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Kingdom  Plantae
Scientific name  Mimosoideae
Higher classification  Legumes
Order  Fabales
Rank  Subfamily
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Lower classifications  Sensitive plant, Silk plants, Shameplant, Persian silk tree, Inga

The Mimosoideae comprise a subfamily of the flowering plant family Fabaceae (Leguminosae) characterized by flowers with small petals and numerous prominent stamens.


Mimosoideae Flowering Plant Families UH Botany

In some classifications (e.g. the Cronquist system), "Mimosoideae" refers to what was formerly considered the tribe Mimoseae.


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Some classification systems, for example the Cronquist system, treat the Fabaceae in a narrow sense, raising the Mimisoideae to the rank of family as Mimosaceae. The Angiosperm Phylogeny Group treats Fabaceae in the broad sense. The Mimosoideae were historically subdivided into four tribes (Acacieae, Ingeae, Mimoseae, and Mimozygantheae). However, modern molecular phylogenetics have shown that these groupings were artificial. Several informal subgroups have been proposed, but not yet described formally as tribes. Additionally, the genus Acacia was recently segregated into five genera (Acacia sensu lato, Acaciella, Mariosousa, Senegalia, and Vachellia).


The following fossil wood morphogenera have been described:


Modern molecular phylogenetics suggest the following relationships:

Mimosoideae Mimosoideae

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Mimosoideae Flowering Plant Families UH Botany


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