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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Anura
Subfamily  Microhylinae
Higher classification  Microhylinae
Phylum  Chordata
Family  Microhylidae
Scientific name  Microhyla
Rank  Genus
Microhyla One species a day A new frog Microhyla laterite

Lower classifications  Microhyla ornata, Microhyla borneensis, Microhyla heymonsi, Microhyla pulchra, Microhyla fissipes

Microhyla is a group of frogs, commonly known as the rice frogs or narrow-mouthed frogs. It is a genus within the family Microhylidae and consists of a number of diminutive frogs. Members of this genus are widespread from Ryukyu Is. in Japan, China throughout South-east Asia, Sumatra, Java, Bali, Borneo, India and Sri Lanka. As on 13 March 2016, there are 40 species in this genus,


Microhyla Karunaratne39s narrowmouthed frog videos photos and facts

Ornate narrow mouth frog breeding call microhyla ornata


Microhyla Microhyla ornata Macau Biodiversity

According to, this genus can be diagnosed using the following set of criteria: Adult frogs are of small size; Pupil circular; skin on dorsum smooth; lateral side of body with markings from back of eye to vent; supratympanic fold present in adults; paratoid glands are absent, fingers without webbing, finger tips may or may not be dilated; oval tongue, its margin is entire and free at the base; the diameter of eye is smaller than snout; a thin layer of skin hides the tympanum; tubercles on hand distinct; distinct oval shaped inner metatarsal tubercle and rounded outer metatarsal tubercle; webbing in feet, rudimentary.

Evolutionary relationships

Microhyla Microhyla ornata Macau Biodiversity

The genus Microhyla is closely related to Glyphoglossus within the family Microhylidae., Members of the genus Microhyla began diversifying from the most common ancestor around 45 million years ago and this resulted in forming Metaphrynella and Microhyla. However, ascertaining the phylogenetic relationship of frogs within Microhyla has been difficult as many species are not monophyletic.


List of species based on and

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