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Country  India
Language spoken  Hindi
District  Sonipat
State  Haryana

Murthal in the past, History of Murthal

University  Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology

Map of Murthal

Murthal is a big village in Sonepat district of Haryana in northern India. It is located 13 km (8.1 miles) north of Sonipat,50 kilometers (31 miles) from the national capital New Delhi, and 202 km (126 miles) southwest of Chandigarh, the state capital. About 20 years ago Murthal was just another village along the National Highway-1 and now it is one of the fastest growing villages in the region.


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From the dhabas of murthal to the phulkari of patiala

Rock show temple of the king by pyromaniacs c r s c e murthal haryana


The word Murthal is suggested to have originated from the compound word Muni Sthal meaning 'place where sants meditated' (e.g. kalli Baba). At one point, the village was surrounded by a dense forest. Eventually the forest was cleared for more agricultural space, and subsequently into a residential area after the development of the National Highway.


The majority of the population follows Hindu religion in one or the other form. However, people from all religions live in Murthal. Several ruins in the village for example the link indicate the presence of Muslim rulers in the Mughal era. After the partition of the India in 1947, many people migrated from Pakistan. Currently there is a large influx of people from Bihar given job opportunities in the agriculture industry. Farming remains the main occupation of Murthalites, although recently with growing population, shrinking cultivatable land, and increasing access to education, the village youth are entering into virtually every field.


Up to the partition of India i.e. 1947 there was a Middle School, named as "District Board Model Middle School , Murthal". It was the best school in the District of Rohtak. It had a hostel as well as a farm .Students used to study the crafts like "weaving of matting", 'Niwar' & cotton ropes for fastening the Pyjamas. It also has ' Carpentary' section where the students would learn the art of making wooden toys, board etc. The students also studied agriculture at the school farm. Every student had to take part in the crafts & agriculture classes. Moreover, there was a perfect Band; and the students had to learn any of the musical instruments. Regular physical exercises were held after the morning prayer with the beat of the band . Wooden 'dumbles', 'mogrees', 'dandas' and long bamboos were used for daily exercises. There was also a provision of mid-day meal & bread cooked in the hostel, and a glass full of milk was given to the students.In winter, the teachers & students would stay in the school at night & study there for final examinations.Students of this school used to top the Middle-Board Exams. After passing the Middle, students used to get admission in High schools at Sonepat. There are many old students who are alive & remember those golden days and feel proud to have studied there.After partition, the school was upgraded to High School. In the 1970s Murthal was one of the few village in Haryana to have separate Senior Secondary Schools for boys and girls. To show their generosity and inclination to acquire higher education, in 1983 the villagers donated a 283 acres of not only its public land but also fertile land to build the then called CR State College of Engineering, Murthal. At that time village serpench who was a goldsmith by cast didn't agree to give land.he denied to give resolution of land which was donated by the villagers in honor of Deen Bandhu Chootu Ram. but the villagers by the help and encouragement of Hussair Singh Bagitpuria (financial officer of Chhotu Ram Trust) along with Ramdiya Choudhry (active member Chhotu Ram Trust) met Mr Rajender Singh who was minister at that time.He took immediate action on it. He suspended murthal serpech and gave order to BDO To give resolution of land of Murthal in favor CR STATE COLLEGE (So this the true history behind it. The college was at that time only second Engineering college in Haryana. It was named after Chhotu Ram The Sher of Haryana. Since then the college has evolved into Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University Of Science and Technology. Than again in 2003 the people of Khadar under the influence of people of Murthal village donated 2 crore rupees for the sake of girls in the area and for the name of Ch. Devilal. influenced by the Murthal Education Society and Kan Ya Mahavodhalya Sthapana Smiti. More recently, the Girls' Senior Secondary School (also one of the first in the region) has been transformed into a Girls' College. It is unique to have an Engineering University and a Girls College. The education society has looked after the academic needs of not just Murthal but all other villages in the region since 1983.Now Murthal is producing a good quality of engineers every year.

Colleges Nearby Murthal

Panipat Institute of Engineering & Technology (PIET),Samalkha, Panipat

International Institute of Technology & Management,Murthal(IITM) DCRUST murthal university


Murthal has a long history of producing wrestlers and footballers. At school levels, both girls and boys teams have remained very competitive over years in field hockey, football. Narender Singh and Vijay Antil are international players in the fields of wrestling and basketball. Both are international coaches in their fields. Narender Singh is chief coach of Haryana Police Wrestling team and Vijay Antil is coaching in the village. Narender Singh has played in All India Police Wrestling and Vijay Antil has remained as a coach of Indian Basketball team and played against team American Basketball Assn. in 1992. Recently at university level games in MD University Rohtak, Murthal girls college team secured the third place in football. Three players have been selected for All India Inter University Games.

Spiritual Connection

There are temples of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, and Kali all around the village. Traditionally, Murthalites worship the five Bavari Brothers as their Kul Devatas. These temples are separately built for each Bavari. In the neighborhood of the Bavari Temples is the Nage baba ki prachin samadhi and dhoona (Old Memorial of the Snake God) and 'Kali Baba Samadhi'. It is believed that Nage baba was the guru of all Bavaris. Accordingly, Murthalites also worship the Snake God and visit the Memorial and Bavari temples at least once a year. On Hindu festivals Diwali and Holi the temples are flooded with devotees.

The Dhabas

Since long Murthal has been famous for its highway dhabas (small restaurants). In these dhabas, all kind of North Indian Haryanvi vegetarian delicacies are found. Most popular are the 'stuffed tandoori paranthas' served along with a generous amount of white butter 'makkhan'. Another speciality is the thick Haryanvi 'kheer' pudding.The dhabas are small but they have almost reached the no man’s land bordering the highway. The Dhabas here in Murthal serves only Vegetarian Food and you will not find any Dhabas serving Non Vegetarian Food as per the Ancient Sayings of the Panchayat in Murthal.

Gang rape incident

Murthal was in news for the incident of gang rape of women on 22 February 2016. It is reported that on the National Highway 1 near Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, in Murthal women were allegedly pulled out of cars and raped. Investigations to rope in those who sexually assaulted women


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