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Michael Frass

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Nationality  Austrian
Name  Michael Frass

Residence  Austria
Fields  Homeopathy
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Institutions  Medical University of Vienna
Known for  Homeopathy and Combitube
Notable awards  Lifetime Achievement Award, Society for Airway Management (2011)

Michael Frass

Michael Frass (born 1954, Vienna) is an Austrian medicine specialist for internal medicine and professor at the Medical University of Vienna (MUW). He is known for his work on homeopathy and his inventions in the field of airway management.


International homeopathy conference


Michael Frass studied medicine from 1972 to 1978 at the Medical University of Vienna followed by visits abroad at the Pasteur Institute, Paris and at the Porter Memorial Hospital (USA). Since March 2004 he directs the Outpatients Unit of Homeopathy for Malign Diseases at the Department Clinic for Internal of Medicine I at the Medical University of Vienna. Since 2005 Frass also works as a coordinator of the lecture series Homeopathy at the Medical University of Vienna. Beginning with the winter semester 2001/02 he is the coordinator of a lecture series Basics and practise of complementary medical methods at the Medical University of Vienna. From 2002 to 2005 he led the Ludwig Boltzmanm Institute of Homeopathy. Since 2005 Frass is president of the Institute for Homeopathic Research. Actually he works at the Division of Oncology at the Department of Medicine I in Vienna.

He is First Chairman of the Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom), founded in 2010, president of the Umbrella organization of Austrian Doctors for Holistic Medicine, since 2002 and since 1994 Vicepresident of the Doctors Association for Classical Homeopathy. Frass is the inventor of the Combitube, an emergency airway allowing blind insertion used in the pre-hospital and emergency setting. Frass holds several patents and registered designs.

Homoeopathic research

A major interest of Frass is homeopathy according to Hahnemann. He has published several papers on this subject, in addition, he has edited a text book Homeopathy in Intensive- Care and Emergency Medicine together with Martin Bündner.


He has also published several papers investigating the influence of controlled mechanical ventilation on the release of atrial natriuretic peptide. Furthermore, Frass has investigated devices designed for securing the airway under emergency conditions. He has performed studies on a broad range of different so-called alternate airways.


Rapid assessment and management of respiratory structure and function are imperative in emergency intubation. Endotracheal intubation remains the gold standard in airway maintenance. However, endotracheal intubation may be impossible due to difficult circumstances with respect to space and illumination or anatomy even for skilled physicians. Therefore, the need arises for a simple and efficient alternative. The Combitube was designed with this goal in mind.

Frass is the inventor of the Combitube, a twin lumen device designed for use in emergency situations and difficult airways. He has published several papers on this topic. Frass holds also patients and registered designs:

  • Frass M., Frenzer R., Zahler, J. (1987): Respiratory tube or airway. US-Patent 4.688.568
  • Frass M., Frenzer R., Long G, Kline J.S., Sheridan D.S., Fink D., Toppses A.N.: Esophageal-Tracheal Double Lumen Airway. US-Patent 5,499,625
  • Frass M., Frenzer R. (1989): Ultrasound contact medium dispenser. US-Patent 4,844,080
  • Frass M., Kurtaran A., Kaserer K., Halling L. (2006): Gerät für Nadelbiopsie. Österreichisches Patent AT 413 790 B
  • Frass, M., Frass., A. (2005): Rasierapparat mit Leuchtvorrichtung. Österreichisches Gebrauchsmuster AT 007 606 U2
  • Academic memberships

  • Society of Critical Care Medicine
  • American College of Emergency Physicians ([1])
  • Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)
  • Society for Airway Management
  • American Institute of Homeopathy
  • Ärztegesellschaft für Klassische Homöopathie (ÄKH)
  • Österreichische Gesellschaft für homöopathische Medizin
  • Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Homöopathie (WissHom)
  • Awards

    2011 Lifetime Achievement Award der Society for Airway Management

    2001 Benefactor of Mankind Award Airway Education & Research Foundation Street Level Airway Management (SLAM) Conference

    1998 Price for outstanding services for the research and development of the airway management. Österreichische Gesellschaft für Anaesthesiologie, Reanimation und Intensivmedizin (ÖGARI)


    ResearchGate Publications

    PubFacts Publications

    Selected publications on airway management:

  • Frass, Michael (1 January 2001). "Combitube". The Internet Journal of Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine. 5 (2). doi:10.5580/14e7. 
  • Frass M, Rödler S, Frenzer R, Ilias W, Leithner C, Lackner F. Esophageal tracheal combitube, endotracheal airway and mask: Comparison of ventilatory pressure curves. J Trauma 1989; 29:1476-9
  • References

    Michael Frass Wikipedia

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