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Mohammad Hassan Mirza

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Reign  1930–1943
Dynasty  Qajar
Siblings  Ahmad Shah Qajar
Burial  Kerbala
Children  Hamid Mirza
Successor  Prince Hamid Mirza
Parents  Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar
Name  Mohammad Mirza

Mohammad Hassan Mirza
Born  20 November 1899 Tabriz, Iran (1899-11-20)
Issue  Prince Soltan Hossein Mirza Prince Soltan Hamid Mirza Prince Rokn al-Din Mirza Princess Shams Aqdas Princess Giti Afrouz
Died  January 7, 1943, Maidenhead, United Kingdom
Spouse  Molouk Hassan, Mahin Mansour
Similar People  Ahmad Shah Qajar, Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar, Mahmoud Mirza, Mozaffar ad‑Din Shah Qajar, Malekeh Jahan

Predecessor  Shah Ahmad Shah Qajar

Mohammad Hassan Mirza (20 November 1899, in Tabriz – 7 January 1943, in Maidenhead), was the brother of Ahmed Shah Qajar of Iran, and former Crown Prince of the Qajar dynasty. Soon after Reza Shah deposed the Qajar dynasty and made himself Shah of Iran in 1925, Prince Mohammad Hassan and his family were sent into permanent exile to England. In 1930, he declared himself the rightful heir to the crown as pretender to the throne. He died on 7 January 1943 in Maidenhead, England and was buried in Kerbala, Iraq.


Mohammad Hassan Mirza Children of Mohammad Hassan Mirza Qajar Kadjar

His son, Hamid Mirza Qajar continued as pretender to the throne and was favoured by the British as a potential successor to Reza Shah Pahlavi after the latter was deposed during World War II. His efforts were hindered by the fact that he didn't speak Persian and his mother tongue was English.


  • Member 1st Class of the Order of the Lion and the Sun of Persia
  • Member 1st Class of the Order of the Crown of Persia
  • Grand Cross of the Order of Muhammad 'Ali of Egypt – 1921
  • Offspring

  • Prince Soltan Hosein Mirza (25 August 1916, Tabriz-1986, Canada)
  • Prince Soltan Hamid Mirza (23 April 1918, Tabriz-5 May 1988, London)
  • Prince Rokn al-Din Mirza (1923, Tehran-1996, Canada)
  • Princess Shmas Aghdas (1919, Tehran-1991, Paris)
  • Princess Giti Afruz (1922, Tehran-)
  • Government Positions Held

  • Governor-General of Azerbaijan 1918.
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