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Nomad (1982 film)

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Music director  Lam Manyee
Language  Cantonese
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Romance, Thriller
Nomad (1982 film) movie poster
Director  Patrick Tam, Terry Tong
Release date  1982
Writer  Joyce Chan, Koon-Chung Chan, Kang Chien Chiu, Eddie Ling-Ching Fong, Patrick Tam
Initial release  November 26, 1982 (Hong Kong)
Screenplay  Patrick Tam, Fang Ling-cheng, Kong-Kin Yau, Joyce Chan, John Chan, Ping-hing Kam
Cast  Leslie Cheung (Louis), Cecilia Yip (Tomato), Pat Ha (Kathy), Kent Tong (Pong)
Similar movies  Leslie Cheung appears in Nomad and The Phantom Lover

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Nomad (Chinese: 烈火青春) is a 1982 Hong Kong film directed by Patrick Tam. It is about the experiences of a group of youngsters who feel lost and try to find the true meaning of life. Nomad is considered as one of the representatives of the Hong Kong New Wave films.


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Nomad (1982 film) Lie huo qing chun Nomad 1982 Patrick Tam Terry Tong Cecilia

Louis (Leslie Cheung) is a lovely young man from a rich family and misses his dead mother. He has a good friendship with his cousin Kathy (Pat Ha). Louis and Kathy later meet Tomato (Cecilia Yip), who becomes Louis' girlfriend, and Pong (Kent Tong), who becomes Kathy's boyfriend. The four live a casual life together, hang out aimlessly, and share their dreams and difficulties with one another on frequent trips to Hong Kong's outlying islands. But Kathy's past returns to haunt her. She once lived in Japan, and had romance with Shinsuke Takeda (Yung Sai-Kit), a Japanese who is the member of Japanese Red Army. Shinsuke Takeda is bored of the life as a Red Army member and wants to quit the organization. This leads to a vow of revenge by the organization and Shinsuke Takeda runs to Kathy to ask for help. However, he was eventually found by the killers dispatched by the Red Army and both Kathy and Shinsuke are killed, while Louis and Tomato, who is pregnant with Louis' kid, survive the crisis.


Nomad (1982 film) The End of Cinema Summer of Sammo Nomad
  • Leslie Cheung as Louis
  • Pat Ha as Kathy
  • Kent Tong as Pong
  • Cecilia Yip as Tomato
  • Yip Ha-lei as Pong's dad
  • Yung Sai-Kit as Shinsuke Takeda
  • Nominations

    Nomad (1982 film) Nomad sogoodreviewscom
  • Best Film - Hong Kong Film Awards (1983)
  • Best Director (Patrick Tam) - Hong Kong Film Awards (1983)
  • Best Actor (Leslie Cheung) - Hong Kong Film Awards (1983)
  • Best Art Direction (Willam Chang) - Hong Kong Film Awards (1983)
  • Best New Performer - female (Cecilia Yip) - Hong Kong Film Awards (1983)
  • Best New Performer - female (Pat Ha) - Hong Kong Film Awards (1983)
  • Best Original Film Score (Man Yee Lam) - Hong Kong Film Awards (1983)
  • Best Cinematography (Wong Chung-Biu) - Hong Kong Film Awards (1983)

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    Nomad (1982 film) Lie huo qing chun Nomad 1982 Patrick Tam Terry Tong Cecilia


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