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Kingdom  Animalia
Superfamily  Acridoidea
Subfamily  Melanoplinae
Higher classification  Melanoplinae
Rank  Genus
Suborder  Caelifera
Family  Acrididae
Scientific name  Melanoplus
Phylum  Arthropoda
Order  Orthoptera
Melanoplus wwwlesinsectesduquebeccominsecta11orthoptera

Lower classifications  Differential grasshopper, Melanoplus femurrubrum, Rocky Mountain locust

Red legged grasshopper acrididae melanoplus femurrubrum nymph

Melanoplus is a large genus of grasshoppers. They are the typical large grasshoppers (and in some cases migratory "locusts") in North America. A common name is spur-throat grasshoppers (also "spurthroat" or "spur-throated grasshoppers"), but this more typically refers to members of the related subfamily Catantopinae.


Melanoplus Striped Grasshopper Melanoplus bivittatus

The largest grasshoppers of this genus can reach nearly 5 cm (2.0 in) in length, but most are smaller. Some are intricately patterned and colorful, others are drab.

Melanoplus Melanoplus devastator

Melanoplus species eat grasses of all kinds, as well as leafy and grassy agricultural crops and garden plants. They feed on the leaves, and sometimes fruit, flowers, and buds, as well as tree bark. Many of the more notable agricultural pest grasshoppers belong here, including the Rocky Mountain locust, the most significant insect pest of the 19th century Great Plains, but now extinct.

Melanoplus Melanoplus femurrubrum De Geer 1773 Checklist View

Two striped grasshopper acrididae melanoplus bivittatus mating

Selected species

Melanoplus MABA Melanoplus differentialis

New species are often being discovered and described in this genus where speciation runs rampant in isolated areas, involving speciation by hybridization.

  • Melanoplus adelogyrus – Volusia grasshopper, St. Johns short-wing grasshopper
  • Melanoplus alpinus – alpine grasshopper
  • Melanoplus angustipennis – narrow-winged sand grasshopper, narrow-winged spur-throat grasshopper
  • Melanoplus bivittatus – two-striped grasshopper
  • Melanoplus borealis – northern spur-throat grasshopper
  • Melanoplus bowditchi – sagebrush grasshopper
  • Melanoplus bruneri – Bruner's spur-throat grasshopper
  • Melanoplus confusus – pasture grasshopper
  • Melanoplus dawsonii – Dawson's grasshopper
  • Melanoplus devastator – devastating grasshopper
  • Melanoplus differentialis – differential grasshopper
  • Melanoplus femurrubrum – red-legged grasshopper
  • Melanoplus foedus – striped sand grasshopper
  • Melanoplus gladstoni – Gladston's (spur-throat) grasshopper
  • Melanoplus infantilis – little spur-throat grasshopper
  • Melanoplus keeleri – Keeler's spur-throat grasshopper
  • Melanoplus kennicotti – Kennicott grasshopper
  • Melanoplus lakinus – Lakin grasshopper
  • Melanoplus ludivinae Fontana, Buzzetti & Marino-Perez, 2011
  • Melanoplus mixes Fontana, Buzzetti & Marino-Perez, 2011
  • Melanoplus nossi– Noss' spur throat grasshopper
  • Melanoplus oaxacae Fontana, Buzzetti & Marino-Perez, 2011
  • Melanoplus occidentalis – flabellate grasshopper
  • Melanoplus packardii – Packard's grasshopper
  • Melanoplus punctulatus – pine tree spur-throat grasshopper
  • Melanoplus rugglesi – Nevada sage grasshopper
  • Melanoplus sanguinipes – migratory grasshopper
  • Melanoplus scudderi – Scudder's short-winged grasshopper
  • Melanoplus spretus – Rocky Mountain locust (extinct: 1902)
  • Melanoplus stonei – Stone's grasshopper
  • Melanoplus viridipes – green-legged grasshopper
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