting and with great curiosity to know the functioning of the human species. He accompanies Pierrot and Psi in their patrols and helps out in perilous situations. He was destroyed in a crash and will be recreated. He is a great help for the police officers as he highlights the peculiarities of visited worlds.
  • Commander Jumbo. He serves under Colonel Pierre. He is direct and impulsive, preferring a good fight than endless the discussions. He does not hide his aversion to members of Cassiopeian government.
  • Professor Maestro. He is a scholar, the dean of the Omega Confederation. He has an advisory capacity to the council. Doting, grouchy. He is the voice of wisdom but tends to give overly technical explanations. Consequently, he is often cut off when speaking. He is the creator of Metro, which he made in his image. There is some amusing tension between creator and creation. The main Omega Fleet vessels are also created by the Master.
  • Little Jumbo. He is the best friend of Pierrot. They followed the training course of the Police Academy together, and they know each other for a long time. He is the son of Commander Jumbo and he inherited the same temperament as his father, namely a preference for fights. He has a non-standard physic, and incredible strength. He is somewhat unbalanced, but kind at heart.
  • General The Pest. He is the supreme head of the constellation Cassiopeia. He is an aggressive, authoritarian, stupid, and narrow-minded man. He lacks in common sense and wants above all to annex the rest of the universe. He is the archetypal villain. Although he managed to rise to power by election, he does not respect the rules of democracy and dismisses the members of the council when they oppose his decisions. He believes he manipulates the forces of the Great computer, while it is indeed he who is manipulated. He represents a member sate of the Omega Confederation, but President Pierrette has to devote great efforts to keep him in check. She switches tactics between diplomacy and intimidation to reason with him.
  • The Dwarf. He is the consul of Cassiopeia and representative of the General The Pest to the Omega Council, until the departure of Cassiopeia from the Confederation . He is the chief advisor to the Pest, but he is smarter than his master. He manipulates his leader and pulls the strings. He understands that Psi has strange powers and wants to keep her activities monitored.
  • The Great Computer. He appears towards the end of the series (ep.21). He is the mastermind of the Humanoids. He is a villain with noble motives, as he wants to prevent humans from making war. But he pursues this goal beyond the point of reason and imposes a totalitarian dictatorship. He was created by an Earth scientist who was tired of conflicts. At the end of his life, the scientist programmed his creation to pursue this goal. Never questioning this goal, the Computer uses radical means to trigger the greatest disaster of the universe. He is the symbol of the cold methodical machines, which can not properly replace human judgment.
  • Maestro of the 20th century. He is an Earth man who was placed under hibernation at the beginning of 21st century. He stays like this for about a millennium and then wakes up in planet Omega.
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