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Marvodol Glacier

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Marvodol Glacier

Marvodol Glacier (Bulgarian: ледник Мърводол, ‘Lednik Marvodol’ \'led-nik m&r-vo-'dol) is the 9.3 km long and 3.7 km wide glacier on Fallières Coast in Graham Land, Antarctica. It is situated south of Kashin Glacier, north of Forbes Glacier and east-southeast of Bucher Glacier, flows southwards between Shapkarev Buttress and Rudozem Heights, turns west at Stanhope Towers, and flows into Dogs Leg Fjord.


The glacier is named after the settlement of Marvodol in Western Bulgaria.


Marvodol Glacier is centred at 67°43′00″S 66°37′00″W. British mapping in 1978.


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