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Area  352.3 km²
Founded  1945
Population  101,129 (2009)

Novotroitsk in the past, History of Novotroitsk

Map of Novotroitsk

Novotroitsk (Russian: Новотро́ицк) is a town in Orenburg Oblast, Russia, located on the right bank of and along the Ural River, 276 kilometers (171 mi) from Orenburg, on the border with Kazakhstan. In the east Novotroitsk almost borders Orsk: the distance between the two cities is less than 2 kilometers (1.2 mi). Population: 98,173 (2010 Census); 106,315 (2002 Census); 106,084 (1989 Census).


Novotroitsk in the past, History of Novotroitsk


Novotroitsk Culture of Novotroitsk

The history of Novotroitsk goes to the beginning of the 20th century with a small farm in the wilderness. Near it, were the farms Akkermanovsky, Beloshapochny, and the village of Khabarnoye. Several families of peasants/immigrants from Ukraine settled near Silnova and named their settlement Novotroitsk.

Novotroitsk Culture of Novotroitsk

The 1930s, large industrial buildings were created. Before Novotroitsk was founded, the villagers heard news of the construction of factories in Orsk, and the finding of minerals. Fersman, a well-known academician, spoke in his writings of the fabulous and wealthy Orsk region, and called Orsk-Khalilovsk area a "true gem of the Urals."

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In the fall of 1929, geologist I. L. Rudnitsky opened the Khalilovsky field hematites. Khalilovsk ore was rare in its composition: it contains chromium, nickel, titanium, and manganese. Industrial tests confirmed its quality. In June 1931, the Government adopted a decision to start construction on the Khalilovsk ores and Karaganda coal, both to be big metallurgical plants. The construction schedule which was set to start building the Khalilovo metallurgical plant was scheduled for 1936. During this period, in the village of Novotroitsk, the first construction builders arrived. In 1935, construction was suspended and only in the spring of 1939 in the Resolution XVIII of Congress it had specifically determined: "... To begin construction of new metallurgical plants (at Khalilovsk Bakalskoye and ores).

In the summer of 1939 board Commissariat of the steel industry adopted a resolution, which says: "Accept construction Khalilovo smelter selected Novotroitsky District...".

The modern town was founded on April 13, 1945, as a result of the merger of the villages of Novo-Troitsk and Akkermanovka of Novotroitsky District. The area of Novotroitsk is 305.5 square kilometers (118.0 sq mi).

Administrative and municipal status

Within the framework of administrative divisions, it is, together with nine rural localities, incorporated as the Town of Novotroitsk—an administrative unit with the status equal to that of the districts. As a municipal division, the Town of Novotroitsk is incorporated as Novotroitsk Urban Okrug.


The town is located in the Orsk-Khalilovo industrial region of the southern Urals. The center of ferrous metallurgy in the area, the town has a major integrated iron and steel plant that was developed in the 1950s on the basis of nearby iron-ore deposits. Chemical production is also of importance to the region.

The town has a well-developed industry, and has twenty large and medium-sized enterprises which are employing more than 30,000 people. The town's economy largely determines the industry, accounting for 95.8% of total manufactured goods and services. Manufacturing firms in 2009 were shipped their own production of clean activities amounting to 54.24 billion rubles. The largest share in the volume of products shipped by type of activity "Manufacturing" fell on the organization of the metallurgical complex. - 75.3%, in the second position - processing of waste and scrap. - 12.7%, on the third - the production of foodstuffs, including beverages - 3.8%.

The main enterprise is the Iron and Steel Works JSC "Ural Steel".

The development of the town, its infrastructure is still determined by the state JSC "Ural Steel", which accounts for almost 90% of the total industrial output. The plant is part of the eight largest steel companies in Russia, and the rating of 200 subsidiaries in terms of sales takes 23rd place. The list of its products is very extensive; it is the only enterprise in the world that produces natural-casting alloy, chrome-nickel iron ore from its own fields.

Small business has become an integral part of modern market economic system. The town recorded 660 small enterprises and about 3000 entrepreneurs without legal entity. As the number of employees - more than 9000 people. Today, every fifth inhabitant of the city lives off of the revenue from small businesses.


There are 27 general educational institutions, including gymnasiums and lyceums, totalling 15,200 enrolled students. There are two colleges, three professional colleges; the Novotroitsk branch of the International Institute of Economics and Law, Novotroitsky branch of the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, and an educational and consulting center called the Magnitogorsk State Technical University, a branch of Moscow State Open University. Within the town there are six hospitals, with the number of hospital beds around 1,500 each, and 5 clinics with the capacity for more than 3,460 visits per shift. There are more than 500 physicians and 1,500 people in the nursing industry.

There are three dispensary, music and art schools, a children's arts school, a centralized library system with the book fund of 625,000 copies, a Youth Center, the palace of culture, the center of development of children and teenagers, 2 sports stadiums, a swimming pool, and children's sports schools. In Novotroitsk, there is also a museum and exhibition complex. At the museum there are two art studios, courses in Arabic, literature and culture.

The most notable buildings are the municipal cultural institution "Palace of Culture Industry", built about 50 years ago, the temple of Peter and Paul, built 90 years ago, which is a mosque. A monument landmark - the monument to "live forever", is a monument to soldiers-internationalists. Secondary school № 23 is named after the 850 anniversary of Moscow, a monument to Mary Koretskaya in its place, for the shooting outside the settlement Khabarny. It has an effective movie theater called "Steel".

General Plan of development provides for construction of residential houses in the southwest of the town. The town has five tram routes.


FC Nosta plays in Second Division (Ural-Volga area) of the Russian Premier League. In January 2010, the dissolution of the club was announced for financial reasons, but it is still playing in the second division.


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