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Monody (album)

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Landau (2004)
Monody (2010)

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Rhythm and blues


Marker Starling, Mantler


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Rosy Maze, The Master's Bedroom, Wind's Poem

Monody is the fourth album by Canadian artist Mantler (Chris A. Cummings), released in 2010.


Described as "teeming with slow jams, a love for the '70s and an honesty that saves it from becoming retro-obsessed kitsch", Mantler features many guest stars, including Sandro Perri, Owen Pallett, Ben Gunning, Jeremy Greenspan and the string section of Ohbijou.


The album was met with positive critical reception in Germany, the U.K. and Toronto . Allmusic awarded the album 4 out of 5 stars. The music was showcased live at the Tranzac Club in Toronto, and Queen Elizabeth Hall in South Bank, London, and videos were produced to accompany the release. A song from the same project, "I Guarantee You A Good Time" (featuring Steamboat and Sandro Perri) was released as a single shortly after the LP.

Track listing

  1. Fortune Smiled Again (Chris A. Cummings)
  2. Childman (Chris A. Cummings)
  3. Also Close the Rainbow (Chris A. Cummings)
  4. Monody (Chris A. Cummings)
  5. Fresh and Fair (Chris A. Cummings)
  6. Author (Chris A. Cummings)
  7. Breaking Past the Day (Chris A. Cummings)
  8. Crying at the Movies (Chris A. Cummings)
  9. Maiden Name (Chris A. Cummings)
  10. In Stride (Chris A. Cummings)
  11. Mount Shasta (Chris A. Cummings)


  • Ernest Agbuya - E-Bow, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Percussion, Vocals (Background)
  • Sam Allison - Arranger, Bass (Acoustic), Bass (Electric), Dobro, Guitar (Electric), Percussion, Timpani, Vocals (Background)
  • Kelci Archibald - Vocals (Background)
  • Jonathon Challoner - Trumpet
  • Chris A. Cummings - ARP Omni, Arp String Ensemble, Clavinet, Composer, Fender Rhodes, Flute Arrangement, Moog Bass, Percussion, Piano, Roland Juno 6, String Arrangements, Vocals, Wurlitzer
  • Ryan Driver - Flute
  • Dennis Frey - Vocals (Background)
  • Teilhard Frost - Bongos, Congas, Guest Artist, Percussion
  • Zack G. - Guitar (Electric), Producer
  • Mike Gennaro - Drums, Percussion
  • Jana Gontscharuk - Paintings
  • George Graves - Mastering
  • Jeremy Greenspan - Guitar (Acoustic), Keyboards, Producer, Programming, Vocals (Background)
  • Ben Gunning - Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background)
  • Anissa Hart - Cello, Strings
  • Jennifer Mecija - Strings, Violin
  • Pat Joyes - Vocals (Background)
  • Jan Lankisch - Design
  • Marcus Quin - Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass), Drums
  • Owen Pallett - Brass Arrangement
  • Sandro Perri - Guitar (Electric), Pedal Steel
  • Matias Rozenberg - Arranger, Cymbals, E-Bow, Guitar (Electric), Percussion, Trombone, Vocals (Background)
  • R.J. Satchithananthan - Trombone
  • Micajah Sturgess - French Horn
  • Leon Taheny - Drums, Producer
  • Rob Teehan - Tuba
  • Songs

    1Fortune Smiled Again5:35
    3Also Close To The Rainbow3:16


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