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María Trinidad Sánchez Province

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Country  Dominican Republic
Capital  Nagua
Area  1,272 km²

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María Trinidad Sánchez ([maˈɾi.a tɾiniˈðað ˈsantʃes]) is a province of the Dominican Republic. It was split from Samaná Province in September 1959 as Julia Molina Province; in November 1961, it got its current name. The name commemorates a distinguished female soldier in the wars of independence. María Trinidad Sánchez was the first woman incarcerated and executed by Pedro Santana, a Dominican annexionist president.


Map of María-Trinidad-Sánchez-Province

Municipalities and municipal districts

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The province as of June 20, 2006 is divided into the following municipalities (municipios) and municipal districts (distrito municipal - D.M.) within them:

  • Cabrera
  • Arroyo Salado (D.M.)
  • La Entrada (D.M.)
  • El Factor
  • El Pozo (D.M.)
  • Nagua
  • Arroyo al Medio (D.M.)
  • Las Gordas (D.M.)
  • San José de Matanzas (D.M.)
  • Río San Juan
  • The following is a sortable table of the municipalities and municipal districts with population figures as of the 2012 census. Urban population are those living in the seats (cabeceras literally heads) of municipalities or of municipal districts. Rural population are those living in the districts (Secciones literally sections) and neighborhoods (Parajes literally places) outside of them.

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    For comparison with the municipalities and municipal districts of other provinces see the list of municipalities and municipal districts of the Dominican Republic.


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