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No Trifling with Love

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Genre  Drama
Cast  Isabelle Huppert
Language  French
Director  Caroline Huppert
Written by  Alfred de Musset
Country  France
Release date  1 December 1977 (1977-12-01)
Writer  Alfred de Musset (play)
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No Trifling with Love (French: On ne badine pas avec l'amour) is a 1977 French drama film directed by Caroline Huppert. It is based on the theatrical work of Alfred de Musset of the same name.



The piece takes place in the castle of the Baron. His 21-year-old son, Perdican, recently received his Ph.D and returns to the castle, just when Camille, a beautiful 18-year-old girl and dear childhood friend, returns from the convent. The two young people meet after ten years of separation in this castle so dear to their hearts, where they grew up, played, and where they are loved. The Baron plans to marry the two cousins.

Perdican and Camille have always loved each other, but Camille was indoctrinated by the nuns from the latter. These nuns often departed to the convent because they had lost their man to death, or because they were victims of unhappy love affairs, and learned Camille never to trust men, only to trust God. Because of all this she decides to return to the convent and leave Perdican.

Camille still continues to hide her feelings for Perdican due to mere pride. So she sent a letter to Louise, a nun of the convent which was strongly influenced by the example of her own misfortunes to dissuade her from leaving the place where it is "safe", in which she explains that she did everything to be hated by Perdican, and she says that he is in despair because of his marriage refusal.

During a quarrel between Dame Pluche and Blazius, Perdican accidentally finds that letter. Touched in his vanity, he lets his pride and vanity dominate, and decides to abuse the seductive Rosetta, a young peasant girl and Camille’s foster sister, hoping to make Camille jealous.

But Camille learns from Dame Pluche that Perdican had read the letter, and so understands his plans. In revenge, she tells Rosette that Perdican mocks her. Rosette realizes the mistake and loses consciousness. Camille and Perdican finally confess their love in the last scene, but Rosette, watching them secretly, does not support this disillusionment and died of emotion: "She is dead. Farewell, Perdican." Concludes Camille.


  • Isabelle Huppert - Camille
  • Didier Haudepin - Perdican
  • Sabine Haudepin - Rosette
  • Jean Benguigui - Bridaine
  • André Julien - Le baron
  • Evelyne Bouix - La choriste
  • Yves Elliot - Blazius
  • Monique Couturier - Dame Pluche
  • Christian Pernot - Le choriste
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