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Matalag River

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- location  Cordillera Mountains
Length  115 km
Basin area  13,302 km²
Mouth  Chico River
- location  Rizal, Cagayan
Basin area  1,330 km²
Source  Cordillera Central
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The Matalag River is a river in the Philippines flowing from the town of Kabugao in Apayao province to Rizal town in Cagayan province. It is a tributary of Chico River, which later joins the Cagayan River, the longest river in the country. The river was called Matalag since according to Malaueg people, it is an aroma for men and women to wash clothes, take a bath. Its water has a clean clear bluish color. It is one of the well preserved ancient Philippine rivers.


Conner, Apayao

In the town of Conner, the river is used for drinking water that can be used for clean healthy drinking. According to the town, the river serves as a life giving that it is very clean and it flows clearly and very clean water that can be used for laundry, drinking and bathing.

Rizal, Cagayan

The river according to town of Rizal is very helpful since the waters in the river is very bluish that can attract people from every parts of the town. It has also appeared in the epic legendary figures that is where Biuag brought out a gigantic Crocodile that he also died at the river after the fairy helped Malana to win a legendary battle. In the town of Rizal, it was said that Biuag's spirit still dwells right at the River.


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