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Country  Philippines
Area  163 km²

University  Central Luzon State University

Ufc munoz vs weidman staredown

Muñoz is a Spanish-language surname — with a Portuguese-language variant (Munhoz). Notable people with the surname include:


  • Adriana Muñoz (born 1982), Cuban middle distance runner who specialized in the 800 and 1500 metres
  • Agustín Fernando Muñoz, 1st Duke of Riánsares (1808-1873), the second but morganatic husband of Maria Christina, Regent of Spain
  • Agustín Muñoz Grandes (1896–1970), Spanish general, politician, vice-president of the Spanish Government and minister with Francisco Franco
  • Alejandro Muñoz-Alonso (1934–2016), Spanish politician
  • Alexander Muñoz (born 1979), professional boxer in the super flyweight division
  • Alfonso Pérez Muñoz (born 1972), Spanish retired footballer who played as a striker
  • Almudena Muñoz (born 1968), former judo competitor from Spain
  • Alonso Muñoz (c. 1512–1568), high-ranking administrator in Spain
  • Amparo Muñoz (born 1954), Spanish actress who won the Miss Universe contest
  • Anastasia Muñoz (born 1984), American voice actress affiliated with Funimation
  • Anfión Muñoz (1850–1920), Chilean political figure
  • Anibal Muñoz Duque (1908–1987), Roman Catholic Cardinal and Archbishop of Bogota
  • Anthony Muñoz (born 1958), offensive tackle who played for the National Football League's Cincinnati Bengals
  • Antonio "Kitín" Muñoz Valcárcel (born 1958), Spanish navigator, scientist and sociological explorer
  • Antonio Jesús Vázquez Muñoz (born 1980), Spanish footballer who currently plays for Recreativo de Huelva
  • Antonio Muñoz (tennis) (born 1951), former professional tennis player from Barcelona, Spain
  • Antonio Muñoz Molina (born 1956), Spanish writer and full member of the Royal Spanish Academy
  • Arci Muñoz (born 1989), Filipina actress who is known for her antagonist roles
  • Arnie Muñoz (born 1982), Major League Baseball pitcher who is currently a free agent
  • Arturo Muñoz (born 1984), Mexican professional footballer, currently playing as a midfielder
  • Astrid Muñoz (born 1974), Puerto Rican model
  • Augustín Fernández Muñoz, Duke of Riansares (1808–1873), morganatic husband of Maria Christina of the Two Sicilies, queen and regent of Spain
  • Brother Jose Muñoz-Cortes (1950, Chile–1997, Greece)
  • César Muñoz (born 1929), Ecuadorian chess master
  • Carli Muñoz (born 1948), self-taught American jazz pianist
  • Carlos Muñoz Cobo (born 1961), Spanish football (soccer) player
  • Carlos Antonio Muñoz (1967–1993), Ecuadorian football (soccer) player
  • Carlos Muñoz Pizarro (1913–1976), Chilean botanist
  • Cathy Muñoz (born 1964), member of the Alaska House of Representatives
  • Cecilia Muñoz (born 1962), civil rights advocate
  • Cecilia Muñoz-Palma (1913–2006), Filipino jurist and the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court of the Philippines
  • Celia Álvarez Muñoz (born 1932), American artist
  • Charles Muñoz (born 1926), American poet, novelist and publisher
  • Cipriano Muñoz y Manzano (1862–1933), Spanish diplomat and academic
  • Clara Lair (1895–1973), poet whose work dealt with the everyday struggles of the common Puerto Rican
  • Claudio Muñoz (born 1984), Chilean football (soccer) defender
  • Cristián Muñoz (born 1977), Argentine goalkeeper
  • Cristian Muñoz (racewalker) (born 1981), Chilean race walker
  • Dandeny Muñoz Mosquera, purported to be the chief assassin for the Medellín Cartel of Colombia
  • Daniel Parejo Muñoz (born 1989), Spanish professional footballer
  • David Ibarra Muñoz (born 1930), Mexican economist who served as Secretary of Finance
  • David Muñoz (born 1968), Spanish director, producer, and screenwriter
  • Diego Muñoz Camargo (1529–1599), the author of History of Tlaxcala
  • Edgar Muñoz (born 1983), boxer from Venezuela
  • Eduardo Muñoz Bachs (1937–2001), Cuban poster artist
  • Emilio Muñoz, bullfighter and actor
  • Eunice Muñoz, OSE, GCIH (born 1928), Portuguese actress
  • Evaristo Muñoz (1684–1737), Spanish painter of the Baroque period
  • Evita Muñoz "Chachita" (born 1936), Mexican actress
  • Faustino Sainz Muñoz (born 1937), Spanish prelate of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Federico Muñoz (born 1963), Colombian road cyclist
  • Felipe Muñoz (born 1951), Mexican breaststroke swimmer
  • Fernando Muñoz (born 1967), Spanish football (soccer) player
  • Francisco Jose Yndurain Muñoz (1940–2008), Spanish theoretical physicist
  • George Muñoz (born 1951), currently President of Muñoz Investment Banking Group, LLC
  • Guillermo Muñoz (born 1961), Mexican football (soccer) player
  • Gustavo Enrique Madero Muñoz (born 1955), Mexican politician and businessman
  • Gutierre-Muñoz, municipality located in the province of Ávila, Castile and León, Spain
  • Héctor Martínez Muñoz, member of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico
  • Heraldo Muñoz (born 1948), Chilean politician and diplomat and current Chilean Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Hernán Darío Muñoz (born 1973), Colombian road racing cyclist
  • Hoyos de Miguel Muñoz, municipality located in the province of Ávila, Castile and León, Spain
  • Hugo Muñoz (born 1973), retired Peruvian high jumper
  • Iñaki Muñoz (born 1978), Spanish footballer
  • Isabel Muñoz (born 1951), Spanish photographer who lives in Madrid
  • Iván Pérez Muñoz (born 1976), retired Spanish footballer who played as striker
  • James Muñoz, lead singer of American metalcore band The Bled
  • Javier Muñoz (born 1995), Spanish football player
  • Javier Muñoz Mustafá (born 1980), Argentine-Spaniard footballer playing for C.F. Pachuca
  • Javiera Muñoz (born 1977), Swedish singer with Chilean-Uruguayan roots
  • Joaquín Rubio y Muñoz (1788–1874), Spanish lawyer who was a noted antiquarian and numismatist in the city of Cádiz, Spain
  • Jorge Antonio Muñoz (born 1981), Chilean football (soccer) midfielder
  • José Antonio Muñoz (born 1942), Argentine artist
  • José Esteban Muñoz (born 1967), American academic in the fields of Performance Studies, visual culture, queer theory, cultural studies, and critical theory
  • José Ramos Muñoz, Spanish neo-marxist archaeologist and professor of prehistory at the University of Cádiz
  • José Santiago Muñoz (1780–1836), Chilean soldier and politician
  • Juan Bautista Muñoz (1745–1799), Spanish philosopher and historian of the New World.
  • Juan Carlos Muñoz (born 1919), footballer from Argentina
  • Juan Jacinto Muñoz Rengel (born 1974), Spanish writer and founder of the literary review Estigma
  • Juan José Muñoz, Argentine businessman
  • Juan Manuel Muñoz (born 1985), Spanish football player
  • Juan Muñoz (1953–2001), famous Spanish sculptor
  • León Darío Muñoz (born 1977), Colombian soccer player
  • Lola Muñoz (born 1980), Spanish singer from the Spanish girl group Las Ketchup
  • Lucía Muñoz (born 1983), Spanish singer from the girl group Las Ketchup
  • Lucio Muñoz (1929–1998), Spanish artist
  • Luis Muñoz Marín (1898–1980), Puerto Rican poet, journalist, and politician
  • Luis Muñoz Rivera (1859–1916), Puerto Rican poet, journalist and politician
  • Luis Muñoz Rivera (senator) (1916–2006)
  • Manolo Muñoz (1941–2000), Mexican singer and actor
  • Manuel Muñoz (Governor of Spanish Texas)
  • Maria Elizabeth Muñoz, Chicana activist
  • Mariana de Pineda Muñoz (1804–1831), Spanish national heroine
  • Mark Muñoz (born 1978), Filipino-American mixed martial artist
  • Matilde Muñoz Sampedro (1900-1969), Spanish actress
  • Miguel Ángel Muñoz (born 1983), Spanish actor and singer
  • Miguel Muñoz (1922-1990), Spanish footballer and manager
  • Moisés Muñoz (born 1980), goalkeeper
  • Morella Muñoz (1935–1995), popular Venezuelan singer
  • Nicolás Muñoz (born 1981), Panamanian footballer
  • Noe Muñoz (born 1967), former Major League Baseball catcher
  • Oscar Muñoz (baseball) (born 1969), former major league baseball pitcher
  • Pablo Muñoz Vega S.J. (1903–1994), Ecuadorian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church and Archbishop of Quito
  • Paloma Muñoz (born 1965), visual artist part of the group Martin & Muñoz
  • Pam Muñoz Ryan (born 1951), American Latina author
  • Patricia Muñoz (born 1968), Mexican actress, model and singer
  • Pedro López Muñoz (born 1983), Spanish football player
  • Pedro Muñoz (baseball) (born 1968), former outfielder in Major League Baseball
  • Pedro Muñoz Machín Rodríguez (Mieres, 6 November 1958), former Spanish professional road bicycle racer
  • Pedro Muñoz Saglimbeni, the first solo viola at Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa
  • Pedro Muñoz Seca (1881–1936), Spanish dramatist
  • Pilar Muñoz (born 1978), Spanish singer from the Spanish girl group, Las Ketchup
  • Porfirio Muñoz Ledo (born 1933), Mexican politician
  • Rafael Calderón Muñoz (1869–1943), Costa Rican politician
  • Rafael Muñoz (journalist) (1899–1972), Mexican journalist, novelist and writer of short stories
  • Ramón Muñoz Gutiérrez (born 1960), Mexican right-wing politician
  • Raúl Muñoz (born 1974), Chilean football (soccer) player
  • René Muñoz (1938–2000), Cuban actor and scriptwriter of telenovelas and the cinema of Mexico
  • Ricardo Muñoz, alderman of the 22nd ward in Chicago
  • Ricardo Muñoz Suay (1917–1997), Spanish film director, producer and screenwriter
  • Roberto Muñoz (Puerto Rican baseball player) (born 1968), former professional baseball player
  • Rodrigo Muñoz (born 1982), Uruguayan footballer
  • Roger Muñoz (born 1984), Nicaraguan basketball player
  • Sear Muñoz (born 1992), Leader of Bebo Nation
  • Silvia Muñoz (born 1979), field hockey midfield and forward player from Spain
  • Susana Blaustein Muñoz, Argentine film director
  • Tito Muñoz (born 1983), American conductor, currently Assistant Conductor of The Cleveland Orchestra
  • Toni Muñoz (born 1982), Spanish football striker
  • Víctor Muñoz (born 1957), former Spanish football midfield player
  • Victoria Muñoz Mendoza (born 1940), former politician from Puerto Rico
  • William Muñoz (born 1988), Mexican professional wrestler better known as Rush
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